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Disasters Can Happen

A Handbook For A Peaceful Return To The REPUBLIC

HopeGuest Post, Jim Bob


This booklet is the result of many years of studying and finding connections across a variety of subjects in an effort to understand our world and my place in it. This reflects my honest understanding of the view from my window. This is my considered opinion and only that. It is full of what I believe to be facts but I urge the reader to do his or her own homework. Seek out verification or refutation, for facts are cheap and information is abundant, but knowledge is precious. The world around us is not always what it seems and our understanding of it is limited to our observations and the observations of others we choose to add to our own. The problem is always with verifying the observations of others, including all of the teachers and professors we’ve had. Many of us took what they said as gospel. After all they were the experts. Beware of the experts for most have or follow an agenda.

Our views of the world are a complex web of interconnecting bits of information. When a new bit of information appears we look for connections to the bits we already have. If this new bit appears to conflict with our current understanding many of us reject it outright instead of examining it more closely to see if there is actually a fit. Closer examination often reveals a fit after all. Sometimes this new bit fits so well it causes us to reject our old understanding in the face of this new one. That, in turn, opens up doors our old beliefs had previously closed, which leads to some other previously rejected bit suddenly fitting into place. And then another one. It’s sort of like solving a jigsaw puzzle. The new piece doesn’t usually appear to fit anywhere until we examine it more closely and often at some point in our examination, voila!, we find where it goes and the picture becomes a little clearer, which leads to re-examining other pieces to see if there is now a fit for them. This process continues until the picture becomes clear enough that the fit of the remaining pieces becomes so obvious that the rest of the puzzle pretty much solves itself.

At this point some of you may be sensing a ‘bunch of conspiracy theory crap’ coming. To you I ask, what is it about conspiracy theory that elicits such an instant negative response? Law books are littered with references to conspiracy. Conspiracy to commit just about any kind of crime you could imagine. To think conspiracies don’t exist at the highest level of government, business or banking or that these are just normal, hard working people toiling for us with our best interests in mind is the hard one for me to believe. I’ve seen more than enough evidence to the contrary. I refer to an elitist Collectivist agenda frequently in this booklet. Even if it’s just a disorganized bunch of corrupt and criminal politicians, bankers and business people, the results of their actions are the same and the proposed solutions are still valid. It doesn’t matter so much how we got here. There are plenty of people to point the finger at, including ourselves, because we let them get away with it. The goal is still to fix it and move on.

This is my contribution to the quest for freedom. This is also my attempt to give my children and grandchildren the tools to fight the good fight. These are my solutions. If any of you actually see value in the following information, feel free to spread it far and wide, if not I urge you to do more research for yourselves. Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing this!
-A. Concerned Citizen


Many Libertarians and other freedom lovers I have encountered over the years seem to think the source of all our problems is Big Corrupt Government and that if Big Corrupt Government were to be somehow reined in and begin to acknowledge individual rights all would be right with the world. Added to that is the reality of many freedom lovers thinking they want to be free without fully understanding what it takes to be truly free. I’m still not sure I fully do, but I do get this part. Freedom requires individual responsibility, cooperation and good decision making. Daily. Freedom isn’t just bestowed and lasts forever. It’s a rather nebulous and insecure position that requires regular nurturing and defense.

Looks like more effort than it’s worth for a lot of people. Easier to go along and get along. ‘All these rules really aren’t so bad, I guess. I can live with it’ they say. Turns out most people don’t want to be as free as they thought they did and are willing to give up bits and pieces of their freedom in trade for things like comfort and security. Even then they can rationalize themselves into believing they are still free, or at least free enough. This kind of thinking can lead you slowly into slavery. This is exactly the kind of thinking Big Corrupt Government constantly propagandizes the masses into believing is correct. Thinking this way plays right into their hands. ‘I can live with it’ is exactly the response they are looking for. Every time you hear yourself saying that, know you just gave up some freedom.

Unfortunately, the problems we face today spread far beyond Big Corrupt Government. Instead we face an enormous octopus, only one tentacle of which is Big Corrupt Government. The body of this octopus is Collectivism. The real source of our freedom problems is Collectivism. Collectivism goes by many aliases. The most notorious being Communism, Socialism and Fascism. To most people’s surprise Democracy is a form as well. The United States, as it currently operates, is a collective not so different from, and fast approaching, Fascism. The ultimate goal of Collectivism in all of its forms, world wide, is control over as much human activity as possible, in order to enable the theft of as much individual wealth as possible, so the Collectivists can control where the wealth is directed. Mostly to themselves of course, leaving just enough to keep the rest of us at bay, for deep inside they know they need us and that bothers the hell out of them. We scare them to death. They know we can put an end to their game, if we finally get fed up with what they are doing. For now we let them and that’s where they want us.

