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Disasters Can Happen

Warning! Credit Markets Are Now Signaling A Breakdown -What Does That Mean For Business In America?

Credit Contraction Episodes

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Signaling a Breakdown

Taking the path of least resistance doesn’t always lead to places worth going.  In fact, it often leads to places that are better to avoid.  Repeatedly skipping work to sleep in and living off credit cards will eventually lead to the poorhouse.

The same holds true for monetary policy.  In particular, cheap credit policies that favor short-term expediency have the effect of layering society up with an abundance of long-term mistakes.  Artificially suppressed interest rates via central bank asset purchase schemes are not without consequences.

What’s more, once set in motion these consequences don’t stop until they’ve fully run their course.  The booms of plentiful credit must always be followed by the busts of unserviceable debt.  As more and (Read More....)

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Prepare for the Unthinkable

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Red Ink

Growth and profits mask a variety of problems.  They hide business inefficiencies and the money suck of corporate administrivia.  They also conceal unproductive staff.

But most of all growth and profits obscure the extreme value subtracting forces of bloated management teams.  During good times it is unclear what these smug fellows do.  During bad times it is lucidly clear that most of them ain’t worth a darn.

When the profits inevitably recede, the senior executives, with their silly 24 point project reviews and cumbersome project execution requirements, appear lost.  They’re left exposed, with their pants down, and without a clue in the world as to what business it is they’re actually in.  What the heck have they been doing all this time?

Where does the money come from?  How is it spent?  Over (Read More....)

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A Handbook For A Peaceful Return To The REPUBLIC

HopeGuest Post, Jim Bob


This booklet is the result of many years of studying and finding connections across a variety of subjects in an effort to understand our world and my place in it. This reflects my honest understanding of the view from my window. This is my considered opinion and only that. It is full of what I believe to be facts but I urge the reader to do his or her own homework. Seek out verification or refutation, for facts are cheap and information is abundant, but knowledge is precious. The world around us is not always what it seems and our understanding of it is limited to our observations and the observations of others we choose to add to our own. The problem is always with verifying the observations of others, including all of the teachers and professors we’ve had. Many of us took (Read More....)

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Bet Against the House at Your Peril

Price Fixingby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The stock market’s on edge. After dropping 278 points last Friday and climbing back 139 points on Monday…the DOW purged 332 points on Tuesday. Wednesday the DOW gave back another 27. By yesterday the storm had past. Sunny skies were out…the DOW bounced back 259 points.

From what we gather, signs of an improving economy are considered bad for stocks. The initial selloff, which began last Friday, was triggered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics February jobs report. According to the government bean counters, 295,000 jobs were added for the month. All the new jobs pushed the official unemployment rate to 5.5 percent.

Speculators understood this good news for the economy to be the rationale the Federal Reserve needs to finally raise its (Read More....)

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The End of the New Paradigm

Moneyby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

There is a pleasant mist in the air which conceals the depths of the disorder with earnest efficiency. Cavernous divergences exist between the financial economy and the real economy. Yet only the crankiest will speak of them.

The union in Europe was temporarily saved last Friday. Investors the world over cheered the relief. The DOW and S&P 500 closed out the week at record highs.

The big news was that the Greek bailout will be extended four more months. The fact that Greece will never pay back its creditors doesn’t matter for now. The clever program of extend and pretend has been preserved.

This is how things work in 2015. The world economy roles round and down with remarkable precision, borrowing (Read More....)

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What You Must Know About Global Currency Debasement

Global Currency Debasement- Picture Credit- Pixabayby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

After six years of heavy handed market intervention the financial system has been pushed to the extremes. Scientific management of the economy has twisted and contorted it in ways that would’ve otherwise been impossible. Rather than moderating the business cycle it has exacerbated it…the booms are bigger, the busts are more pronounced.

What we mean is the yin and the yang of inflation and deflation have never pulled harder. Stock prices rise to record highs yet real wages decline. Obviously, this doesn’t compute. Something has got to give.

Like the subduction zone where the Pacific Plate pushes underneath the North American Plate, the pressure builds. No outward instability is apparent on the surface for years…or even decades. In fact, the peace and tranquility extends for so (Read More....)

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The Mad World of Money

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

About 4.4 million workers disappeared from the labor pool over the last four years.  Where did they go?  No one quite knows, exactly.

They don’t show up in the unemployment numbers.  But they do exist, hidden behind the statistical shadows.  The lucky ones, those who are gainfully employed, get after it each day.  They go to work and trade their time, talents, and labors in exchange for money.  Of those, a small subset is able to spend less than they make…and save the (Read More....)

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