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Disasters Can Happen

Warning! Credit Markets Are Now Signaling A Breakdown -What Does That Mean For Business In America?

Credit Contraction Episodes

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Signaling a Breakdown

Taking the path of least resistance doesn’t always lead to places worth going.  In fact, it often leads to places that are better to avoid.  Repeatedly skipping work to sleep in and living off credit cards will eventually lead to the poorhouse.

The same holds true for monetary policy.  In particular, cheap credit policies that favor short-term expediency have the effect of layering society up with an abundance of long-term mistakes.  Artificially suppressed interest rates via central bank asset purchase schemes are not without consequences.

What’s more, once set in motion these consequences don’t stop until they’ve fully run their course.  The booms of plentiful credit must always be followed by the busts of unserviceable debt.  As more and (Read More....)

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Now the election is over, let us think of the changes needed to be made . . .

(Authored By Dave Webb)

What is it going to take to fix the finances of this country?

We have a number of options. Here is a list of a few changes I would like to see:

      1. Fix the Chinese low currency exchange rate. Short term we are going to have a near hysterical rise in the price of retail goods all over the country. So we have to be careful about how we go about this. I suggest it be done gradually and that we start local companies with government backing to take the place of the flow of retail goods.
      2. Start manufacturing retail goods in competition with the Chinese in this country.
      3. Do away with all laws that keep us from competing with everyone world wide.
      4. Start a government (Read More....)

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Creating Your Very Own Business – Do you Have What It Takes?

Because of the recent economic crunches, a lot of people are now considering into building small scale businesses that can be considered more of a sideline than an actual business. The purpose for this is to help people get more income to stretch their budgets, especially those with lots of expenses. I used to have a small business myself, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and I had no choice but to close it down. This is the everyday dilemna for people planning to open a small business on their

How hard is it to open a small-scale business?

First, there’s the capital. You can’t open your business without a capital. Once you do have the capital, you still have to worry about your products or services. What products are good for selling right now? What kind of services are popular enough to last for a few years? These questions are getting more complicated as time goes by.

Why Should You Consider Starting a Small Business?

As I (Read More....)

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Before The Lights Go Out

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” —Goethe

The seriousness of our national plight, the fact that we are witnessing the destruction of our nation’s and our individual financial well-being, is not always apparent to us as we look around our once privileged world. Most people are working but getting less pay and fewer benefits. By our government’s reckoning, unemployment is now around 9 percent, but we all know in reality it is much closer to 18 percent. For many small businesses it is touch and go. Meanwhile, banking and associated financial markets are doing brisk business, the only US business sector alive and kicking. True, there is stuff in the shops but most of us are buying less. We still appear rich, but wherein lies our wealth? Is the value of our national assets that we see in abundance greater than our national liabilities? Just go to the “Economic and Financial Indicators” back page of the Economist (Read More....)

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U.S. Advanced Technology Exports Suffered Less During 2008 Recession

Compared to past recessions in U.S. history, the Great Recession of 2008 has been a monster, battering nearly every sector of the economy. Although the recession officially ended over a year ago, in July 2010, the economy continues to suffer. Unemployment is high, growth remains slow, and many small businesses struggle to stay open. Only one area of the economy escaped with a minor blow: exports of advanced technology products (ATP).  According to a study by the National Science Foundation (NSF), ATP exports fell by only 9 percent during the 2008-09 recession, much less than in 2001. ATP exports also performed better in 2008 than non-ATP exports, which fell by 24 percent. Even more shockingly, ATP exports recovered faster after the 2008 recession than after the 2001 recession, rising by 11 percent in little more than a year. Researchers who expected exports to decline significantly during the Great Recession were surprised by the numbers.

ATP represents the best an industrial country has to offer in science and technology, including (Read More....)

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