Surely they don’t play by the same rules they expect those they control to play by. Why would they? They are the owners and those under their control are the slaves. This obviously produces an ‘us and them’ dichotomy and we all know which side we’re on. So how did we, the slaves, end up in this unfortunate position? By the sum total of all the decisions we made in our lives. Every mentally competent human on the planet is where they are in life as a result of the decisions they made to lead them there. This isn’t a pity party. I’m fully aware that our own complacency is contributing to our unfortunate situation. That’s why I wrote this booklet. I’m tired and ashamed of helping to further ANY Collectivist agenda. In fact, I’m done. They only control us because we let them.

We now see this is a worldwide dilemma. No matter which corner of the world you call home, you are included in someone’s plan. We are all in the same boat so rowing together, in the same direction, will be the most efficient way to freedom. Since borders mean nothing to them, the quest for freedom must ignore borders as well. Develop cross-border connections and alliances with freedom minded people where ever you can find them. Compare notes and I’m sure you will find that where ever Collectivism reigns, their methods will be similar. Some forms of Collectivism are more brutal in their methods of control and monetary extraction but their goals are the same: Having you feed and take care of them, build and maintain ‘their’ world, and fight for them when the need arises, whether you like it or not. The solutions to be presented later in this booklet will apply where ever in the world Collectivism has a strangle-hold on its subjects.

The elite’s Collectivist agenda is the pursuit of a one world government with a one world economy, using a one world bank feeding what ultimately will be a one world, state run, business that everyone works for. Of course it won’t look that way. Many corporate names and brands will exist. But they will all work in concert with the Collective to feed it and fulfill it’s agenda. The managers of these ‘businesses’ will be handsomely rewarded and if they do a good enough job they may be granted elite status. Think Schindler’s list.

On the banking side there will likewise be many names but all will fall under the umbrella of a one world central bank. Here is the tip of the pyramid. Here is where the agendas are set and the money to implement them comes from. Big government, Big banking and Big business form a triad which requires all three to be robust for each to survive. None can survive independent of the other two. Further, none can flourish without the existence of Big Cities. Collectivism is therefor not really a form of government but a form of control over humans which requires a Big centralized government, Big centralized businesses and Big centralized banking to fulfill its agenda. And most of this is accomplished in Big centralized cities.

Centralizing is a key component of Collectivism. The more centralized everything is, the easier and more efficient it is to exert the control they require to extract and redistribute wealth. Big Cities epitomize centralization. Herding people into Big Cities where they can be more easily put to use by Big Business and Big Banking is the most efficient way to keep the money flowing. Big Cities are so crucial to control over humans that their managers are treated much like the afore mentioned ‘business’ managers. Big financial rewards, upward mobility in Big Corrupt Government and possible acceptance into the elite.

So how does centralization work? How does Big Corrupt Government get us to herd up so they can keep an eye on our activities and make their wealth extractions? Unfortunately it’s done mostly by preying on human weaknesses using a system which contains penalties for non-compliance and, much more importantly, promises rewards for compliance, largely in the form of security and protection, as well as the lure of a more promising future in the city. The implication is ‘you can live peacefully and prosperously if you comply’. Also heavy doses of propaganda mostly in the form of newscasts and commercials but in many other ways as well. ‘Be sure to drink your Kool Aid!’

Even two thousand years ago Roman senators had a pretty good understanding of how to keep their subjects docile and to that end passed laws in 140 B.C.to keep the votes of poorer citizens by introducing a grain dole: giving out cheap food and entertainment. What they understood was, if they kept their subjects well fed and entertained, that is distracted, fat and sassy, they could get away with pretty much whatever they wanted. A few hundred years later the Roman poet Juvenal wrote of this. In Satire X: Wrong Desire is the Source of Suffering, he said: ‘Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated their duties; for the people who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions-everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.’

Bread and circuses. Food, drink and entertainment. Sound familiar? Even though we subjects may not bother to take lessons from Roman experience, rest assured our politicians have. They subsidize farming to keep food prices down, repealed prohibition after figuring out beer and booze were more useful to them than they previously thought, and boy do we have entertainment! TV, movies, big music, pro sports, NASCAR, monster truck rallies, huge amusement parks, and for those with a more natural bent, a beautiful array of parks with all kinds of outdoor recreational opportunities. And on and on and on and on.

