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Creating Healthy Business Relationships with Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is a highly reliable and well established method of promoting your business and maintaining relationships with clients. It is therefore important to take some time to ensure you choose the right gift. However, for the most part finding a unique and right corporate gift appears to be a difficult task because of all the options that are available these days. Multitude of options have paralyzed the choice and made the whole process even more complicated and stressful.

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So what to Choose?

Nowadays, traditional gifts like promotional pens, bunches of flowers and the like are no longer in vogue in the corporate world, which persistently demands creativity and innovation. Hence selecting a thoughtful gift can impress your client a great deal and deepen your corporate relationship.

With that in mind, here are some useful corporate gift ideas for this season:

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make for an invaluable gift for corporate clients. Packed with a bottle of high quality wine along with some decadent baked items, cheese and crackers, gift baskets are always greatly appreciated. If your clients are more of the ‘beer and nuts’ sort of people, there are other gift baskets available they are sure to love too. You can easily find gift baskets filled with delicious chocolates, cookies and gourmet coffee – all beautifully designed for almost every type of person.

Michael Scott with his partner and son Dwight Schrute go try and get former clients to return by enticing them with gift baskets, but the temptation of chocolate turtles turns Michael into a greedy and obsessed tyrant.

Personalized Gifts

If you are looking for making your corporate gift even more meaningful, you can present something that relates to your client’s interests and hobbies. Many people are fond of playing golf and you can give such clients a gift consisting of a set of golf balls. For football lovers, numerous pieces of memorabilia can be presented as a token of gratitude. Computer and laptop accessories impress those who love to spend a lot of their time in front of computer screens.

A Memorable Experience

For very special clients, why not choose a coupon for a fun experience? This includes life drawing lessons, cocktail classes, a sky diving experience and a lot more. This option is increasingly becoming popular as a perfect corporate gift choice and the exact thing for such important clients. If you have no idea of what your clients would like to enjoy, simply give them a blank voucher for a company that specializes in different types of fun experiences.

A Voucher for Fine Dining

A gift voucher for a reputed restaurant that they can use and share with their close ones is something that will really help you achieve corporate goals. Since everyone loves to spend a good night outside with his friends or family, such a voucher that can be used at any time is guaranteed to be cherished.

The Bottom Line

After going through the above options, finding corporate gifts for your worthy clients should not be as hard as you might have been thinking until now. What you have to do is just take some time and try to know your client’s interests and hobbies, as these will be of a great help when it comes to choosing the gift.

Guest Post from Theresa Moyer. Theresa writes for GoToGiftBaskets.com. You can find nice corporate gift baskets at her website.

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