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Disasters Can Happen

Janet Yellen’s Unwise and Inhumane Policies

Janet Yellenby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen says the 0.4 percent May CPI increase is noise. Perhaps she is right and it is noise. But just what type of noise is it?

Is it the type of noise to ignore…like a street vagrant’s mutterings of gibberish? Or is it the type of noise, like a fire alarm, telling us to get out because our home is about to go up in smoke? The difference is stark.

Though Yellen didn’t elaborate, we assume she means the CPI noise is something to ignore. That price inflation isn’t a real concern. Here at the Economic Prism we think otherwise.

Regardless of whether it shows up in the CPI, the price of just about everything that’s needed to live is going up. In fact, according to (Read More....)

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