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Disasters Can Happen

Day of Reckoning Imminent

city-569093_960_720by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

It all seems so systematic, arranged, and orderly.  Sixty seconds make a minute, 60 minutes make an hour, 24 hours make a day, and one day equals one complete rotation of the planet earth.

Roughly every 30 days the moon orbits the earth – which is one month.  Then every 12 months the earth orbits the sun – which is one year.

So far so good…right?

But here’s where the nice and neat order of it all breaks down.  For if you try to measure one of earth’s orbits of the sun in days it’s not so divinely tidy.  For it takes 365 days plus an inconvenient 6 hours to fully complete the (Read More....)

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How To Invest In A Declining Economy

How to Invest in a Declining Economy

by MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Despite enormous monetary and fiscal stimulus efforts, the world economy continues to trudge along like a weary pack mule.  Most European countries are in recession, the United States is growing at just 1.9 percent, and, from what we gather, China’s epic twenty-year boom is stalling out.  Where are things headed next?

Today we’ll check in with Dr. Copper for a trustworthy answer…

Dr. Copper – the metal with a PhD in economics – is always the first to know which way the economy will go.  Copper’s broad use in industry and many different sectors of the economy, ranging from infrastructure to housing and consumer electronics, makes it a good early indicator of economic activity.

When copper prices rise, economic activity soon often increases.  When (Read More....)

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German Corporations Faring Well Despite Euro Crisis

In spite of the continuing economic crisis around the world, the financing issues for companies based in Germany have generally been positive over the past twelve months, and they can also be described as “stable.” To a great extent is due to the fact that Germany still has a fairly strong economy, and this had a positive effect on the country’s financial condition.

Smaller enterprises have been the main beneficiaries from the situation, and to some extent, it helped to close the gap between the favorable financial conditions enjoyed by larger enterprises when compared with smaller organizations. At the same time, young and small (Read More....)

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