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Disasters Can Happen

One Destructive Bad Idea

One Destructive Bad Ideaby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Over the years, we’ve come across many bad ideas. Rap music, for instance. Or legal tender laws. But the real measurement of a bad idea is how much popular destruction it can bring.

It’s a real shame there’s no warning system, like an air raid siren, to tell people to take cover from the bad idea de jour. For a bad idea coupled with a good story will compel vast populations to ruin themselves. Once established, there’s no turning back. Bad ideas must run their natural course leaving destruction in their wake. Then they must run their course again, and again.

Communism, for example, made an utter mess of the 20th century. Armed with all the smartest guys in the room, the Soviet Union’s state planning committee drafted up five year plans for what it called the centralized development of the national economy.

The first five year plan brought to realization the grand idea of collective farming. What could be more efficient than commanding what crops to plant and acreages by (Read More....)

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