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Disasters Can Happen

The Confluence Of Marxist-Socialist Economic and Social Policies Which Are About To Destroy 2000 Years Of European, Judeo-Christian Civilization

The Confluence Of Marxist-Socialist Economic and Social Policies Which Are About To Destroy 2000 Years Of European, Judeo-Christian Civilization

Guest Post P. Wood

When most people think of the term “Marxist” or “Socialist” they associate them with social science and politics in South America, Africa or Eastern Europe, very few realize how Marxist ideas are being ingrained into western democratic societies as a prelude to their destruction. Karl Marx advocated changing society by brute force and the destruction of religion, in particular Christianity. What is taking place in present-day Europe and the United States presents a truly frightening picture as academics and politicians alter society to fit the Marxist-Socialist Procrustian bed model¹ to an extent far beyond which most people would consider possible.

Karl Marx wrote in his book Das Kapital that “capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction”. In the age in which we live this destruction is being helped along by right and left-wing socialism* which has absolutely no problem in borrowing capitalist money ($200,000,000,000,000 so far) to buy the votes needed to win elections. The moderate Left believe that socialism should be the worldwide political religion under the governance of the UN. Left-wing, neo-Keynesian economists in the US and Europe are currently advocating banning cash and moving to a digital money economy. The bogus reasons given for such a move is that a) it would even out economic boom/bust cycles and b) put an end to organized crime. Such a development would enable governments to monitor all transactions and allow them to control when and how “money” is spent. In addition it would allow seamless global financial integration, which as we know from the European project is the basis for trans-national political and institutional integration.

Perhaps it might end organized crime. The problem for the politicians is how to prevent their ill-gotten gains from being discovered while at the same time discovering everyone else’s.

Further evidence of the socialist plan for a global government is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) also known as “Obamatrade”. Obama refuses to release the text of the TPP treaty and he expects senators and representatives to vote on and pass the legislation without even having read it.

Thanks toWikiLeaks some of the text has become public. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., warns, “TPP calls for the formation of a permanent political and economic union known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission”, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala said,  “TPP authorizes the president to form a new transnational governance structure. The TPP would turn over to globalists the power to issue regulations about trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce and will give Obama a backdoor to increase immigration. The same lobbyists who are pushing for Obamatrade (TPP) are demanding open borders. It’s called a “living agreement,” which means the globalists can amend and change the text of the agreement after it has gone into effect.”
This grand plan also ignores Russia and 1.3 billion Chinese who have their own plans for what the world should look like. The irony of all this plotting and planning is that when the global sovereign (government) debt default comes (and it will) it will wipe out socialism along with the current political class. As Margaret Thatcher once remarked: “The problem with socialism is that it eventually runs out of other people’s money”. The hard Left are doing their bit to help the process along by being in favor of borrowing ever more money to give to “poor countries” and advocating insane social programs in the hope that the collapse of capitalism will issue in a Communist system of government, which in their opinion has only failed up until now because it has never been fully or correctly implemented.

Although the word “democracy” is forever in the mouths of the politicians, they don’t believe in it. The elites don’t trust the people and never have, which explains why the EU Parliament and Commission along with most member governments are so opposed the David Cameron’s plan to let the British people vote on continued EU membership – it might produce “the wrong result.” Not that Cameron is any more a democrat than his European counterparts. He only made the promise after pressure from within his own party when it looked as though he might lose the recent election. Like the German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder who played the anti-American card during his 2002 and 2005 re-election campaigns, Cameron played the “anti-Brussels” card during his re-election campaign. Politicians are always in favor of democracy when they are sure that the people will return the result they want. One only has to look at the anti-democratic, almost frantic demonizing of the AfD Party and Pegida movement by the mainstream parties in Germany.

In the Ukraine the EU has almost precipitated a war with Russia by supporting the overthrow of democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych by pro-EU rebels in an attempt to separate the country from Russian influence and incorporate it, along with other former Eastern bloc countries, into its political and military ranks. Which shows in reality just how little respect for democracy the EU has in its rush to recreate the rest of the world in its own socialist image.

In the USA President Barack Hussein Obama has governed the country since 2013 almost exclusively by Executive Order. A process which allows the president to enact laws without the consent of Congress. It was originally intended to allow the president to act swiftly in times of national crisis. Presidents of all parties have used and abused the mechanism and, although Obama with 205 orders doesn’t top the list, that’s only because in his first term the Democrats had a majority in both houses of congress and he had no need of them. However, his executive orders, along with those of Bill Clinton’s, are certainly the most controversial because they have pushed through a radical left-wing agenda which would never have otherwise gotten through a Republican House of Representatives or Senate. It isn’t that the Republicans are unwilling to deal with Obama, the problem is more Obama’s autocratic “my way or no way” style of leadership.

