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Disasters Can Happen

Leading the Next Economic Downturn

Economic Collapse, Credit Crunch, Markets, Stock Marketsby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Markets went haywire again this week. The DOW flipped and flopped like a fish out of water. Something spectacular is heading this way…you can just feel it.

U.S. government debt has now eclipsed $18.1 trillion. Tack on the debts of households, businesses, and state and local governments, and the total U.S. debt jumps to $59.2 trillion. Personal debt alone, which includes mortgage, student loan, and credit card debt, now stands at over $16.7 trillion.

These numbers are significant. They’re astounding to. Not only for how ginormous they are. But, more so, for what they imagine to life.

In particular, these massive debts produce a mirage of prosperity. They also produce an abundance of false demand. This, in turn, conjures an abundance of productivity that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Millions of people wake up each morning to do jobs that are made possible only by cheap money or inflated prices. Sometimes they require just one or the other. (Read More....)

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Dirty Investing

Dirty Moneyby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Temperatures in Brisbane, Australia, fell to their lowest level in 103 years. On June 27, temperatures dropped all the way to 36o F. The average for this time of year is 53o F.

Here in the United States summer’s in full swing. However, for some areas this week it may not feel like it. According to meteorologist Megan Glaros, a “polar vortex will be shooting a pocket of cold air…, possibly (Read More....)

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Debt Management: All That You Need To Take Care Of While Choosing A Settlement Company

In the United States debt management has become very crucial for most of the citizens after the global financial crisis. There are professionals who help you manage your debts and help you deal with your financial burdens. But choosing the most respected and legitimate company is one of the biggest problems faced by the customers. As you may come in contact with the companies that try to make money in the name of legal assistance and working with such companies can result in a further increase of debt.

It is therefore important to choose a company with caution after doing all the necessary research. Before you choose a company for legal assistance make sure that the company is listed with BBB as one of its member. The settlement company should be accredited with United States Organization for Bankruptcy.

A trusted and reliable debt settlement company will provide you the service rules very clearly before any deal. Everything must be transparent for the customers who are planning to hire the services of the company. (Read More....)

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The Future Of American Exports

In order to pay off our collective national debt, get our economy back on the fast track, and provide future generations of Americans with the adequate financial and social support structures, we will have to aggressively re-imagine our role in the global economy. This will require aggressive new innovations in manufacturing, science, technology, and social conventions. In other words, America needs to start exporting again—and not just everyday staples like Airdrie storage containers, soybeans, and automotive accessories. I’m talking game-changing technologies and inventions that would shape our national trajectory for the next century. Here are three possible exports that America could lead the way in:


America hasn’t been on top of the education game in a while. In fact, we consistently concede, both in terms of overall quality of education and system infrastructure, to countries like Japan, Canada, China and many (Read More....)

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Questions Concerning Barack Obama And The Consumer Financial Protection Agency

From the beginning of his presidency, Obama began lobbying for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which was brought into operation on July 21, 2011. The Agency was established to regulate consumer protection — in terms of credit cards, debit cards, consumer loans, payday loans, mortgages, real estate, credit reporting agencies, cash for gold scams and operatives, investment advisory, financial advisory, debt collection and stored-value cards.  Financial companies are not thrilled by the prospects of this new agency, considering the fact that it will thwart marketing efforts on their high-margin products and hurt small community banks. Dissidents to the agency believe it is too intrusive and ultimately limits the consumer by scaring them away. Obama’s Administration’s proposal of “plain-vanilla” financial offerings is causing some heated debate, even among fellow democrats, such as the head of the House Financial Services Committee, Representative Barney Frank.

Current debates (Read More....)

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The Benefits Of A Debt Agreement

A debt agreement could save you from any possible financial trouble, default, or bankruptcy. For quite some time now, debt agreements are among the popular options for settling issues between borrowers/debtors and loan providers/creditors. What is most appreciated by all parties is the fact that a debt agreement is legal and binding. It would pave the way for clearer and better settlement of financial disagreements.

Needless to say, a debt agreement brings with it many advantages to both the debtor and the creditor. It must be advantageous enough for it to be preferred by both debtors and creditors. In some cases, both sides may agree to slash the debt amount or to skip interest payments. Here are some of other benefits to both parties.

Benefits For Debtors

What debtors rave the most about debt agreements is that such deals provide them greater protection against any untoward move by their creditors. Through a debt agreement, you could prevent a creditor from pursuing or harassing you about your (Read More....)

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