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Disasters Can Happen

The Great El Monte Public Pension Swindle

El Monte Strike

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Nowhere City California

There are places in Southern California where, although the sun always shines, they haven’t seen a ray of light for over 50-years.  There’s a no man’s land of urban blight along Interstate 10, from East Los Angeles through the San Gabriel Valley, where cities you’ve never heard of and would never go to, are jumbled together like shipping containers on Terminal Island.  El Monte, California, is one of those places.

How El Monte came to be is a story shared with many of its adjoining San Gabriel Valley cities.  Boom, bust, and rapid transformation from an agricultural area to working class artery of a burgeoning megalopolis, vomited out a multitude of enduring mistakes.  Many of them will never be rectified.

When El Monte was incorporated as a municipality in (Read More....)

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The Errant Miscalculation of a Generation

Gordon, Economic Prism

Man’s desires are unlimited, as far as we can tell.  There’s always an upgrade or deluxe version of the latest doodads to chase after.  Some go after them with the stubborn resolve of a donkey going after a dangling carrot.  Others come up with resourceful ways to outflank their competitors.

Where money’s concerned, it doesn’t matter where an individual falls on the income scale…a little more is always yearned for.  A middle income earner may think a $10,000 raise would satisfy all their longings.  But after attaining this, they’ll come to find that another $10,000 is what’s really needed.  Similarly, for a successful business owner, if $1 million in profits is good…$2 million is better.

When it comes down to it, money is just a means to satisfy one’s desires.  But these desires amount to more than just stuff.  They also include (Read More....)

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