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Disasters Can Happen

Prepare for the Unthinkable

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Red Ink

Growth and profits mask a variety of problems.  They hide business inefficiencies and the money suck of corporate administrivia.  They also conceal unproductive staff.

But most of all growth and profits obscure the extreme value subtracting forces of bloated management teams.  During good times it is unclear what these smug fellows do.  During bad times it is lucidly clear that most of them ain’t worth a darn.

When the profits inevitably recede, the senior executives, with their silly 24 point project reviews and cumbersome project execution requirements, appear lost.  They’re left exposed, with their pants down, and without a clue in the world as to what business it is they’re actually in.  What the heck have they been doing all this time?

Where does the money come from?  How is it spent?  Over (Read More....)

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What You Must Know About Global Currency Debasement

Global Currency Debasement- Picture Credit- Pixabayby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

After six years of heavy handed market intervention the financial system has been pushed to the extremes. Scientific management of the economy has twisted and contorted it in ways that would’ve otherwise been impossible. Rather than moderating the business cycle it has exacerbated it…the booms are bigger, the busts are more pronounced.

What we mean is the yin and the yang of inflation and deflation have never pulled harder. Stock prices rise to record highs yet real wages decline. Obviously, this doesn’t compute. Something has got to give.

Like the subduction zone where the Pacific Plate pushes underneath the North American Plate, the pressure builds. No outward instability is apparent on the surface for years…or even decades. In fact, the peace and tranquility extends for so (Read More....)

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Digital Tulipomania?

Moneyby MN Gordon Economic Prism

“Quis furor, o cives!” – Lucan.

What a Hoot!

Can you recall a time in living memory when public life was so comically ignoble? Everyday we’re greeted with a rib-tickling revelation about the nation’s number one man. We don’t know how many more laughs we can take.

Not since Tricky Dick Nixon held high office has the American emperor suffered the wrath of a more frenzied pig pile. However, Nixon was only partially responsible for his own fall from grace. No doubt, President Obama owns all of his.

For instance, just this week we learned HealthCare.gov still doesn’t have a way to make payments to insurance companies. From what we gather, this (Read More....)

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Know How Credit Cards Are Keeping You In Debt

Having your own credit card may have its advantages but if not taken care of properly, it can become a burden because of the financial issues and problems that it may bring and that include debt. Debts are probably inevitable and everyone probably has one however, most people don’t understand how they even get one. Here’s how credit cards can bury you under debt.

·You only make minimum payments. A lot of people think that they are ridding themselves of debt because they always meet the minimum payments. But the truth is that they’re only creating a new debt. If you pay less, it means you owe more. If you have the extra money, try to make bigger payments because it will finish off your bills faster.

·Not checking the available credit. Often times, we get carried away with our cards and we don’t realize that we are already exceeding our limit or we don’t even check the available credit. Rule of thumb is to stay below your credit card limit by 30%. If you always end up (Read More....)

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Rigging The Price Of Money On A Grand Scale

Rigging the Price of Money on a Grand Scale, by MN Gordon, Economic Prism

Some people earn their money by honest means.  Others do so at the expense of one another.  If you borrowed money from a bank between 2005 and 2009 to buy a house or car, to pay for school, or if you happened to use a credit card during that time, you’ve likely been duped by a collaborative price rigging scheme courtesy of the big banks.

No doubt, this is quite a revelation.  In short, what it means is that nearly everyone – including businesses and investors – who used credit between 2005 and 2009 was swindled.  What’s more, they were swindled in a major way.

“This dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scams in the history of markets,” said Andrew Lo, a professor of finance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Charles Ponzi, Bernie (Read More....)

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Exercise Your Rights and Get Rid Of the Collection Agents

Have you just received your credit card bills and are afraid that soon they are going to turn into debts? Then, it is time that you took a few steps to mend the situation when it is still in your hands. Given below are some helpful tips to help you with the situation.

Talk to the lenders

Assess your financial situation and find out if you will be able to pay the loans that you are talking or have already taken and are due. If you find that you might not be able to pay them then it is always best to talk to the lenders and have a payment plan worked out. This will ensure that your account will not be handed over to a third party collection agent.

Know your rights

If you are unable to pay the loan back and have also failed to negotiate a payment plan, then you can expect a visit from the collection agents. The harassment that these agents resort to is proverbial. If you feel that you (Read More....)

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The Wicked Borrow And Do Not Repay?

Up until very recently in history, not paying your debts was considered a shameful act. But now, the act of defaulting on mortgages, credit card bills, and other loans is actually celebrated (and encouraged) by many. What’s wrong with this picture?

I generally do not like to cherry pick Bible verses out of context, because doing so doesn’t always reflect the message accurately. However I think Psalm 37:21 is one where we can do that:

“The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously”

Do I think all people who borrow and not repay are wicked? Absolutely not! Obviously, having catastrophic medical bills, becoming disabled, and many other extreme scenarios are understandable reasons as to why someone wouldn’t be able to pay their debt. So I am not referring to those situations in this post.

Rather what I am referring to are people who intentionally and willingly game the system. They incur debt (often recklessly) and feel no obligation to keep paying. Here are a couple examples which you actually see encouraged by mainstream (Read More....)

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