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Disasters Can Happen

Command and Control Economics

Russia, Soviet Unionby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Goldman Sachs, Larry Summers, and the global financial alliance got their way last Thursday. Fed Chair Janet Yellen rolled over and slobbered on herself like a yellow Labrador…offering more ZIRP to please her masters. Savers, seniors, and freedom lovers the world over got sour lemons.

Here at the Economic Prism we always make lemonade when life gives us lemons. Moreover, when the glass is half empty we reach for a smaller glass. For it doesn’t take much to overflow a Dixie cup.

What we mean is Yellen did us all a grand favor. By continuing the insane policies of mass credit creation she’s accelerating the Federal Reserve’s ultimate demise. From our perspective, the sooner it’s over the better.

Some restraint by the Fed now would only extend the broken scheme out further into the future. Perhaps there’d be another 20 or 30 years more of this charade if the Fed were to pretend it was tightening down the cranks on the money supply. Why not get it over with now?

So if later is 20 or (Read More....)

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The Next Big Crisis Moment You Can Bank On

Crisisby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Donald Rumsfeld has a way with words that is both simple and insightful. Obviously, not everyone’s valued his intelligence over the years. From what we gather, they called him Ronald Dumbsfeld when he worked for the Nixon administration.

This name calling never seemed to bother Rumsfeld one bit. “If you try and please everybody,” he once remarked, “somebody’s not going to like it.” Naturally, in a world full of frauds and cheats, this is the sort of keen acumen we appreciate.

We hadn’t heard much of Rumsfeld since he left public office. So we were pleasantly delighted when we happened across his annual letter to the Internal Revenue (Read More....)

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Nuclear Weapons are Obsolete

Authored By Dave Webb

Recently in the news, both Iran and Korea have announced plans to go forward with nuclear technology. I guess the reason might be weapons.

The problem with all nuclear technology is that it is radioactive. The expense of containing radioactive materials used up in a nuclear reactor far outreaches any benefits we are likely to gain from it.

The problem with all nuclear weapons is fallout. We are looking at nuclear clouds drifting across the planet in a nightmare of death for both the neighbors of a nuclear bomb and the people that built the nuclear weapons.

So the only benefit of such a project is blackmail. The intent is to blackmail your neighbors into doing what you want.

This means negotiation.

Negotiation has to benefit both sides of a deal. If either side feels cheated then the negotiation failed.

Negotiation involves sophisticated salesmanship. Both sides have to feel that they have won! That is quite a trick when you involve blackmail as part of the deal!

The other (Read More....)

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