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Disasters Can Happen

Fed Quack Treatments are Causing the Stagnation

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Bleeding the Patient to Health

There’s something alluring about cure-alls and quick fixes.  Who doesn’t want a magic panacea to make every illness or discomfort disappear?  Such a yearning once compelled the best and the brightest minds to believe the impossible for over two thousand years.

For example, from antiquity until the late-19th century, bloodletting was used to treat nearly every disease.  Reputable medical references recommended bloodletting as a cure for acne, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, gout, indigestion, insanity, leprosy, pneumonia, scurvy, tuberculosis, and everything in between.  Bloodletting was even used to treat hemorrhaging.

The practice was simple enough.  A surgeon, often a barber, would open a vein and drain blood from the patient.  Somehow, this was supposed to cure them of (Read More....)

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Not in a Million Years

United States Collapseby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Storylines serve a valuable purpose. They round out the incongruences and give meaning to things in a way people can quickly comprehend. This is especially true when it comes to the economy.

The popular narrative of the day is that the U.S. economy is moderately improving while the world’s other major economies – Japan, China, and Europe – are bittering over like a cold cup of coffee. But is this positively fact or is it mere fiction? Have the raconteurs missed the plot?

Stock market investors can’t make up their mind. They want to believe the story. But they have their doubts. One day the DOW runs up 200 points. The next day it gives it all back…and then (Read More....)

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The Malady of the Federal Reserve

By MN Gordon, Economic Prism

Ben Bernanke and his pals at the Federal Reserve are meeting today to come up with their next plan for manipulating credit markets.  Tomorrow they’ll let us know their grand designs for monkeying with the money supply and interest rates.  Of course, you can count on more money at cheaper prices…it’s what they always do.

If only more money equaled more wealth.  Then we’d all be rich.  After all, (Read More....)

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