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Obamacare Nightmare: 40 Percent Of All U.S. Doctors Plan To Bail Out Of The Profession Over The Next Three Years

Obamacare sure is working great, isn’t it?  According to an absolutely stunning new poll, 40 percent of all U.S. doctors plan to bail out of the profession over the next three years.  Yes, you read the correctly.  4 out of every 10 doctors in America say that they are getting out in the next three years.  Considering the fact that the United States was already facing an acute shortage of doctors in the coming years, this has the potential to destroy the U.S. health care system.  Not that the other elements of Obamacare weren’t going to completely wreck it already, but if hordes of doctors start running for the exits this is going to create a health nightmare of unprecedented proportions.  The greatest medical system in the history of the world is degenerating into a complete and utter wasteland.

The new poll mentioned above was a Merritt Hawkins survey of 2,379 doctors for the Physicians Foundation which was conducted back in August.

According to that survey, 40 percent of U.S. doctors said that they would “retire, seek a nonclinical job in health care, or seek a job or business unrelated to health care” at some point over the next three years.

Not only that, but 74 percent of the doctors surveyed said that they plan to make “one or more significant changes in their practices in the next one to three years, a time when many provisions of health reform will be phased in.”

Are you alarmed by those numbers?

You should be.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States was already going to be facing a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors over the next 15 years.

But now that crisis is going to be much, much, much worse.

What is even more frightening is that the results of the Merritt Hawkins survey are right in line with what we have been seeing in other polls over the past year.  Just consider the following examples….

*An IBD/TIPP poll taken in August 2009 found that 4 out of every 9 American doctors said that they “would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement” if Congress passed Obamacare.

*According to a survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine, approximately one-third of all practicing physicians in the United States indicated that they may leave the medical profession because of the new health care law.

Those are some very sobering numbers.

At the moment, there are approximately 960,000 doctors practicing medicine in the United States.

If one-third of those doctors decided to bail out of the profession, that would mean that we would suddenly have a shortage of  320,000 doctors in the United States.

So is that the kind of “change” you can believe in?

But Obamacare is not just chasing doctors out of the health care system.  It is also causing the cancellation of hospitals.

In fact, the new health care law has already forced the cancellation of at least 60 doctor-owned hospitals that were scheduled to open soon according to the executive director of Physician Hospitals of America.

Unfortunately, as long as Barack Obama is in office there does not appear to be a prayer that Obamacare will be repealed.

But that doesn’t mean that lots of big corporations and big unions aren’t trying to get out of it.  In fact, 222 organizations have already been granted Obamacare waivers and that number is growing rapidly.

Sadly, most of us are not going to be able to get waivers and we are just going to have to put up with it.

Already reports are pouring in from coast to coast of health insurance premiums increasing dramatically due to Obamacare.

What a nightmare!

Hopefully someday the Republicans will get enough power in Washington D.C. to be able to overturn this horrific law.

But for now we are just going to have to live with it.

So welcome to Obamacare.

Hopefully in the years ahead you will actually be able to find a doctor when you need one.

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  • BillSansen

    I am so sick and tired of this bill. My doctor just informed me the other day that he might be retiring early because he doesn’t want to be around for the downfall of the system! This is a funny video, but so sad too because it’s true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2FwncVrlqA

  • mataj

    It’s a big question whether the doctors planning to bail out of their profession will be able to carry out their plans. They have nowhere else to go, the unemployment situation can only get worse.

    • Doctor

      Ha – u say nowhere to go? Let me enlighten you: canada, switzeland, saudi arabia, germany…. The list goes on n on. Ohh dont let me forget australia who already gave me an offer with actual numbers and besides better benefits, moving expenses, living expenses and a 36 hr weekly working limit (unheard of in the US, why should have a physician be rested to take care of peatients) has substantially beaten the salary. Bye bye doctors… Hello Australia!

      • Marissa

        Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany all have nationalized health care systems with strict cost controls. It’s not like you’d be making more money. I’m not sure about Saudi Arabia, but even if it pays better enjoy living with the extreme culture shock in a non-English speaking nation where people aren’t very fond of Americans.

        Doctors need to think about their responsibility to society. This may be a temporary result of changing the system, but all the Western countries you’ve mentioned have gone through this process long ago.

