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The Top Manufacturing Countries Of The World: Will The U.S Remain On Top?

For years, the United States have been considered as the top manufacturing country in the world. Before World War 2, the U.S have already been generating manufactured goods and production was tripled when the war eventually started. In 2007, the United States has a manufacturing output of $1.831 trillion, which
is around 12% of the entire GDP or gross domestic product. In simple terms, that’s $12,206 USD for every person within a 150 million labor force. With this kind of information, you’d think the United States would have the biggest output per capita in the world as well, did you? In reality, that is not the case. Japan gets the highest output.

Yet, these statistics were made years ago. The economic crisis not only affected the United States, but the rest of the world as well. With most of the companies in the U.S outsourcing their workforce to other countries, massive unemployment rose to become one of the country’s top concern. Pres. Obama have promised to give more jobs to U.S citizens and has (Read More....)

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A Plan For Overcoming The Manufacturing Skills Gap

These days, the manufacturing industry is finding itself in the media spotlight. And the coverage as of late has been fairly positive. Manufacturing is showing signs of growth and there have been several stories of manufacturers re-shoring their production from abroad.

Amidst the positive news, there’s been a negative point: manufacturers are leaving jobs open because they can’t find people with the right talent. According to a recent Deloitte report, as many as 600,000 jobs remain unfilled because of a skills gap.

A significant amount of media attention on the skills gap has focused on what is driving this deficit. In my opinion, the much more important thing to focus on is how we can overcome the skills deficit. I think we can get over it in three ways:

  1. Expand educational (Read More....)

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