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Confessions Of An Obama Supporter

Obama ChristGuest article by J. Vanne

I’m an Obama supporter.

I am pro-choice. I also believe people should be free to marry anyone they want; in fact, secretly I’m hoping that NAMBLA gets its way and they legalize marrying kids, not to mention polygamy and – really, ultimately why not? – bestiality as well.  I believe in “freeing” Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, etc. – of course by financing and arming that bastion of freedom fighters, al Qaeda. I also think our Nobel Peace Prize president is fully justified in receiving this prize –  the thousand or so Obama of drone strikes – literally murdering many hundreds of innocent Pakistani children – is just the price we have to pay. Or make that, they have to pay.  After all, as Lenin reportedly said, if you want an omelet, you have to break a few eggs – or in this case, children’s heads. I think that Obama arming the police across the U.S. with light tanks, or herding people out of their homes in Boston against the 4th Amendment – all to find one unarmed 19 yr old (and who was found by a private citizen) is just hunky-dory. Of course, I think Obama firing nineteen generals over the past year is justified (actually the total number is 200 military brass over five years), including one for supposedly using phony poker chips. However, there is utterly NO problem with Jon Corzine “losing” $1.6 billion of depositor’s money (poker chips, yes – people’s real money, stolen from real, segregated accounts… no problem!), Fast & Furious, IRSGate, or APGate – all should be swept under the carpet.  And we should never look into what happened at Benghazi; and in fact, I think it’s right Sharyl Atkisson was turfed for trying to find out what happened. The Dear Leader’s “sunshine is the best disinfectant” comment around the time he was elected is true – only it should just be applied selectively. You know… when politically expedient. As a card carrying leftist, I  totally believe in the famed leftist Mario Savio’s protest for free speech on the Student Union steps of UC Berkeley in the 1960s, which helped launch the socialist  movement, but certainly we should now be hiring campus speech and thought police, and enforcing all kinds of hate crimes against certain groups that are not “approved” by the powers that be. Of course, I believe homosexual rights should always trump the rights of conscience – it’s that omelet thing again, you know…

I also believe people should have free healthcare, but of course NOT have the freedom to determine the type of healthcare they need or want.  I support children in school being forced to wear electronic ID badges worthy of Auschwitz, while parents should have little to no freedom of choice in what their own children are taught. Of course, vouchers allowing parents to choose what is best are verboten in my socialist workers’ paradise, and – as a number of professors have stated recently – I ultimately believe children are the property of the state.  I am strongly pro-choice when it comes to abortion, but I do not want women to be free to choose if they can see an ultrasound of their unborn baby, and if a fetus recoils from the abortionists surgical knife in pain – thereby signaling his voiceless choice not to be violated –  that baby should not have their choice respected (in fact, if you want to know the truth, I think Dr. Peter Singer of Princeton is right – we should be able to have “post-birth” abortions up to 2 years for children, and I fully agree with  Obama’s science advisor Dr. John Holdren – people should NOT have the right to choose family size, and we should force  sterilization on people whether they want it or not (and I think he is also right, that we should have a planetary regime to manage everything and enforce peace at the point of a police baton).  While I am pro-choice,  I do NOT believe this should extend to include free inquiry about global warming. In fact, bullying and name calling should be employed whenever possible against these personae non grata. Of course,  people should NOT have the freedom to learn about questions raised by over 19,000 scientists who have questioned the cult of global warming at www.oism.org/project or the 32,000 who signed the petition at www.petitionproject.org, including over 9,000 Ph.Ds. (minimum qualifier to sign is a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to climate. )  Also, relative to being pro-choice and global warming, I believe that while a woman should have the right to choose, Agenda 21 folks should dictate how and when we have children, where we should live, not to mention our use electricity and other power, and that we should engage the militarized police to enforce any violations.

I believe we should restrict 9 yr. old girls’ rights to sell lemonade on street corners, as is happening all over America today (see www.lemonaidefreedom.com), but in no wise find this is inconsistent with my singing the national anthem’s concluding verse, “land of the free and home of the brave.”  I believe that everyone can, and should, be have the freedom to live off of everyone else; however,  while I believe that the middle classes’ wealth should be re-distributed by things like Obamacare and a zillion other taxes, the Hollywood Learjet leftists I utterly admire should never be forced to share their uber-luxe mansions, including people like Tom Hanks, who conducted the largest transaction for a single family home in CA. a couple years ago – a 14,500 ft. mega-mansion for $26 million dollars.

I believe our rights are granted by the state, not God, and affirm the fact that if my rights are granted by the state, not only can they be removed by the state in its infinite benevolence, but also that all rights are malleable, not predicated on any absolutes whatsoever. As a leftist, I believe that relativism and power are the only absolutes that exist – unless of course, I or my group are not in possession of it at the time. Then I will invoke transcendent absolutes just long enough to have those I oppose shown the door. Or perhaps even the guillotine. Of course, I do claim personal exemption to this power when it becomes inconvenient – or as my fellow leftist Jennifer Harris in Fullerton, CA. so eloquently captured my internal thoughts, “I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it.”

Thanks for listening! I knew you would find my intellectual consistency compelling!

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