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Disasters Can Happen

Yanking the Bank of Japan’s Chain

by MN Gordon

Based on the simple reflection that arithmetic is more than just an abstraction, we offer a modest observation.  The social safety nets of industrialized economies, including the United States, have frayed at the edges.  Soon the safety net’s fabric will snap.

This recognition is not an opinion.  Rather, it’s a matter of basic arithmetic.  The economy cannot sustain the government obligations that have been piled up upon it over the last 70 years.

In other words, the post-World War II boom is nearly over and the bills are coming due.  What’s more, greater and greater amounts of future growth (Read More....)

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Quitting the Cucumber Affair

Brexitby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Vince Lombardi, the famous American football coach, once said, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”  Maybe he meant that winners overcome obstacles to reach their goals while quitters give up and fall short…or something to that effect.

Certainly, this makes for a good bumper sticker.  Perhaps it’s a helpful quote for the first time marathon runner to repeat come mile 20.  Saying it aloud may somehow will them across the finish line.

But what about those who never quit, yet still never win?  By default does that (Read More....)

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The Beginning of the End for the European Union

The Beginning of the End for the European Union Picture Credit Pixabayby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The European Central Bank initiated a new mass money debasement scheme yesterday. If you recall, this involves buying €60 billion ($66 billion) a month of European government bonds. Somehow this is supposed to improve the economy.

No doubt, the European Union is absurd (Read More....)

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Tilting the Odds in Your Favor

Tilting the Odds in Your Favor- Picture Credit Pixabayby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Jim Rogers, renowned investor and author, is convinced agriculture will be a future economic boom area. He believes there will be further food shortages. He also thinks there will be opportunities for hard workers because no one wants to farm land.

“If you want to invest in agriculture, the best thing you should do is become a farmer,” said Rogers. “Buy yourself some land and become a farmer if you’d be any good at it – or even if you’d just be mediocre at it – because there’s going to be some fortunes made in agriculture and when an industry breaks full faith even mediocre people make a lot of money because everything is going right. Source- thedailybell.com

“So if you really want to make a lot of money, that’s the best way to do it. (Read More....)

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The False Premises Upon Which The European Union is Founded And Why It Is Doomed To Fail

European UnionGuest Post Peter Wood

Some critics of my articles claim that they are too one sided and that I’ve broad brushed all Liberal /socialists with the same nefarious intentions. My articles, however, I specifically accuse left-wing Liberal /socialists of undermining Western democracy. In my view, the other shades of Liberal /socialists are complicit because they are either actively or passively supporting these goals on the basis that the result will benefit themselves and their party, which in the USA is the Democratic Party and in Europe almost all the mainstream political parties.

The False Premises Upon Which The European Union is Founded And Why It Is Doomed To Fail

I admit there are well-intentioned, moderate and right-wing socialists who ascribe to the Enlightenment idea which held that human nature and civilization, through the expansion of scientific knowledge, are able to progress away from the collective violence created by irrational superstition, religion, and ethnic or nationalist loyalties. Once liberated from this destructive ignorance, so the theory goes, people can (Read More....)

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Heading for Disaster

Caution Of The Timesby MN Gordon Economic Prism

No place is the mix of geopolitics and economics more turbulent than the muddy waters of oil and gas resources. This week they were muddied up some more. On Tuesday, the United States and the European Union sprayed Russia with economic sanctions…restricting their access to capital and oil development technologies.

“The measures mark the start of a new phase in the biggest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the Cold War, which worsened dramatically after the downing of Malaysian flight MH17 over rebel-held territory on July 17 by what Western countries say was a (Read More....)

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The Top Manufacturing Countries Of The World: Will The U.S Remain On Top?

For years, the United States have been considered as the top manufacturing country in the world. Before World War 2, the U.S have already been generating manufactured goods and production was tripled when the war eventually started. In 2007, the United States has a manufacturing output of $1.831 trillion, which
is around 12% of the entire GDP or gross domestic product. In simple terms, that’s $12,206 USD for every person within a 150 million labor force. With this kind of information, you’d think the United States would have the biggest output per capita in the world as well, did you? In reality, that is not the case. Japan gets the highest output.

Yet, these statistics were made years ago. The economic crisis not only affected the United States, but the rest of the world as well. With most of the companies in the U.S outsourcing their workforce to other countries, massive unemployment rose to become one of the country’s top concern. Pres. Obama have promised to give more jobs to U.S citizens and has (Read More....)

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