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Disasters Can Happen

Preparing For The Future

Food security is not defined by having enough food, but rather through three main factors: accessibility, affordability and availability. There is also the notion of having enough nutritious food. Food security has been a major concern for quite some time, and in the post-recession era, it has taken center stage.

As far as the current legislation is concerned, it has transferred the development of agriculture from the hand of the farmer to business owners. Furthermore, the reforms over the last four to five years have been met with debate owing to the nature of “food for profit” rather than “food for people”.

Most of this is attributed to the growing of corn for the bio-fuel industry, raising cost. The food for fuel has been at the helm for the last few years including the healthcare bill about mandatory insurance.

There has been a lot of talk about bio fortification and the provision of nutritious food through genetically modified plants. However, the concept of GM plants is that they have a cost factor for the farmers. The seeds need to be purchased again, and that is costing a higher amount. This is overall leading to rise in the food commodities. There are government based incentives for developing varieties with special traits (drought resistance, pesticide resistant, etc.), but those are not enough for ensuring food security.

The need for food storage

When it comes to statistics for food insecurity in the U.S, the picture can be labeled as pretty grim. As many as 50 million people have been identified as food insecure during the hunger and poverty survey of 2011. The figures indicate that there has been a sixty percent increase in food insecurity from 2006. The reasons include the economic recession and the rise in cost of living.

While the current legislation has been a point of debate, there has been commendation on the food assistance programs. This year, when President Obama got re-elected, there has been streamlining of the programs.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an initiative that is focusing on delivering benefits to American citizens who are eligible for it. Sky Valley Food Bank has been another food provider in U.S and has been reported to provide over 4,000 individuals average per state.

Savings are important

When it comes to the idea of being food secure, the most important thing is to plan your finances accordingly. The recent recession and financial crunch has caused a great deal of people to claim their retirement savings and social security early. The question, “when should I claim social security” is at the heart of many Americans who are in a negative cash flow or are having a hard time making both ends meet.

What you can do is that you should prepare for the future by spending your savings wisely and avoid taking/spending prematurely. Not only do you have to pay a penalty for premature take outs, but you’re also missing out on other opportunities. The best move under such a scenario would be to invest your savings in annuities. This would help you build up a reasonable sum of money over a period of time, and help you ensure food security.




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