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Disasters Can Happen

The Perfect Storm Bearing Down Upon Us

Stock Marketby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The barbarous relic wasn’t the only thing that got smashed last week. Commodities did too. On Thursday copper fell nearly 2 percent, to its lowest level since 2009.

Iron-ore prices also dropped. Oil did too…falling below $50 a barrel. Still, commodity prices could fall even further.

According to Morgan Stanley, the ongoing oil slump could be the worst crash in more than 45 years. The rationale is simple to follow. In short, at this point in an oil price decline cycle, production would have tapered back and, hence, supply would have dropped.

A reduction in supply would be the precursor to a price recovery. Yet this time around, even though oil prices have fallen, supply has increased. This is completely illogical.

Following the price collapse earlier this year, U.S. production has leveled off. This is what one would expect. But, for whatever reason, OPEC production hasn’t decreased or even been flat. Instead, it has increased from roughly 30.5 million barrels per day in January to over 32 (Read More....)

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The Barbarous Relic takes a Beating

Stock Market Crashby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Fantasies, failings, fraud, and folderol. These are the elusive straws we grasp for when contemplating the marvels of modern day money. There’s little hope we’ll ever come up with a solid handful we can pull ourselves up by.

Still, we continue to mull things over like a freshman math major mulling over Fermat’s Last Theorem. With a little luck we may eventually have a breakthrough. Where to begin?

President Nixon’s dirty deed in 1971 is as good an entry point into the review as any. Recall that seizing the unique opportunity of the breakdown of Bretton Woods, Tricky Dick severed the last vestiges of gold backed money and stiffed the world unconditionally.

No longer could foreign governments redeem the dollars they acquired through trade for gold. The world’s currencies became wholly the fiat – paper money – of governments. Since then currencies have floated like anchorless buoys, rising and falling on a sea of surging (Read More....)

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Hold On To Your Gold

Stock Market Crashby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Something befuddling’s going on. It is quite the brain twister. As night follows day and day follows night, should not price inflation follow the massive $4 trillion Fed balance sheet expansion that’s happened over the last 6-years?

Simply connecting the dots quickly leads one to a ‘yes’ conclusion. More money chasing a static number of goods and services should result in price inflation. For prices must rise to balance out all the new money.

This, of course, makes good practical sense. In fact, it might even lead someone to sell dollars and buy gold. Certainly they’d have a bullet proof rationale guiding their decision.

Yet the world isn’t always a practical place. Often time things happen that don’t make sense. Sometimes the exact opposite of what should logically occur ends up happening.

Gold’s price peaked around $1,900 an ounce in 2011. Gold’s currently at about $1,180. That’s over 37 percent off its high. What is going on?

Currency Debasement

The U.S. (Read More....)

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Get On the Road to Riches Today

by MN Gordon, Economic Prism

It was bound to happen.  Yesterday’s selloff, that is.

Gold most notably laid a gigantic egg – in addition to the one it laid Friday – falling below $1,330.  The stock market took one look at the bullion market and then decided to take an enormous swan dive…the S&P 500 finished the day down 36 points and the DOW down 265 points.

On top of that, it was the 100-year anniversary of the income tax – what any thinking man will conclude is nothing short of government mandated (Read More....)

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Reasons to Invest in Gold and Soaring American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Sales

The currency market is full of uncertainty which is why people turn towards precious metals to invest their savings in. If you take the current times as an example, the currencies are deprecating, especially dollar and the best way to deal with it is put your money in something stable. The best option that comes to mind when you want stability is gold and recently, silver.

Many nations have sapped their borrowing capacity which is why central banks all over the world have become their last hope. This means even better times for precious metals and a favorable market, at least in the near future. The economic and financial world that you knew in (Read More....)

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Investing in Precious Metals is Becoming More Urgent

You’ve heard rumors, you’ve read news and perhaps you’ve even consulted the offers of various merchants, but did you actually invest in precious metals?

A free financial advisor site is telling us that the importance of precious metals is on the rise. Not only individual investors, speculators and “ordinary people”, but also governments are intensely buying up gold, giving a boost to the precious metal’s price.

The global crisis is intensifying, a currency crisis is approaching and the prices of gold and silver have been going up for over 10 years.

It’s time to consider purchasing investment metals before it’s too late.

Here are (Read More....)

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Silver is Shining As An Investment

First of all it is important to understand that precious metals, especially gold and silver, are some of the best overall investments a person can make in the financial world. These metals are safe haven investments for investors during times of economic downturn. Consistently outperforming stocks over the years means these metals have much less volatility in price over a long term comparison.

There are differences between gold and silver. A savvy investor with experience will hold quantities of both metals, but it’s important to know why you should hold silver and not just gold. There are many resources online, such as (Read More....)

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