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Disasters Can Happen

Preparing For The Future

Food security is not defined by having enough food, but rather through three main factors: accessibility, affordability and availability. There is also the notion of having enough nutritious food. Food security has been a major concern for quite some time, and in the post-recession era, it has taken center stage.

As far as the current legislation is concerned, it has transferred the development of agriculture from the hand of the farmer to business owners. Furthermore, the reforms over the last four to five years have been met with debate owing to the nature of “food for profit” rather than “food for people”.

Most of this is attributed to the growing of corn for the bio-fuel industry, raising cost. The food for fuel has been at the helm for the last few years including the healthcare bill about mandatory insurance.

There has been a lot of talk about bio fortification and the provision of nutritious food through genetically modified plants. However, the concept of GM plants is that they have a cost factor for the farmers. The seeds need to be purchased again, and that is (Read More....)

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The Future Of American Exports

In order to pay off our collective national debt, get our economy back on the fast track, and provide future generations of Americans with the adequate financial and social support structures, we will have to aggressively re-imagine our role in the global economy. This will require aggressive new innovations in manufacturing, science, technology, and social conventions. In other words, America needs to start exporting again—and not just everyday staples like Airdrie storage containers, soybeans, and automotive accessories. I’m talking game-changing technologies and inventions that would shape our national trajectory for the next century. Here are three possible exports that America could lead the way in:


America hasn’t been on top of the education game in a while. In fact, we consistently concede, both in terms of overall quality of education and system infrastructure, to countries like Japan, Canada, China and many (Read More....)

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