        We should have nationalized health care now.

    • L Bunk

      Are you kidding? MDs are highly coveted by industry. I worked under MDs in the pharmaceutical industry. They were the VPs and CEO of my company. Device industry. Insurance industry. MSL. Medical writer. Medical educator. Consultant. Just a few things they easily transfer to.

  • This is a problem, although it was a problem even before the change in the law. Doctors already lost control of patient care to HMO’s and insurance executives. But what I want to ask is: by what metric (other than monies billed per patient) was our recent system “the greatest medical system in the history of the world”?

    • Carrie

      Based on the percentage of recoveries after being seen by a health care professional, percentage of successful surgeries, and percentage of foreign patients choosing to come to the US to have their procedures done.

    • Werner

      @ Speed – The metric is simply this; The United States is THE PLACE to go if you are really sick, of any disease! We have the best medical care on the planet. It is not perfect, their are stupid problems with it, (most of which were created by politicians via lobbyists…. (like not allowing insurance companies to compete for business nation wide, giving companies monopolies in certain states/areas/cities, and tying HC to employment…. ) My question would be…. Can you name another health care system that has developed more cures, procedures, medicines, survival rate increases, disease management and recovery times? Not just one of these… but ALL of them by any other system?
      I can answer it for you: NO. The U.S. is where the world turned for HC, Manufacturing, Science, Space, Military Advancements, and Education…. and the Dem/Lib/Progressives have destroyed all of them… in the last 100 years, most of the destruction from 1964 to present.

  • Chris Campbell

    Obamacare will make things much, much worse I agree, but during the Bush yrs, I knew of many MD’s, more than 50% actually, that were dis-satisfied with their jobs, many leaving for research or even, non-medical related work. Most are burned out, many areas of the country lacking MD’s, PA’s,etc….

    Lets not all blame it on Obama, but there is plenty of blame and problems, continued and made worse by Dems and Repubs both…

  • NumberOne

    Uh so they realized they can’t make as much $ as before. Good riddence. Doctors having been overcharging in the US for years, not to mention in bed with big Pharma and Insurance. Since the article is not giving a specific reason why doctors are leaving, this suggests it was left out for a good reason.

    • Nancy

      Number one, you are just the kind of patient the Dr.s’ are sick of. My husband is a physician and he gives out much free care. He is in bed with neither the phama companies or insurance. He is paid less than 1/6 of what he bills medicare for. He wants to leave because of the malpractice situation, Obamacare and ungrateful, uninformed people like you.

    • L Bunk

      You obviously have no knowledge of the pharmaceutical or medical industry and are talking out of your ass. I spent my career in pharma, and in the day we courted doctors hard to get them to sell our products. However, at this point, reps can barely give a doctor a pen. Doctors are so overworked they don’t have time to see reps. My husband, who is a doctor, is being pressured to see a patient every 15 minutes. He routinely misses lunch because he is double booked. In bed with Insurance Companies? What? Fees have been cut until my husband can no longer perform certain beneficial procedures because they cost more than his reimbursement. That’s right, if he tries to give a little old lady knee injections with Euflexa, he owes more for the medicine than he is reimbursed. Doctors do not make what you think they do. Many people, both blue-collar and white-collar, make far more than he does.

  • Smuhammad

    Research this further folks, I followed this study for a Statistics class and found the study that they used is not for Obama Care, the public need to know the basis for these studies and reported statistics, they manipulate and deceive for their own purposes, go behind the scenes and research yourself the actual study and see the statistics you will be surprised, “Figues do not lie, but Liers Figure”.

  • Smuhammad

    Think about it this is saying that Doctors became Doctors for the money only, if they leave because they do not want to help those who can’t afford it then their “heart” was not in their decisions to become Doctors, What is their Oath? I’m sure cost effectiveness is not in it!

    • jenny

      this is such a stupid comment and so illogical. We all chose our professions, not out of the kindness of our hearts, but for the beneficial rewards. Unless you are in the peace corps or green peace or something then you are a moron.

      • Nick

        Or a teacher, or a police force member, or a scientist, or virtually any profession except finance (OK, maybe also doctors and lawyers). Sorry, if you want to help humanity instead of stuffing your own pocket at others’ expense, you are a moron.

