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Disasters Can Happen

How to Profit from Obama’s War on Coal

Obamaby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Republican leaders are up in arms. House Speaker John Boehner calls it “nuts”. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s a “lose-lose proposition”.

No, we’re not referring to President Obama’s gum chewing faux pas at the D-Day anniversary in Normandy France. We’re (Read More....)

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To The Class of 2014

Graduation Class of 2014by MN Gordon Economic Prism

Commencement season is here. Though no trade school or remedial academy invited us to address their graduates, we won’t let that get in the way. What follows, free of charge, are several observations, opinions, and suggestions, we’ve prepared for this year’s graduating class…

Congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully completed your academic studies you will begin your real world education at the school of hard knocks. All of you are enrolled. Some of you will be up to the challenge.

You will quickly discover that what you learned in college has ill prepared you for your next endeavor. What’s more, the world you’ve been told you are entering – an abundance of opportunity and high paying jobs – only exists in fragments, if at all. On top of that your elders have stacked the deck against you…you’ll be paying for their retirement and yours.

Where to begin?

First off, the school of hard knocks is not a four year program. You have your (Read More....)

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The Real Costs Behind Equitable Health Care Coverage

The general consensus seems to be that our healthcare system is broken and needs to be fixed. Some believe it is the best healthcare system in the world, while others perceive it to be laced with inherent corruption. Regardless of the viewpoint, most will admit the benefits are not dispensed on an equal basis to all who need them.

A study undertaken at Penn State and (Read More....)

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Sick Of Medicaid: A Need For Medicaid Reform

I have a problem with Medicaid. The entire system of Medicaid is wrong. It is a system built on helping the poor. In order to use Medicaid, you have to become poor. So everything I have earned with hard work my entire life simply goes away if I need health care. That is the way I look at it.

It doesn’t even have to be me. You see legally, if you are married, your wife can get sick and pretty much break you financially.

If you are living in sin, then they have no such restriction. So a lot of old people past having children live together in sin. They make out in the tax rules as well as the health rules.

Something is terribly wrong with a picture in which two married folk lose everything because they want to be honorable and right. I have heard of couples getting divorced not because (Read More....)

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Affordable Care Act: Live or Evil?

Many pollsters feel that the upcoming presidential election will boil down to whether people ascribe the decaying economy and low unemployment figures more to persistent republican stonewalling in the houses or Obama’s fecklessness and relative naivety during the first half of his inaugural term. This is fundamentally the division between current democratic and republican voters in the United States who will cast their opinion and vote in November to decide the fate of the United States. Nonetheless, there are some tangible barometers that voters from both sides of the aisle can analyze to determine Obama’s effectiveness as president.

Outline of the Act

One of these barometers is the recently upheld (Supreme Court) and partly ratified 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Some of the Affordable Care Act’s key features are promised coverage of fifty million more United States’ citizens and longer durations under which adolescents and young adults can (Read More....)

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Removal of Choice

This is a special report from the outskirts of the action as the U.S. – as we grew up to know it – is in its final death throws.

This is less than a week from the infamous Batman Massacre and the new talk – not unexpectedly – is for more gun control, to the point of total disarmament – but of the people, only! This morning I heard an excerpt from a speech by Mr. Obama in which he said that he was as for the 2nd amendment as anyone, because he understood that it’s an American tradition to hunt and shoot, but that you don’t need an AK47 to do that. Well, that’s not what the second amendment is about. They’ve been trying to make us forget that the second amendment was put there for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. If we were true to that, we would have (Read More....)

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Expanding Medicaid: To Our Benefit or Demise?

The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obama care, will expand coverage to 30 million Americans who currently have no insurance.

A few of the law’s main principles include mandating the purchase of heath care coverage (and penalizing those without), outlawing denial of coverage based on pre-existing conditions and expanding Medicaid. Although the social benefits are inarguable, there is much debate over how the law will affect the federal budget and the health market.

Expansion of Medicaid

The expansion in Medicaid is expected to cost about $1.3 billion through fiscal 2017, according to the state Health and Human Services Commission and is one of the most controversial aspects of the bill. Texas, which has the largest uninsured population in the nation, has declined to participate in expanding its Medicaid program.

“I will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting my state in direct contradiction to our (Read More....)

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