The process of de-Christianizing and de-Europeanizing Europe and the USA began in the years directly following the Second World War. Young university academics who came of age in the 1950’s and 60s were greatly influenced by the post war, radical anti-fascism prevalent at the time and many were pro-Communist Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyists and Stalinists – after all, hadn’t the Soviet Union been instrumental in defeating racist, Nazi Germany, wasn’t it itself a paragon of mixed cultural unity and didn’t Communism promise and practice equality for all its citizens regardless of ethnicity?

These young university lecturers came up with the idea that in order to prevent another European Adolf Hitler the very nature of European society and culture had to be changed. They reasoned that by diluting European culture with non-European ones it would destroy the social cohesion necessary for right-wing political movements to overthrow democracies** using the democratic process (there are only two ways in which dictatorships can replace democracies, either through the democratic process, as Adolf Hitler did, or through a military coup d’etat) as third-world immigrants would almost certainly be supporters of  left-wing political parties and unlikely to support any conservative or right-wing political movement of which they themselves could be potential victims.

These academics then set about replacing their conservative colleagues by filling vacant posts with candidates of their own political persuasion, (universities are fairly unique in that a committee of lecturers select whom their future colleagues are to be, and by “stacking” these committees they were able to ensure that only those candidates with left-wing sympathies were tenured) so that by the 1970s the universities were filled with left-wing moderates and radicals. A successful left-wing academic “putsch” had taken place with the purpose of totally dominating the dissemination of intellectual ideas in the humanities and many areas of science as well. As politicians, teachers, journalists etc. mostly get their “weltanschauung” at the universities, it’s hardly surprising what has happened to Western European and American society over the past 60 years.

The process of divesting Europe of its white, Anglo-Saxon, male-dominated character was fortuitously helped by the 1960’s economic boom which required more labor than most Western European countries possessed and which had to be imported – the so-called “guest workers” who unlike guests never went home again. The process was further advanced by the rise of a radical left-wing feminist movement which aggressively attacked the W.A.S.P. (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) male dominated cultures of Europe and North America and made common cause with other racial/ethnic groups and cultures of similar disposition.

The reason Susan Sontag, the radical, white, American feminist, gave: “The white race is the cancer of human history and has to be eradicated”. Parties on the left of the political spectrum calculated correctly that they would be the main beneficiaries of immigration from non-European cultures and so were and are the most vociferous supporters thereof. What started out as an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist movement fueled by various influences, but ideologically and intellectually driven primarily by left-wing university academics in Britain and America in the 1950s and 60s, has since turned into an exercise to de-Europeanize and de-Christianize Europe and America. The once almost exclusively Christian US and Europe have become Babels of religions with radical Islam determined to assert its hegemony and convert all non-Muslims by threats and force of violence.

“This is a Christian nation,” declared the US Supreme Court in 1892.

“America was born a Christian nation,” asserted President Woodrow Wilson, and President Harry Truman affirmed that: “This [the USA] is a Christian nation.”

But in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama decided that: “We [Americans] do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” buchanan.org

The implementation of the secularist revolution in the USA was spearheaded by the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953 – 1969) which purged Christianity from public schools and which has since led to the removal of Christian symbols from public domains and institutions so as not to “offend” atheists and people of other races and religions, including wiccans, witches and Satanists. Over the past 40 years, successive Supreme Court activist judges, whose job it is to interpret existing laws and not to make laws themselves, have introduced, in conjunction with Democratic state and national legislatures many of the legal changes which have resulted in the present social mayhem. A process referred to by the Left as “promoting cultural diversity”.

By their domination of the universities, the arts, popular culture and the media, an anti-Christian left-wing academic, intellectual and judicial elite began an assault on Christian beliefs and morality, through books, films, newspapers and magazines. These elites prepared the way for the 1960s social revolution, which began with the arrival of the baby boomers on university campuses in 1964.

Five years later, led by the dysfunctional Harvard psychologist Dr Timothy Leary, the Woodstock generation was listening to Country Joe & the Fish² and getting high on marijuana and LSD. Leary who had to leave his post at Harvard because of academic dishonesty and sex and drugs parties with his students, decided to take his revenge on the establishment by calling on America’s youth to “turn-on” (take LSD) “tune-in” ( tune in to the cosmic vibrations which apparently one was able to do after taking LSD or as Leary put it “express your new internal perspectives”) and drop-out (refuse to comply with any societal responsibilities while at the same time living from the labor of others  (welfare), or as Leary said: “get stoned and abandon all constructive activity”).

The counter-culture of the 1960s was at first counter-productive in that it shocked, angered and mobilized right-thinking, hard-working Americans into providing 49 state landslides for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. But as the war generation with it’s conservative views and values began to pass it was succeeded  by the boomers and their ’60s views and values – drugs, sex and rock n’ roll –  which by the time of Bill Clinton had come to dominate, not only American culture, but practically all European cultures as well.

Many churches embraced the cultural revolution thinking that religion should reform and conform to make itself attractive to a young generation which didn’t want any moral restrictions placed upon it. The result was that Christianity soon began to become irrelevant. In the 1950s given his history of lies, marital infidelity and (literal) abuse of the Office of President, Clinton would have been a figure of mockery, today however, he is esteemed a statesman par excellence by the Democratic Party.