    • Nancy

      SMUHAMMAD, Most of them love medicine and caring for people but the system is getting too difficult. The government is controlling the care that is doled out but the Dr.s are left holding the bag with malpractice. My husband’s heart is in it but he is sick of being told what to do by people who have no medical knowledge and watching people die.

      • kkaye

        How does the government control medical care? What kind of intrusions are you talking about?

    • L Bunk

      So you are telling me you are willing to work for nothing. That you are willing to dedicate your life to working at a financial deficit? Hmmm. Are you a missionary?

  • Deskpoet

    “The greatest medical system in the history of the world”? The article’s author obviously doesn’t get out much (or even live in America?)

    The predatory “healthcare” of America is shamefully wasteful and corrupt regardless of “Obamacare” (which simply mandates that more of the same is the way to go.)

    I’m with poster NumberOne: that 40% of incompetent sell-outs can’t quit fast enough…

    • Nancy

      Desk poet we’ll see if you still feel that way when you can’t find a Dr. My husband is no sell out but a dedicated professional who wants to do what he trained to do without intrusion from the government. You are ignorant and part of the problem.

  • The 20 states AG’s suing hopefully will help defeat this unconstitutional bill. It’s illegal. 40% doctors leaving, 40 million more on the health care rolls, what do you think the end result? Chaos? Wait one a year for an appointment?

    From a 2008 news article:
    With the presidential election proceeding as planned, the United States is as polarized as ever and, once again, many conservative Christians are under the false impression that it matters who is elected in November. This report is an effort to demonstrate in practical terms that, at this point, it makes no difference who wins the presidential election. Fears about a Bush-Clinton dynasty which could rule the United States for 28 years, or more, become even more unsettling with the discovery that all of the presidential candidates belong to the same dynasty. It is called the Merovingian dynasty and it claims to have a long history, being nearly has ancient as the human race. The good news is that God destroyed this evil dynasty once before, in the Great Flood (Gen. 7), and He is about to do it again (Rev. 19).

  • swampwiz

    Boo hoo. All educated professions are undergoing trauma. If we need more MD’s, let’s open up the H1B floodgates. Evidently all these problems are not deterring prospective medical school applicants. MD’s, like everyone else ought to be happy that they have a JOB. I suspect those who want to leave have already earned enough compensation from the medical consumer to be able to retire.

    • Nancy

      No Swampwiz they don’t. They just can’t afford to risk everything to be the scapegoats for the mess that awaits us. Happy to have a job? What about the office staffs that will be decimated when the doors close? Medicine is not just a job but a life-saving vocation.

  • Mak

    The healthcare premium goes up, because we have no cost control, and no public option. Thanks to the obscure fillibuster rule, a better law – as passed the house – did not pass the senate.
    This will need to be addressed, we need to control the costs of medicine, just like any othr country does; we cannot afford to pay just what the industry wants us to.

  • mama

    Speed-used to be great when the med schools and training was brutal. what is great: most advancements in trauma implants, Shock trauma, at least 500 life changing meds off the top of my head, cardiac stents, gamma knife brain surgery, aortic ballon pump, kidney, liver heart lung transplant, cataract surgery, cornera transplant,acl reconstruction,intrauterine natal surgery, limb salvage surgery,an prosethtic limb u can run on, finger replantiton, endoscopic spine surgery, spine disc replacement, ect ect, I could go on for hours. Oh 100 years ago blood letting and leaches and milk for ulcer were the best we had.
    also when u get a bill for a knee scope, the MD portion is less than 10% of the bill and that includes 90 day follow for free regardless of how may visits occur.
    Please align with reality

    • L Bunk

      Well said!

  • Ohio Dr.

