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Disasters Can Happen

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Californiaby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Something rather strange is going on.  Ten year Treasury yields and gold are simultaneously envisaging inflation and deflation.  Yields on the ten year Treasury note have jumped from 1.98 percent to 2.34 percent during the last 30 days.  Gold’s price, on the other hand, has dropped about $100 an ounce during this same time.

Who’s right…Treasury yields or gold?  Will there be inflation or deflation?

These were the questions that faded from our thoughts as we traversed east along the 60 freeway from Los Angeles to Oak Glen last Saturday.  The answers seemed to matter less and less the further the urban sprawl receded behind us.

Oak Glen, located just past the outer limits of Southern California’s sea of concrete, is a world apart.  The air is clean and crisp at its mile high elevation.  The locals are relaxed and amiable…not frenetic and mad.

There are no stoplights or franchise drive-thrus.  Billboards and transmission lines do not blight the landscape.  These, and other aesthetic eye lacerations, end (Read More....)

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Climbing From The Despairs Of Debt

Debt has become a normal thing for us in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right plan, you can get out of debt, save money and live a debt free life full of financial peace. Not only can you live a better life, but you can also set a great example for your children. You can change your family tree by losing the debt and living a life uncommon.

A Step-by-Step Plan to Conquer Debt

Step #1 – Save $1,000

It may seem silly to save money when you need to pay off your debts, but you need the insurance of a small emergency fund. A $1,000 emergency fund will help ward off the evils of “Murphy’s Law” and provides protection against small emergencies, such as a flat tire or doctor visit. Complete this step before you move onto paying off your debts and you will find a new peace you’ve never experienced before.

Step #2 – List your (Read More....)

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Recognizing The Signs Of A Credit Repair Scam

Families who are seeking credit repair and debt relief are in a vulnerable position. There are a number of legitimate credit consolidation services available, but there are also malicious individuals who are out to make fast money regardless of the damage they do to a family. There are clear laws and regulations that are in place to protect consumers from these types of predatory practices. It is important for someone who is seeking financial help to listen to their own instincts and to walk away from a company if something does not seem right. In some instances, a disreputable company might be offering services that could be easily performed by the person who is seeking help.

One large indication that a credit repair company might not be legitimate is if they require large payments before any work has been done. Certain laws actually state that a company cannot charge a customer for credit repair services until those services have been completed. There might be some small legitimate administrative charges that are necessary, however. A few bold companies even attempt to set (Read More....)

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Surviving the Recession – Tips for the Family

***We really have a treat for you today.  The following is a guest post for The Debt by Susan of Sofas and Sectionals.  We really think that you are going to enjoy her unique perspective on things.*** There are very few people that would argue times of recession to be anything other than stressful on the modern family, especially the larger examples. One of the main problems is the fact that during such times of hardship, the general day to day activities and responsibilities of life show little to no signs of mercy and the general pace continues unabated – leaving many to question how exactly it is possible to carry on as normal given the seriously wavering resources. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that recession-proofing a family in advance is essentially impossible for all other than those with enough wealth not to have to consider the recession a threat in the first place. For the rest, both the good and the bad times will (Read More....)

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