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Disasters Can Happen

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The Exhilarating Romp to DOW 30,000

Moneyby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The stock market appears to have resumed its upward trajectory.  The S&P 500’s back above its 200 day moving average.  In fact, the S&P 500’s less than 50 points from its all-time high of about 2,131.

Soon the brief panic in August and September will be nothing more than a mere blip on the price chart.  A convenient toehold where stocks dug in, coiled up, and then sprang to a new record level from.  Buy the dip aficionados will point to it for validation and self-satisfaction.

By all accounts, stocks are nearly as expensive as they’ve ever been.  No matter how you slice and dice it – be it the Shiller’s Cyclically Adjusted Price (Read More....)

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The Die is Cast

Another Highby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

“Alea iacta est” – Julius Ceasar

The NASDAQ crossed the 5,000 mark for the first time since the year 2000 on Monday. What a journey it has been. The world hardly resembles itself just fifteen years later. Practically everything has changed.

Back then, pre-9/11, the world was still our oyster. We just knew we’d attain whatever we dreamed with a little hard work and determination. But we never could’ve imagined how hard it would actually be just to scratch for our scraps. Naturally, with this latest NASDAQ milestone, we have some questions…

What does NASDAQ 5,000 really mean, anyway? Does it stand for something? Does what’s standing behind it have the strength to hold things up this time? Or will it roll over and (Read More....)

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The Sickness that Never Ends

Moneyby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

It’s a wacky and wild world out there. We don’t know what to make of it anymore. The tried and true has disappeared from common circulation like pre-1965 quarter dollars. What remains is a lot of claptrap.

For example, we’ve noticed numerous reports lately explaining why eating piles of bacon is good for us. What’s more, just this week we came across an article telling us that putting a scoop of butter in our coffee each morning makes for a healthy breakfast. Apparently the added oil slick fills you up so you don’t need to eat much for lunch.

Huh? Perhaps these are healthy diet choices for (Read More....)

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The Psychology of Events and How It Works With News

The MediaAuthored By Dave Webb

The newspaper business put out a number of headlines every day. The average effect of these articles is normally 3 days. After which no one really remembers anything about what that article was all about. Over a year’s time, no one will even remember that the article was written. This is a standard rule in the Newspaper Industry.
There are basically only a few classifications that mean anything when writing about the news.

The number one rule is 3 days. Anything that is going to happen usually happens within that 3 day period. (Read More....)

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Things Are Getting Better and Other Popular Lies

Liesby MN Gordon  Economic Prism

The President says things are getting better.  The economy’s improving.  There will be prosperity for all in our time.  But if you live outside the Washington beltway, and earn your living through honest means, you know this is essentially a delusion, an ignis fatuus.

Certainly there are pockets of real economic growth.  In North Dakota, for instance, fracking technology has tapped into massive oil deposits from the Bakken Shale.  The state’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the nation…just 3 percent.

Yet, by and large, things are still stuck in first gear.  A (Read More....)

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Something Big is Coming

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

How things change.  A year ago the Midwest and Mississippi Basin were suffering the worst drought since 1956.  Corn stalks were rapidly going brown and corn prices were rapidly going up.  The next food crisis was imminent.

We even wrote an article on how to capitalize on it.  What do we know?

Today the exact opposite is happening.  Mother earth is yielding an abundance of corn and corn prices are sagging like a half empty flour sack.  A complete reversal has occurred.

“The 2013 corn crop is expected to come in at a record 13.8 billion bushels, up 28 percent from last year,” explains Reuters.  “If that happens, supplies will build to an eight-year high, making the famine-to-feast reversal the largest annual swing in more than half a century.”

The price action is obvious.  Corn prices have fallen from $7 a bushel a year ago to about $4.80 today.  What’s more, corn prices are expected to fall even more…

Blame It On the Rain

According (Read More....)

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