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Disasters Can Happen

The Psychology of Events and How It Works With News

The MediaAuthored By Dave Webb

The newspaper business put out a number of headlines every day. The average effect of these articles is normally 3 days. After which no one really remembers anything about what that article was all about. Over a year’s time, no one will even remember that the article was written. This is a standard rule in the Newspaper Industry.
There are basically only a few classifications that mean anything when writing about the news.

The number one rule is 3 days. Anything that is going to happen usually happens within that 3 day period. (Read More....)

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A Plan For Overcoming The Manufacturing Skills Gap

These days, the manufacturing industry is finding itself in the media spotlight. And the coverage as of late has been fairly positive. Manufacturing is showing signs of growth and there have been several stories of manufacturers re-shoring their production from abroad.

Amidst the positive news, there’s been a negative point: manufacturers are leaving jobs open because they can’t find people with the right talent. According to a recent Deloitte report, as many as 600,000 jobs remain unfilled because of a skills gap.

A significant amount of media attention on the skills gap has focused on what is driving this deficit. In my opinion, the much more important thing to focus on is how we can overcome the skills deficit. I think we can get over it in three ways:

  1. Expand educational (Read More....)

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