Sounds positively idyllic. And it would be if it weren’t all subsidized in one way or another. Why is it subsidized? Because it works so well for them. Lest you think I’m exaggerating, I will cite an example. Even though the NFL generated at least $9 billion in revenue last season, they are technically classified as a 501(c)6 TAX EXEMPT organization. You think the government values the NFL’s contribution to keeping us distracted? I’d sure say so. A lot of this entertainment comes with a subtle propaganda message as well. ‘Come on now, drink your Kool Aid. There you go’. The cumulative effect of all of this has become pervasive. These systems can have a great deal of influence over our daily decisions. But only if we let them.

This brings us to the other tentacles of the octopus. Collectivism, the body of the octopus, relies on much more than Big Corrupt Government to exert control over its subjects. The other primary tentacles include Big business and Big banking, the other two parts of the triad. Next come Big military, Big Law Enforcement and Big Education, all ostensibly part of government but ultimately individuals hired by government to do the job of furthering the agenda. The lower and middle levels of all of these enterprises are filled mostly with well meaning people just trying to do a good job. The unseen, behind closed doors, activities taking place at the upper levels is where most of the corruption and probable criminality take place. And in a grand fashion too! Finally we have Big Cities to centralize their efforts and Big Infrastructure to tie the Big Cities together and pump supplies into them. Big cities can’t stand alone without a constant importing of resources.

This web is what Collectivists rely on for their nourishment. At the top of the Collectivist pyramid reside a small group of people who live outside of governmental boundaries and any other laws as well. Most of these retain anonymity, ‘It’s none of their damn business who we are’ they think, but some reside at the top levels of the world’s governments, banks and businesses and some act as consultants to the three. The world banks effectively run the planet by keeping governments, businesses, and most everyone else in debt to them. Only because we let them. Our own greed and willingness to go into debt results in our servitude. We can blame no one else for that. We can only blame them for preying on us and for using our own weaknesses against us.

The elite that reside at the top of the pyramid have enough money and power to shape the world in any way they wish. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they aren’t interested in using the opportunity. They truly believe they are a separate breed, above the rest of us, and many smugly refer to us as useless eaters. Many are true sociopaths and want to eliminate most of us so we can’t use up all of ‘their’ resources. Make no mistake, they will shape the world into a centralized collective if they are left alone to do so. They are well on the path already. But they need our help. They can’t do it without at least some of us. We have the skills and talents they lack. At the very least they would rather have us do the grunt work.

Since those at the top of the Collectivist pyramid rely on us to generate money for them to take, it follows that choking down the money supply will decrease their effectiveness, and since centralization is key to Collectivism, it also follows that decentralization is an effective tool to combat it. If centralization means BIG, decentralization means small. Finding ways to not ‘feed the beast’ and decentralizing seem to be the two most effective weapons to combat Collectivism. Forget using your vote, at least at the federal level. Most of the declared candidates have been vetted by the Collectivist elite and will do what they are told once in office. Saturating local governments with freedom lovers is the best bet we have in the voting booth.

Independence and self reliance really pisses these guys off. Can’t ‘legitimately’ suck blood out of someone that won’t come to the trough. For those who still wish to seek a freer life after understanding who the enemy really is, there are solutions, but facilitating them will be really messy. At first! The time frame required to return to stability under a free system will depend on the scope and effectiveness of the effort to return our freedoms. Prepare to lose your cushy job and the company car. Do you have a mortgage? Better get ready to move into a rental, if you can find one. Car loan. boat loan, second home mortgaged? Bye, bye! All your assets in the bank or investments? Bye, bye! Think of zoo animals in the most complete enclosures you can imagine. Their job is simply to show themselves in order to impress the visitors and for that they get all they need to eat without even hunting, a comfortable home, room to stretch out and exercise, medical care and even someone to do their housekeeping and clean up their crap. You’re still a prisoner of your enclosure no matter how cushy it is! Still think you’re free?

You see, to be truly free, you can’t be in debt, you can’t just sell your time and talent to the highest bidder and you surely can’t be a party to anything which helps further the elite’s Collectivist agenda. Now we see that true freedom requires giving more than taking. Self sacrifice more than self satisfaction. Self sufficiency more than dependency. Cooperation more than competition. People in various parts of the world and at various times in the past have fought for their freedom and the road to freedom has been littered with the bodies of self sacrificing freedom lovers every time. Seems to me sacrificing some of your toys is a small sacrifice compared to your life. Remember, many of the things you have and enjoy, including your current salary if you work for the bigs, are really rewards for compliance and cooperation as well as the use of your time and talents, sent your way courtesy of guess who, the elitist Collectivists. Still want everything you have and freedom too? Good luck!