    To those of you who claim the US does not have “The greatest medical system in the history of the world” can you name one that is better? No, you cannot. Canada’s system is backed up and much worse to the point that Canadian citizens come to the US for care. Hospitals & doctors all across the US frequently treat foreigners who come to the US for care. Granted, there are problems with our system, but it is still the best in the world. ObamaCare does nothing but lower it to the level of the Canadians, or worse. Here’s to the 20 states that are challenging the law’s constitutionality in the court system.
    And to those who question the integrity of my collegues; You have NO CLUE as to what you are talking about. You don’t know what it entails being a physician and are clueless to what we have to deal with. DON’T address a situation you have no knowledge of. You are looking from the outside and pretend to judge? I dare say, you are the type that pushed for this fiasco of a law. You want health care but you don’t want to pay for it. You want free treatment. It doesn’t work that way. Physicians, aside from 10+ years of school, employ staff & lab technicians and must deal with a myriad of regulations and a moutain of paperwork from the government and insurance companies. Nothing is free. Doctors are leaving the world of private practice because it’s just not worth the hassle anymore. It has nothing to do with salary.

    • RN 2 b

      @ Ohio Dr. I am going to school to become an RN and I agree with you on every point. These people do not have a clue. Right now, I am almost 40 thousand in debt for school and I still have a yr to go. Just wait until these people need a “specialist”, say cardiac, and they can not find one accept in general practice. They will be singing a different tune then. My hat is off to you and all the other doctors around the world!

    • L Bunk

      God bless you sir. My husband is in pain management. He is inundated with youngish people who do not want to work, just want disability and drugs, and really do not have medical conditions that require any of it. These people threaten him all the time. They love to talk about their “insurance” (medicaid). He is told all the time that he HAS to treat them. That they are going to sue him if he doesn’t give them narcotics. They refuse their urine screens, or come up with illegal drugs in their urine. It’s so disgusting. What is happening to Americans? God, the older generation was so stoic. They did what they had to do. They worked and supported their family. They didn’t complain. All the phony disability cases being won by lawyers who advise their patients to go to the emergency room all the time so they will wear everyone out; that’s why our system is broke. Oh yeah, when these deadbeats show up in the emergency room, the poor doctor is then called in to consult for them after hours at a recently extremely cut rate while his family packs his dinner up and his kids go to bed without seeing Dad again.

  • Keith

    Get real. “The greatest medical system in the history of the world.” While I’m no fan of Obamacare, this statement calls into question everything else you say in the article, as well as either your integrity or your sanity.

    • Carrie

      Then you have not looked around the world much. Name another country that offers the same level of care we do, same or better recovery rate, successful surgery rate, and short wait time to get in to see the Dr. in the first place. Another does not equal.

      • Jose

        Carrie, I’m afraid you’re a bit off the mark. Even if the US has the best success rates for surgery, it’s simply much better to avoid the need for surgery in the first place. While it might be true that the US has great high-complexity care(I can’t say for sure if it’s the best), it’s also true that said care is very expensive and very profitable. And, in general, people in the US have poor access to basic care and bad habits, which eventually contribute to the need for expensive medical procedures (and partly explain the sharply rising costs). The truly great health systems strive to provide universal access to basic care because, in the long run, it’s better for everyone involved to avoid disease in the first place.

        • L Bunk

          Just to be clear. The responsibility for most preventive care, such as exercising, nutrition, not smoking or drinking, not participating in risky behaviors, falls squarely on the individual’s shoulders. This has nothing to do with the medical system. This is a failure in our culture.

  • I love reading your blog, your posts are generally very helpful and the way in which you lay everything out makes it simple to understand. I do not normally comment however I decided I ought to at least say thank you for doing such a good job. Appreciate it and keep up the good work.

  • “Best health care system in the world?” More American Exceptionalism delusion. Here are the WHO rankings, in case you’re too lazy to read it, the US of A ranks 37th.


    40% of doctors to leave profession?? Straight bullshit, what will they do, become IT specialists, electricians, pipe fitters, or work the phone banks at CIGNA? I also say, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. There are hundreds if not thousands of foreign doctors, many better trained and more committed to delivering good medicine than US doctors, who would like to practice medicine in America. If we can “globalize” our economy, ship jobs and services overseas then why not globalize both ourselves and our medical profession??

    Most of the new physicians in my community are from Asia or East Asia, or Africa, there are tons of competent doctors who could love to come to the US and live off of $250K a year. No doubt we can import some doctors from Cuba. So good riddance. Likewise, I have no loyalty to the US of A, if I could find a better job in India or Singapore, “bye, bye” America.

