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Disasters Can Happen

The Donald Can’t Stop It

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Divine Powers

The Dow’s march onward and upward toward 30,000 continues without reservation.  New record all-time highs are notched practically every day.  Despite yesterday’s 31-point pullback, the Dow’s up over 15.5 percent year-to-date.  What a remarkable time to be alive.

The President, Donald Trump, is pumped!  As Commander in Chief, he believes he possesses divine powers.  He can will the stock market higher – and he knows it.  For example, early Wednesday morning he blasted out the following (Read More....)

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Saving North Korea . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

The nature of pure communism is just plain wrong. Sadly in our history and abroad it has been tried with devastating effects everywhere. It does not lend itself well to the farming side of a community.

Everywhere it has been tried there is a common denominator. It is called starvation. There is an old saying: “If you don’t work you don’t eat.” It is true. Our early colonists found that out the hard way.

I don’t even know exactly when that saying got started in the British Colonies of the 17th century. But I do know it is true. We had colonies here close to starvation in a land of abundant wild animals all over the place. They simply did not know how to catch them. The Indian nations were nomads. They knew how to capture wild animals to eat. They were not farmers. The motivation for our early farmers to produce food was not enough. They did not know the country well enough to be successful at it. They had to change to become successful colonies. It is (Read More....)

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Nuking Is Not An Acceptable Answer . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

What if the Nuclear Bomb threat from North Korea is real?

China actually sided with us at the UN on restrictions to make life difficult for North Korea if they do not step down from this Nuclear threat. Strange, isn’t it that North Korea made no such threats against China. North Korea must be on the verge of something if they are making open threats against the U.S.A. They do realize that we don’t just have one nuclear bomb at our disposal don’t they?

Not that Nuclear is modern. It is a weapon that lost its ability to use in warfare over 50 years ago.

Radioactive fallout can go planet wide. Especially if it is done in the wrong area of the planet.

That means all your neighbors might object as well.

When everyone else is wrong and you are right, it is time to sit down and see if you are actually wrong.

I remember in high school betting with friends on issues. I (Read More....)

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