Before we look at solutions let’s see if we are part of the problem or part of the solution. All of these seem like free choices on their face but most of us don’t look past what seems good for us and ask the question, is this helping the Collective or hurting it? If it’s helping them it’s probably not ultimately the right decision if you truly want to live in a free society. The elitist’s Collectivist agenda, at this point in time, is almost all encompassing and we often can’t help being part of the problem because our alternatives seem to be cut off. Rest assured, there are still other options. These options will generally involve sacrifice but, to me at least, the sacrifice is well worth it if it results in more freedom. Lets see how we’re part of the problem by helping to further their agenda.

The following are twenty one of the biggest ways we help further their agenda for they have manipulated a very workable and natural system to their advantage. You will probably question many of the items on this list. After all, searching out ‘low low prices’ seems to be a perfectly natural thing to do, and it would be a good thing in a free setting. However the problem with it, and everything else on this list, in our current corrupt and criminal setting, is that doing any of this stuff helps ‘feed the beast’ and centralize our world. It all plays into their hands. They win big and we just get ‘low low prices’. You truly do get what you pay for and these ‘low low prices’ will ultimately cost us our freedom! Here we go.

Shopping at ‘big box’ stores.
Using big banks.
Enlisting in the military.
Teaching in government schools.
Being a high level law enforcement officer.
Voting for anyone who will further the elitist agenda once in office.
Being in debt.
Buying new cars.
Working for big corporations.
Working for big government.
Working for big banks.
Supplying any of the triad.
Accepting big government contracts.
Sub contracting on any project involving the triad.
Using credit cards.
Keeping more money than necessary in banks.
Playing the financial markets.
Taking government handouts.
Limiting your education to what government schools tell you.
Accepting a scholarship.
Living in big cities.

WOW! Really? Again, I realize that a lot of these things would be rational moves to take in a free marketplace or society, but in the thoroughly corrupted and criminal society we all live in, they all work against us by promoting centralization and ‘feeding the beast’. Now lets look at twenty one alternatives that help to derail their agenda. A lot of us do some of this stuff already, because we recognize the inherent rewards. Many will see doing most of these things as being self sacrificial and painful, but those feelings might be just a bad reaction to drinking too much Kool Aid. I assure you this condition will be temporary, every condition is, and if EVERYONE pitches in and does what they can the elitists and their Collectivist agenda can be defeated. These twenty one things also represent some of the ways humans are meant to live. In harmony with each other and with nature. These are some big steps on the path to freedom.

Shop with small retailers. The biggest advantage in this is it helps decentralize. It also keeps more money in the community and helps others in the community to pursue and retain their freedom. This is crucial to the advancement of freedom in general.

Use a small local credit union for your financial needs for the same reasons as above. Equally as crucial in terms of cutting off the money supply needed to further their agenda.

Don’t enlist. Enlisting is basically taking a government job. Advantage: smaller government and less ability to control. Taking a government job immediately announces which side you are on.

Teach privately or offer your services in a home school setting. Build a coalition of home school parents and take it to the next level by providing comprehensive materials or building community schools.

Support your local sheriff. The office of county sheriff brings a surprising amount of power with it. Even trumps the feds in some cases. The person who takes this position is the choice of the people he or she is elected to protect and serve. Elect a freedom loving county sheriff and work for, or with, him or her to run a ‘clean’ county.

Vote only for those you know will advance the cause of freedom. Advantage: small voter turnout implies dissatisfaction with both of the choices and helps delegitimize the election. If even the winner has few backers it makes it harder for them to swing a big stick. Not voting, en masse, can have a much more desirable effect than voting for the lesser of two evils.

Get out of and stay out of debt. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Debt is the granddaddy of all control mechanisms. If you owe nothing to anybody you have taken the biggest step there is to personal freedom. Also has the added advantage of choking off their money supply.

Buy used cars. And any other big ticket items for that matter. There are many out there still in fine shape. At least try to resist the temptation to buy a new one just because your current one has 40,000 miles on it or whatever the magic number is for you. If you can’t live without new, at least don’t go into debt for it. Better to lease one from a small leasing company.

The next three are pretty much the same. Whether working for a big business, bank or government they’ve got you where they want you. You show up every day and do what you are told and every two weeks they extract the desired amount from your paycheck. Of course they leave enough to entice you into staying. This is the result of propaganda at it’s finest. Ever since kindergarten, government schools have been getting you to think that the best bet you have is in working for someone else. The goal here is to produce good worker bees. This works wonders for Collectivists. Resist it and do something else like starting your own small business. People have been running their own small businesses almost since the beginning of people.

