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Disasters Can Happen

The Fatal Dangers of a Fading Bull Market Run

The Fatal Dangers of a Fading Bull Market Runby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

It is too bad that mobile devices don’t set off a signal before their users do something terminally stupid. Perhaps a warning alarm would help them change course. Rather than texting and walking in front of a city bus, the preoccupied mobile user would be signaled to look up before stepping off the curb.

Instead, mobile devices offer an intoxicating distraction. They actually entice people to do things they’d otherwise know better than. Add the glory of capturing a public jaw dropper real-time and instantly posting it to YouTube or Instagram and the opportunities for stupidity are endless.

Social network users don’t stand a chance. Take poor David Mellado Lopez. The man thought he was using his mobile phone to film something astounding early Sunday morning.

He was, no doubt, marveling at his footage of a motionless bull lying on the ground just before something even more astounding happened. In hindsight it would’ve been better to have stayed in bed that morning. (Read More....)

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Committed to Mass Public Spending

US Debt Clocksby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Yesterday President Obama said a government shutdown “would throw a wrench into the gears of our economy.” Here at the Economic Prism we say, “Bring it on.” For a wrench caught in the gears is just what’s needed…especially if the wrench can then be used to bolt down the top hatch on the national debt.

You see, Congress has raised the debt ceiling 79 times since 1940. That’s more than once per year. Obviously, the debt ceiling hasn’t done much to control spending. Rather, the debt keeps growing like a metastasized cancer…with a doubling time of about 7 years.

Currently, the debt (Read More....)

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