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Disasters Can Happen

The False Premises Upon Which The European Union is Founded And Why It Is Doomed To Fail

European UnionGuest Post Peter Wood

Some critics of my articles claim that they are too one sided and that I’ve broad brushed all Liberal /socialists with the same nefarious intentions. My articles, however, I specifically accuse left-wing Liberal /socialists of undermining Western democracy. In my view, the other shades of Liberal /socialists are complicit because they are either actively or passively supporting these goals on the basis that the result will benefit themselves and their party, which in the USA is the Democratic Party and in Europe almost all the mainstream political parties.

The False Premises Upon Which The European Union is Founded And Why It Is Doomed To Fail

I admit there are well-intentioned, moderate and right-wing socialists who ascribe to the Enlightenment idea which held that human nature and civilization, through the expansion of scientific knowledge, are able to progress away from the collective violence created by irrational superstition, religion, and ethnic or nationalist loyalties. Once liberated from this destructive ignorance, so the theory goes, people can (Read More....)

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The Trouble With Joe . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

The problem with Joe.

Joe is an anonymous name. It is the description of what has happened to many of our servicemen. It has happened now for generations.

Joe grew up, attended high school, graduated, and around the age of 19, he was drafted into the U.S. Army. Joe has siblings: Brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, Uncles and Aunts. He comes from a Christian background. His family is typical of many families in the Midwest portion of our country.

Joe grew up with television. He grew up going to church every Sunday. He played basketball and football in school. He was well liked by his contemporaries. Joe was drafted. His family basically supports him going to service.

The first step after being drafted is to be dehumanized. This is called Basic Training. It is done by an NCO with training in basic behaviorism. The idea is to make a zombie that will obey orders regardless of any previous training.

It starts with teaching people to stand at attention. This is not what “attention” means. It (Read More....)

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