The next three are similar as well. Confine your supplying or contracting to small concerns. If you are a small manufacturer or wholesaler or builder or sub stop trying to sell to the bigs. It’s counter-productive to freedom and you will ultimately find yourself squeezed harder than you could ever imagine.

Stop using credit cards. Use cash! It may just be pieces of paper but at least it’s physical! And that is a BIG deal! Don’t trust your finances to the electronic ether. Stop getting all exited about your air miles and use a medium of exchange that doesn’t involve big banks and their computerized hocus pocus. This is a real biggie! Their goal here is to get us to go cashless! A cashless society would be a death blow to freedom within that society. Any number of nightmare scenarios can and will unfold in a cashless world. Your wealth is no longer in your control but instead under the control of the big banks. They or the government or even hackers or a prolonged power outage can cut you off from the use of your now precious little piece of plastic any time they want to. Not to mention the chips now in cards and the paper trail resulting from the use of the nasty little things. Credit card use is absolutely devastating to freedom!

Don’t put any more money in the bank than you need to pay bills as they come due. When you make a bank deposit you trade ownership of that money for a position as an UNSECURED creditor of the bank. FDIC you say? Only till it runs out of money. They can and often do find ways to not give your money back and being an unsecured creditor puts you at the back of the line in the event of a bank failure. They also use your money to enrich themselves instead of enriching you. Counterproductive to cutting off their money supply. They can’t play with it if you don’t let them.

Get out of the financial markets. It seems intuitive to invest for your future but the crumbs you get for ‘your’ investments are nothing compared to the enrichment of the elites ‘your’ investments supplies. This industry is thoroughly corrupted. It’s a world wide pyramid scheme. This is their financial pipeline. Withdrawal from the financial markets would cause the elite collectivists serious financial damage and absolutely cripple their agenda. If you want to invest in your future better to invest in things that will be helpful to you when your earning power dries up. All that money you are ‘earning’ from your investments is worthless to you until it is taken out of the markets for your use. It’s worthless to the elite Collectivists if it’s not in the markets or banks. Get it? You’re playing into their agenda! Again, they can’t play with it if you don’t let them. Oh, and don’t be the last one off the bus or you’ll be holding nothing but worthless paper.

Don’t take government hand outs. This is a really tough one since the government simultaneously makes it easier to get hand outs and makes it harder to live without them. Try to be more self reliant. It doesn’t play into their hands and, as a bonus, it’s better for your self esteem as well! Keep educating yourself. Don’t just believe what you were taught in government schools. Question everything. Seek out alternative sources of information and don’t stop until you are satisfied that you understand the world you live in. Every time you say to yourself ‘I don’t get it’ is the time for more education.

Find ways to fund your own education. Like working your way through school for instance. Most serious scholarships are awarded by the elite Collectivists and are generally received by those the Collectivists feel will help them fulfill their agenda. You are setting yourself up to work for them.

Move to a small town. Decentralization at its most rewarding. The ultimate advantage of spreading the population out is in making smaller targets. I’ve stated the need for centralization to advance the collectivist’s agenda and see decentralizing as a key to stopping them. Find a small town you can fit in to and you’ll meet wonderful, helpful neighbors mostly of like mind regarding freedom, for here is where freedom lovers like to congregate. Here is where there are fewer laws and restrictions and many are simply ignored as being invalid and the need for enforcement often seems questionable. Many of your new neighbors go to church and many don’t. Firearms are generally abundant but seldom seen or used for anything but hunting. Crime rates are usually very low and the crimes are usually petty. Small towns are, in most cases, pretty defensible as well. Sure, many small towns are corrupted to some degree or another. Avoid them and find one more freedom oriented. It might be harder to make the kind of living you want in a small town but we’ve already been over the costs of true freedom.

Advancing the cause of freedom through education and social interaction are very important, as is forming coalitions of like minded people to work and trade together in daily life and to be ready to mobilize to protect our remaining freedoms if necessary. Stockpiling a few groceries and such wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Same with living off the grid and arming yourself for protection. Join the efforts to reduce the size and scope of government at all levels, increase States rights and end central banking. If nothing else, at least stop watching TV and curb your appetite for all the crap you buy but don’t really need. As I said before, the transition will be painful for a while, but freedom lovers wouldn’t be seeking more freedom if they didn’t see the world they live in as a painful one, and on an ongoing basis. The alternative is to climb on the elitist Collectivist ladder and see if you can get far enough up to taste the freedom those at the top enjoy. Precious few make it that far and you’ll have to sell your soul to get there.

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