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Disasters Can Happen

Critical Thinking Will Become A Thing Of The Past

textingby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Too Smart to Think

These days everything must be smart.  There are smart cities, smart grids, smart policies, smart TVs, smart cars, smartphones, smart watches, smart shoes, and smart glasses.  There’s even something called smart underwear.

Before long everything around us will be so smart we’ll no longer have to do one critically important thing.  We’ll no longer have to think; smart algorithms will think for us.  What’s more, the possibilities for not thinking are seemingly limitless.

Just (Read More....)

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Morons At Large

Caution Of The Timesby MN Gordon, Economic Prism

Up here, near the face of Tahquitz Peak, the summer twilight lingers a little longer. The evening sunshine bends through the tall shady pines and sweet smelling cedars, basking on Idyllwild…the splendor mile high Southern California mountain village. We breathe deeply and exhale gradually. Time slows to the soft rhythm of Strawberry Creek as it meanders through town.

The kids return to school next week. Back to crowded classrooms and common core curriculum. What could possibly be worse? But, at the moment, we’re not ready for them to close the door on summer just yet.

You’re only a kid once. Why not stretch (Read More....)

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Cash Cows

Cash CowsAuthor- Dave Webb

The food we eat . . . and what it means.

I must confess to being between a rock and a very hard place when it comes to food.

You see I am a Type II diabetic and have been for many years.

My numbers can go all over the spectrum. That means stabbing myself with a test needle within an hour of eating to see just exactly how the food I just ate have effected my glucose numbers.

That bowl of cereal can be worth 100 points.

That milk is worth about 20 points per glass.

I splurged last night with chili cheese fries and a very small chocolate ice cream. Shouldn’t have done it. I also ate a TV Dinner later. The result is when I got around to testing my numbers were over 500.

I immediately to an insulin shot in my tummy.

I use club soda instead of milk in cases like this and immediately took a 500 mg Metformin to aid in bringing that number down.

It can go the other direction. If I mow the lawn it can drop 200 points in an hour. If I walked a mile, the (Read More....)

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Putin’s Revenge?

vladimir-putinby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Buying low and selling high is an investment strategy that guarantees success.  But few are capable of doing it.  Most people have an uncanny ability to buy high and sell low.

They’d rather buy Facebook at 80 times earnings than DOW Chemical Company at 13 times earnings.  The simple fact is, where financial markets are concerned, most people couldn’t recognize a good deal if it hit them square in the face.  If something’s selling for 80 percent off its peak price they won’t even consider it.

Of course, you can’t go by price alone.  A certain stock may be beaten down because its business is failing.  What appears to be a bargain price may not be such a good deal after all if shares eventually fall to zero.

Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor, noted that “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”  He also clarified “…that a business or stock is [not] (Read More....)

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How to Prepare Now for the Greatest Show on Earth

las-vegas earthquakeby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Last weekend we received a mailer from the city water department.  Long Beach has returned to water rationing.  Turf and landscape irrigation is only allowed on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday…before 9am or after 4pm.

No doubt, it’s hot and dry.  What’s more, the “big one” – where the San Andreas Fault separates the Pacific plate from the North American plate once and for all – is just around the corner.  You can almost feel it.

Something big is going on, indeed.  Here in the Golden State the Santa Ana winds have arrived early.  On Wednesday, the outer expanse of the Los Angeles Basin, where the lower foothills of the Cajon Pass rise to the high desert, went up in a giant blaze.

Before long, a wafting plume of dark gray smoke blanketed the expansive landscape from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  The ominous aura was broken in the evening with an effervescent sunset.  We looked and listened…

Perhaps the gods were (Read More....)

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Pray for Rain

Rain Droughtby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Here in the Golden State everything’s brown. The hillsides are dry and the scrubland vegetation’s a giant tinderbox. Sierra snowpack is only 12 percent of normal…the lowest it’s ever been since California began keeping records in 1960.

The wildfires don’t ordinarily arrive until fall. Not until summer and the dry Santa Ana winds have blown through. Yet this year’s far from ordinary. The fires came in January.

The San Gabriel Mountains went up in a blaze several weeks ago. We marveled from the 21st floor of a Figueroa Street skyscraper as a thick layer of black smoke drifted across the Los Angeles basin and down to the Long Beach harbor. An incandescent sunset over San Pedro Bay guided us as we traversed our way home in the evening.

“This could potentially be the driest water year in 500 years,” said University of California Paleoclimatologist B. Lynn Ingram. Obviously, we (Read More....)

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Reasons To Observe the Sabbath, Part III:

Seventh-Day-SabbathGuest Post- Jimmie Parr

Past Consequences for Sabbath Breaking

# In Part I, I asked whether, beginning in the 1600s, the people who came to the New World from Europe received blessings because of their righteousness (and, by extension, whether we now have a nation—the United States—because we are righteous).  I compared the early “American” experience with that of the Exodus of the children of Israel.  I showed that the Bible is clear that, when the Creator led them from (Read More....)

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