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Disasters Can Happen

Before We Can Capture The West We Must Capture The Culture

bro-62693_640Guest Post Peter Wood

In this my last article I expand on subjects already touched on in previous articles and attempt to draw together the various strands of the socialist totalitarianism currently undermining Western democratic societies – liberation theology, ecology, eugenics, homosexuality, feminism and multiculturalism – all bound together by the tyrannical bonds of political correctness.

The Coming Totalitarian World Of The Power Elites And The Zombie Populations Which Make It Possible

From their places of honor in hell, Marx, Stalin and Mao Zedong must have been laughing, when on arrival in La Paz during his recent tour of South America, Pope Francis was presented with a wooden crucifix carved in the form of a hammer and sickle by Bolivian President Evo Morales. By having the cross formed into a hammer and sickle Morales was effectively replacing the Son of God as the savior of mankind with communism. One of the founders of liberation theology, Peruvian theologian Gustavo Gutierrez, praised the “new atmosphere” under the Italo-Argintine leader of (Read More....)

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Hillary Clinton Duh? No Duh!

Hillary Clintonby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Hillary Clinton’s condescending utterances have received so much gratuitous applause from Liberals over the years that it is now fatiguing to muster dissent. What the nagging shrew lacks in substance she compensates for with longevity…and a seemingly endless pool of financial backing.

No matter how much you think you’ve seen the last of her, she flares up like ringworm jock itch at the most inopportune times. She just won’t go away. How is it, that in the year 2015, we must endure another bout of Hillary? It seems this has been going on forever.

Back in the year 1997, for example, we recall being greatly belabored by an intellectual Progressive’s reverences for Ms. Clinton. The Great Thinker placed a great deal of importance on her dim intellect…that she would lead us into the Promised Land.

We don’t know whatever happened to this happy fellow. Perhaps he’s still advancing the cause of democracy to better suit his existence at the expense of his friends and neighbors. Regardless, (Read More....)

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Hollow Words from a Hollow Man

Moneyby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

One of the more endearing things about politics is election season. Although hardly a soul in this day and age still takes them serious, they are not without merit. In fact, they are not all bad.

For what better opportunity is there to point and laugh at the buffoons as they parade across the walk? The show we’re greeted with is more amusing than anything a Hollywood screen writer could conjure up. Clowns, cads, and cons…tripping over each other for your vote.

With mid-term elections just around the corner there’s been no shortage of scoundrels and drivel dribblers to entertain us. Take former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, for instance. Last week she emitted a real whopper.

“Don’t let (Read More....)

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Distant Hoofbeats: Western Refusniks and the End of Fascism

fascism nazi swastika symbol germanyArticle By J Vanne

Scarely a day goes by, in which you and I don’t read about some outrage by the leftist police state against the Constitution and our basic human freedoms, as understood going as far back as the Magna Carta. The days seem very black – and indeed, they are very black. Fascism – the term here not used as a slur, but as defined by both Mussolini, as well as Webster’s Dictionary, denoting the merger of the socialist state and large, co-opted organizations – runs rampant uber alles. Profits are privatized (Read More....)

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Promises, Promises, Oh How They Lie . . .

(Authored By Dave Webb)

This is my view and no one else’s viewpoint. I want that clear from the

I think both candidates are guilty of this. They are guilty of telling us what we want to hear in order to get elected. But I think we need to question them point by point.

President Obama:

Take away the tax cuts for upper-income people
making over $250,000 a year.

Ex-Gov. Romney:

“I’m not going to raise taxes on anyone.”

Reality Check:

Our government is running record deficits. Our currency is about to go through the mill. We could lose our international standing. Translated: Better than 90% of (Read More....)

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Mitt Romney V.S Barack Obama: On their Views of Education

The upcoming Presidential elections is perhaps one of the hottest issues in the country today. Well, there’s Hurricane Sandy and I certainly hope that my countrymen in the East Coast are safe and sound, but I feel that this isue will most likely affect all of us. The Presidential Elections is set to happen on November 6 2012. While there are some issues with the states that were hit by the hurricane, the election is still good to go and everyone is now at a stage where they need to decide whom they will be voting as the next President of (Read More....)

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A Modest Proposal For Turning The Nation Around

A modest proposal based on “We Have To Change the Rules”.

Here is a list of what I would do if I were President in 2013:

      1. Give all Social Security recipients back
        Base it on 4.3% per year and date it back 3 years. Make the year 2012 the difference between 4.3% and the raise given.
      2. Bring the pension up to date with those raises
        incorporated into the current rate of pension given.
        That means we get approximately a 9-10% raise across the board. It puts money where it belongs, in the hands of your parents that have probably been supporting you for the last 3 years while you look for work. It means inflation but it will act as flywheel on
        the economy.
      3. Put the tax breaks into place from (Read More....)

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