    Funny how the plutocrats and elites wanna talk “global economy” and “patriotism” when it suits their worldview. Guess what? I (we) can talk global economy too. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The day when 40% of doctors leave the profession will be the day hell freezes over. Stop making empty threats, or, if you have the nerve leave the profession. I just paid (my insurance paid most of it) $1,600 for a 25 min. MRI on my knee, how many of those will pay for the machine?

    I’m no fan of Obamacare, but to blame the current greed and ineptitude on Obama is addressing only a segment of the problem.

    • Nancy

      Cynic it will be interesting to see how you feel in a few years. Those foreign Dr’s who you say are better trained were trained HERE! Your $1600 bill included the office staff to read the numerous insurance regulations, malpractice insurance in case you aren’t happy with the outcome and all the other expenses that go into running a practice. And yes they are all serious so get ready for hell to freeze.

    • L Bunk

      I know your bill says $1,600, but that’s not even what was paid. Doctors get a small fraction of what they bill. Did you know that insurance CEOs are among the most highly paid individuals in the US?

    • miketheorganist

      Well I can tell you this, Cynic. I have four doctors and they all know i drive trucks for a living. Two of them have asked me how much money one can make trucking. They are planning to close their practices. They are going to re-educate themselves to do something else because they don’t wish to practice under government control.

  • Dave

    Articl MISSES the POINT. The insurance companies are stealing 30-70% of every health care dollar. They steal it from the doctors and health care providers. They steal it from their “customers”. Put them out of business and the healthcare crisis will disappear. We’ll have better health and all of us will save money. Doctors will be better compensated because insurance vampires will not be sucking wealth out of the system.

    • Nancy

      No Dave they won’t. Just look at the VA.and medicare. Right now my husband gets reimbursed for less than 1/6 of what he bills and this is not even counting leaving the Drs hanging with the malpractice for dead patients when care takes so long or is denied.

  • Diane

    Anytime the govt tries to run anything, it fails miserably !! Why won’t more people do their homework and wake up and realize that Obama Care is NOT about helping people, but about gaining more and more control over the lives of American citizens !? And if this health care plan is going to be so great , then why have the people in power over us exempted themselves from this health care plan ?? Shouldn’t what they are forcing us to do be good enough for them, as well ??

  • Mark

    In the world there are 4 basic ways to pay for health care. In the US we have all 4 methods. Our system to pay for medical care consists primarily of employment-based insurance with the addition of the single-payer Medicare and Medicaid systems, the socialized medicine Veterans Administration, and the brutally free-market pay-for-it-if-you-have-the-money system. The current system is sinking like a stone. The recently passed reforms attempt to make the current system work as well as it can. My question to all who moan about this reform is this: are you willing to abandon the private health insurance industry for some bigger role of single-payer and/or socialized medicine if this reform fails? Or are you going to complain about that too? Or are you happy with a failing system that will more and more trend toward the nasty free-market solution of health care only for those with the money? Which will it be because you have no other options?

    • Nancy

      Mark, there is another option. We can go back to catastrophic coverage and pay everything out of pocket. If physicians are given a break on taxes and malpractice premiums along with some CYA they will be more than happy to man clinics for the poor. This will allow Drs to see fewer patients, have smaller staffs without insurance, and you will get to know your Dr better if you are not shuffled around to whatever Dr your insurance covers that month. The Drs would love to see something like this.

  • Mark

    By the way, we Americans have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Being healthy is fundamantal to my rights to these, so some kind of health care reform is necessary to secure this right.

    • L Bunk

      That’s called circular reasoning. The pursuit of happiness is why many Americans are sick. Your health is your responsibility. To a large extent it depends on your diet, exercise, sleep, and not indulging in risky behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco and drug use or risky sex. Your rights do not dictate that physicians have to work for free. You wouldn’t work for free, now would you? Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

    • miketheorganist

      Wrong. Rights are complete in and of themselves. They exist completely within an individual. For health care to be a right you would have to be able to supply it to yourself. You if you know how to do that, then you have a right to what you can give yourself. But, If health care as we know it were a right, somebody has to be compelled to give it to you. Or, somebody has to be compelled to pay for it to be given to you. In every instance it cannot be a right.

  • Mauricio

    According to the WHO, the best health care system in the world is the french one.

