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Disasters Can Happen

Several Simple Suppositions and Suspicions for 2018

Several Simple Suppositions and Suspicions for 2018

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

A New Year of Symbiotic Disharmony

The New Year’s nearly here.  The slate’s been wiped clean.  New hopes, new dreams, and new fantasies, are all within reach.  Today’s the day to make a double fisted grab for them.

Without question, 2018 will be the year that everything happens exactly as it should.  Some things you’ll be able to control.  Other things will be well beyond your control.

Certainly, your ability to stop your neighbor’s cat from relieving itself in your side yard is limited, barring extreme measures.  What we mean is each day shall unfold before you – both good and bad – in symbiotic disharmony.  You can count on it.

But what are the specifics and particulars for the year ahead?  What about (Read More....)

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