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Disasters Can Happen

Is Janet Yellen a Jenny Ass?

Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve's balance sheet, unconventional monetary policy, monetary policy implementation, Reserve Balances, Federal Funds Rate, Balance Sheet, Large-Scale Asset Purchases, Interest, Economic Collapse, USA Collapseby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s at the top of her game.  She knows exactly what to do.  She’s a PhD economist, after all.  Her various affiliations with the Fed go back nearly 40 years.  She knows what the correct Fed response is for every situation.  She knows all.

But Yellen has her work cut out for her.  Attempting to pilot an economy via monetary policy is not for a feeble mind.  There are some answers that aren’t to be found in a textbook.  There are other answers that aren’t present in (Read More....)

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Helping the World Ruin Itself

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

“Iacta alea est.”

Suetonius to Julius Caesar, upon crossing the Rubicon, January 10, 49

Yielding to Political

Yesterday brought forth new evidence that man, despite his better judgment, will nearly always yield to political will.  Several months ago Senator Chuck Schumer told Federal Reserve Chairman Ben (Read More....)

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