    • Nancy

      Mauricio, go to France then. I promise you if you do and you aren’t a French citizen you will die on the sidewalk before they will touch you.

  • James

    I say, let’em go. Let’s see them go out and find a job that pays nearly as well as the ones they presently have. Do any of you think that they’re going to become brick layers? Or maybe they’ll start flipping burgers at McDonald’s…

    They’re starting to suspect that they’re not going to be able to make money hand over fist, and now they’re bailing out. It’s that simple.

    **** em. I don’t want any of the greedy bastards working on me. I’d rather die starving in a ditch than to help finance their tee times and college educations for their kids.

    • Nancy

      James you may get your wish. My husband doesn’t have time to pee all day much less play golf! He isn’t greedy but people like you are part of the reason he wants to leave! I am o sick of you ignorant ungrateful fools!

    • L Bunk

      Doctors can easily obtain high paying jobs in other fields. Check out the Ladders site online if you want to educate yourself. When your stupid ass has a heart attack or you blow your back out you’ll be begging one of these greedy bastards to help you. You obviously are uneducated, but I’ll bet if you could snap your fingers and have an education without working for it, and then make a lot of money you would do it. Wanna tell me I’m a liar????

      • Andrej

        When my stupid ass has a heart attack? There you have it. Now my ass is offended.


  • Brad

    My OBGYN neighbor closed her practice long before Obamacare. Malpractice insurance premiums skyrocketed after 9/11. Instead of soaking her patients and turning her practice into a high speed production line (needed to break even) she just closed shop. Welcome to the American Dream.

  • XJ

    Who cares. Many of these doctors are just money hungry and don’t really care about their patients.

    The new Doctors of the future will become MDs because they really care about helping people.

    A few of the doctors I know are just power hungry, greedy people.
    Just like James said let them go, what other jobs are out there?

    Anyone can become a Doctor as long as they persevere and many of them are C students. C’s get degrees.

    • Nancy

      XJ You are as bad as the rest of them! Do you realize that these folks spend 20 years in college then another 7-10 in residency making less than minimum wage? Do you even get the risks they take in order to try to save your miserable life? My husband is neither power hungry or greedy. He works 80 hours/week just to keep up with all his sick patients. It is people like you who make him ant out because with Obama care you will be not only angry and ignorant but feel entitled!

      • Nick

        Dear Nancy – your husband may be one of the good and caring doctors, but not everybody is like him. What is he going to do after he quits? If he is really into healing people, he will probably continue doing the same, maybe in a different way or different place (even country).

    • L Bunk

      LOL. You don’t know any doctors dipshit.

    • resident

      If most people are invested in their professions to help other people why don’t they just volunteer then? For the greater good? Btw, what do you do that is so helpful to others?


    Thanks to Obamacare my husband’s company no longer offers group health insurance at all. We were paying $570 per month for coverage with a $1200 deductible. Since we have a 5 year old that is a Type 1 diabetic the cheapest quote we have gotten is for $989 and that was with a $5000 deductible, no vision care, no dental care, no maternity coverage. Our family can simply not afford to pay that amount, so we are going without. Luckily our son goes to the university for his diabetes treatment and they will see us based on our income.

    I can understand why Doctors are leaving the field. they are just as sick and fed up with the insurance companies and Obamacare as many of the rest of us.

  • Steve

    Mark, you’re right about having the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Or shall I say…..HAD? Does the “death panel” ring a bell to anyone? They snuck it in. If you are “too old” for treatment the system will turn its back on you and let you die because it is not cost-effective to treat you. Instead, they will focus on the ones more likely to survive, “the younger ones”. So much for our civil rights. Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Plus, all premiums are supposed to increase, so I guarantee the foreclosures have only just begun. He is trying to run this country into the ground and we are all along for the ride.

  • Nick

    Good! There are so many bad doctors who are in this profession only for the huge salaries, not because they care about curing their patients. The medical field will greatly improve after they leave. Good riddance! Good luck to them finding another job in this economy!

    • L Bunk

      I’m intrigued. How do you know so many bad doctors? Are you often in the company of doctors in a personal capacity so that you can judge what type of person they are, or what motivates them? By what criteria are you judging them? Are you qualified to judge? Have you seen their paycheck? On what do you base your knowledge of their salaries? I see my husband’s paycheck, and believe me, he could make a lot more in industry. He stays because he loves helping people.

