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Disasters Can Happen

What Kind of World?

by survivingsurvivalism.com

You’d think the only thing happening in the world right now is the Trayvon Martin case.  Perhaps that’s the  intention of TPTB.  In the last few days of the Zimmerman trial, over 20 children were shot in Chicago, but no one really noticed.  I agree without argument or ceremony that both sides, Zimmerman and Trayvon, were in the wrong.  That said, we need to move on to equally or more pressing issues and avoid the theatrics designed to distract us.

Issues that are at  least if not more pressing include

Bernanke and the FED admitting that dollar collapse would be imminent as soon as the FED stops pumping “QE Infinity”.  This (Read More....)

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The Pros and Cons of Completing your Taxes Online

The Pros and Cons of Completing your Taxes Online

Tax forms are probably the most hated thing to do in the world. Tax laws, tax credits, tax rates, and tax forms continue to change each year, making it impossible for the average American to easily keep up with how to complete these forms.

Failure to submit your taxes, or completing them incorrectly, can lead to an audit and high penalties. Since no one wants to face this type of financial problem in their life, most people opt for having their taxes prepared by a professional. However, this can also present problems at times.

Many professional walk-in services charge very high rates to prepare taxes simply because they know their service is in demand. This is only an advantage (Read More....)

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The Plan

Authored By Dave Webb

Everything is on schedule.

The deliberate sabotage of the world banking system is about to occur.

In Europe, a huge bet on the markets has been made. It predicts the banking system going down in ruin in the next two weeks and that the Euro will be ruined.

Cyprus have two banks. Both are in ruins.

All ready the Russians are wanting to come in and “solve” the crisis. The solution is to salvage what is left. What do they have of value that interests the Russians? I think it is the gas and oil rights that three different neighboring countries are disputing off the Cyprus shores.

Why? Probably because the Russians expect the huge amounts of illicit funds on Cyprus held by their people to go down with it. I tried to warn that some very vicious people were involved. I should have warned that some very powerful organizations were involved instead.

All of this is occurring because the Cyprus government at the (Read More....)

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Nuking Is Not An Acceptable Answer . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

What if the Nuclear Bomb threat from North Korea is real?

China actually sided with us at the UN on restrictions to make life difficult for North Korea if they do not step down from this Nuclear threat. Strange, isn’t it that North Korea made no such threats against China. North Korea must be on the verge of something if they are making open threats against the U.S.A. They do realize that we don’t just have one nuclear bomb at our disposal don’t they?

Not that Nuclear is modern. It is a weapon that lost its ability to use in warfare over 50 years ago.

Radioactive fallout can go planet wide. Especially if it is done in the wrong area of the planet.

That means all your neighbors might object as well.

When everyone else is wrong and you are right, it is time to sit down and see if you are actually wrong.

I remember in high school betting with friends on issues. I (Read More....)

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Conscious Capitalism and Willing Participants

By MN Gordon Economic Prism

Last week, a joint article from Alternet and GlobalPossibilities.org, accused Whole Foods Market of
“screwing workers.”  How so?

According to the grumblers, Whole Foods Market screws workers because it is anti-union.  They even cite a pamphlet titled “Beyond Unions” that the company gives to its employees to prove it.  Somehow this is unacceptable.  Naturally, it never occurred to the lunkheads that paying dues to a union chief may not be in the best interest of workers.

“Whole Foods isn’t anti-union,” said Whole Foods Market co-CEO, John Mackey, in response to the criticism.  (Read More....)

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Learning From the Past: The Main Reasons Behind the Housing Crisis of 2007-2008

The effects of the housing crisis of 2007 and 2008 are still being felt today. This crisis caused considerable economic turmoil on a global basis that caused stock prices to plummet, retirement account balances to devalue to dangerously low levels, companies to slash jobs and more. Ultimately, the housing crisis was a major catalyst in the worst recession the world has experienced since the Great Depression that spanned from 1929 through to the beginning of World War II. Understanding the causes of this crisis can help individuals and leaders alike to prevent such a calamitous event from happening again in the (Read More....)

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A Call For Honesty and Change!

Authored By Dave Webb

The Republican Party died in this election just held. It has had a long and prosperous life. Rest In Peace 1860-2012. It died of cancer of the ethics and morales it showed internally. It showed itself to be a party of cheats and thieves. I refer to the way conventions were handled by Romney and crew. By the actions of Boehner, Speaker of the House, and others.

But you may ask: Aren’t they the Christian Party? Aren’t they the party against Abortion? Don’t they represent the upper classes of our society? Not really. I suggest you check their voting records and not (Read More....)

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