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Disasters Can Happen

Morons At Large

Caution Of The Timesby MN Gordon, Economic Prism

Up here, near the face of Tahquitz Peak, the summer twilight lingers a little longer. The evening sunshine bends through the tall shady pines and sweet smelling cedars, basking on Idyllwild…the splendor mile high Southern California mountain village. We breathe deeply and exhale gradually. Time slows to the soft rhythm of Strawberry Creek as it meanders through town.

The kids return to school next week. Back to crowded classrooms and common core curriculum. What could possibly be worse? But, at the moment, we’re not ready for them to close the door on summer just yet.

You’re only a kid once. Why not stretch (Read More....)

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3 Alternatives to the Traditional MBA Degree

It’s a rough-and-tumble, unpredictable world out there, and, as a small business owner or owner-to-be, you want more security. You want to go into business knowing as much as you can so that you’ll reap the benefits and avoid failure. But failure is all part of the game, and, especially in business, you learn by doing. Maybe you’ve been told that in order to be successful in business, you should go back to school to get your MBA. But in these uncertain times, is all that debt worth it? For most people, I would argue, it really isn’t. And there are lots of alternative routes to getting that same education without an exorbitant sticker price. Here’s how:

1. Take online classes.

Of course, an MBA will signal to employers that you have a (Read More....)

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Can Student Loans Be Avoided?

Far too many college students graduate school with crippling amounts of loan debt. Instead of beginning their adult lives full of hope and excitement for the future, these students are encumbered by loan payments and anxiety about their finances. Many of these students have heard the stories of their older relatives who discuss how when they went to college, they worked their way through and graduated with no debt. If you or someone you know is about to about to enter college, you may be wondering if it is possible to completely avoid student loans. Although graduating from an institution of higher education with absolutely no debt is extremely difficult, there are ways to avoid taking on an excessive amount of student loan debt.

Pursue Scholarships

The most effective way to avoid student loan debt is to pursue scholarships. Students who want to maximize the amount of scholarship money they receive should apply to several universities, and attend the one that offers the best financial incentives. Although you should investigate the scholarships (Read More....)

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