  • Mat

    Where exactly will these doctors find jobs outside of medicine? They don’t have the skills for anything else!

    I dislike socialized medicine as much as anyone, but this is just bluster whipped-up for PR purposes. When the UK’s NHS was created back in 1945, a similar proportion of UK doctors swore blind that they’d quit medicine. When push came to shove, none of them actually did – because they didn’t know how to do any other jobs.

    And in this tanking economy, quitting medicine would only magnify their financial loss. Can’t afford golf club membership? Unthinkable!

    • L Bunk

      My husband works all day on Friday. We do live on a golf course, but we can’t afford a membership for him! We’d rather take care of our kids. It’s so funny how people who have nothing to do with the medical field can speak so knowledgeably about it. Funny.

      • Andrej

        Easy solution: Play Tennis instead!

        Blaming Obamacare because you can’t afford a golf membership. Funny indeed.

  • Jeff

    I think they all want to quit to become firemen and farmers. I don’t blame them. But turnover is not a bad thing; time for some new blood!

    • L Bunk

      Are you so daft that you think people with the grit and brains to become doctors can’t find anything else lucrative to do? Really? Again, it’s so funny how people who have nothing to do with the medical community can speak so knowledgeably about it!

  • John A. Smith

    Meritt Hawkins is a staffing agency, not a political or economic watch group. Of course they are going to make a statement like that, It helps them attract more prospective candidates with which to fill their talent pool. In that same survey this statement was found on page 3, “Despite the recession, hoospital CEO’s report that placement of clinical employees has increased or stayed the same over the last 6 months”. Sounds like a contradiction to me. I think folks should do some research on their own rather than take the word of a sulferic article penned by a guy simply known as Michael with no credentials under his belt.

  • I read that Americans spend two to six times more on health care per person than other wealthy countries but isnt that due to the higher cost of living here? .. Even when you control for the higher cost of living we still spend about 2 000 more per person than would be expected. Most of that is going to outpatient visits to doctors same-day hospital treatments and ER care.

  • I read that Americans spend two to six times more on health care per person than other wealthy countries but isnt that due to the higher cost of living here? .. Even when you control for the higher cost of living we still spend about 2 000 more per person than would be expected. Most of that is going to outpatient visits to doctors same-day hospital treatments and ER care. Better questions might be what is the test for or do I need it at all or am I helping you pay for a brand-new yacht? .. So its my doctors limo and beach house thats causing all the waste! .. Most of the waste is the tied to excessive tests and fee-for service provision.

  • Karen

    “The greatest medical system in the history of the world is degenerating into a complete and utter wasteland.”

    The first part of that sentence is hilarious. You really believe the US ever had “the greatest medical system in the history of the world”? Crazy.

  • Gary

    If Dr.s want to take back there profession then forgo all contact w/ins. co. and gov. programs. Act like all other professions, directly charge the patients what they can afford. Think about it …you go to the store to buy something and price is to high …you and everyone can not afford it, hence NO SALE, no benefit for any party involved. The wrongly doctors out-sourced this natural economic process to the ins.co.

    • Timothy Ko

      This is already happening! Dermatologists and Dentists have largely gone to a cash business. With the constant reductions in reimbursements to providers, doctors will needs to stop taking insurance. Then the patient will pay up font and take what their insurance pays them. The poor will be worse off than they were before the ACA.

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  • T95Red

    I find it hard to believe that the figures are accurate for MD’s quitting. I know why I’m not happy with it. I was out of work for 3 years due to the way the US economy was ruined. Now that I’m working again, I am in debt, including past due child support, which I am paying. I lost my car, my apartment, and I am working extra hours, trying to pay back debt and get on my feet. The lowest Bronze premium is $339 per month. I stay healthy, don’t smoke, don’t use drugs, eat healthy and exercise. I need dental work done, including crowns, and I would like to spend my healthcare dollars on that. I would be paying 4000 dollars a year for something I won’t use, instead of for something I need. So frustrating! The premiums are too high for people who have suffered in the recent terrible economy. I totally get that emergency rooms are expensive, but $4000 per year is too much!

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