Because the present generation of European extraction has been indoctrinated with lies about their history by the 1960s generation of left-wing atheist academics, journalists and politicians, the European culture is an abomination for them and every other culture and religion is preferable to their own culture and Christianity. The American founding fathers were slave-owning hypocrites, the statesmen of the Western empires were brutal robber-barons and the Crusaders were genocidal racists.

They have been told that secularism has completely replaced Christianity as the European world outlook. How can a permissive, socialist semi-atheist society force its values on an ever increasing, militant, alien immigrant minority culture? The answer: it can’t. Saudi Arabia with a population of 18 million has just beheaded its 100th “criminal” this year. Where is the outrage of the Left? The USA with a population of 318 million has executed 15 murderers so far this year and the Left is outraged. But then again the Saudis aren’t the hated white imperialist racists.

Historian of Christianity Warren H. Carroll writes:” The popular assumption that the crusades were acts of unprovoked Christian aggression is false. In 600 A.D. countries bordering the Mediterranean were mainly Christian But within a century of the death of Mohammed in 632, the armies of Islam had conquered Syria and Palestine, swept through North Africa, and overrun Spain, finally being defeated at Poitiers in France. Had Charles Martel not defeated them they would probably have overrun the whole of Europe.

In 1095, the year of the first crusade, the population of Palestine was probably still mostly Christian. If Mecca had been conquered by the Christians would not the Muslims have been justified in calling for a Jihad? And would they have felt ashamed or apologized for having done so?” Islam was and still is the main aggressor.

The consequences of a de-Christianized western civilization are obvious, si monumentum requiris circumspice: half of marriages now end in divorce, fewer children are being born, and of these, over 40 percent are out of wedlock. Record rates of drug use, record school dropout rates and soaring crime rates. Thanks to the Left’s promotion of sex as nothing more than an act of self-gratification rather than an act of marital love, sexually transmitted diseases, despite the advances in medicine, are now far more prevalent, diverse and deadly than they were 50 years ago.

As immigration to Europe from non-European countries and cultures has increased the white population has decreased. Left-wing academics, feminists and politicians have long been advocates of abortion on demand for European women who see their “life-style choices” being complicated by pregnancies resulting from a free-and-easy sex life. (Abortions resulting from rape account for less than 1% of pregnancy terminations.)

Since the end of the Second World War approximately 20 million children have been aborted in the five original EU member countries of West Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy, and approximately 80 million in the current 26 member states. The figure is actually higher as some countries, like Denmark for instance, have only been collecting and publishing data since the mid-1970s or later.  The former USSR takes first prize with 291 million abortions, with Russia adding another 43 million and Ukraine 9 million to this figure between 1992 and 2010. The USA comes in third place with 55 million registered abortions.  johnstonsarchive.net
On average, a complete generation of children is legally murdered in the EU every 60 years with individual countries like Britain, France and Spain killing their children at the rate of one generation every 50 years (one generation = on average the total number of babies born during a ten year period i.e. one decade.) johnstonsarchive.net, johnstonsarchive.net

Christianity was the founding faith of the West. That faith and the moral code and culture it produced once united the European civilization and its disparate and diverse nations. As Christianity dies, individualism, materialism and hedonism replace it.  “Selfies” would probably be the word which best describes the current generation. “Catholic Ireland” has just voted in a landslide to legalize same-sex marriage, and across Europe cathedrals and churches are being turned into tourist attractions, museums and even bars and restaurants. Abortions, assisted suicide, euthanasia, sex-tourism and same-sex marriages are seen as the milestones of social progress in this brave new secular socialist world.³

Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk writes:

“We are not simply ‘slouching toward Gomorrah,’ as Judge Robert Bork warned in his best-selling book; we are hurtling toward it.  The old earthen dam that has held and protected the reservoir of Judeo-Christian values since the days of our Founding Fathers has given way. If the Supreme Court redefines marriage, an avalanche of court cases will be filed on related issues that can’t even be imagined today. Religious liberty will be assaulted from every side. You can be certain that conservative churches will be dragged into court by the hundreds. Their leaders will be required to hire people who don’t share the beliefs of their denominations and constituents. Pastors may have to officiate at same-sex marriages, and they could be prohibited from preaching certain passages of Scripture. Prison is also a possibility.”

Historically, as the faith dies, the culture and civilization to which it gave birth die as well, and then the people die. A new tribe with its own gods comes to occupy the emptying land and the moral code and culture the faith generated is replaced by that of the invaders. On the old and new continents, it is the native born of European ancestry who are de-Christianizing, aborting their next generation of children, refusing to procreate and replace themselves, aging and dying.

The National Policy Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (NPI) a renowned and respected academic research institute, has examined the fertility rates in the world and has obtained a picture of what the world will look like in 2060. Their report is supported by a 2007 United Nations world population survey. In 1950, Whites were 28 percent of world population and Africans 9 percent, a ratio of three-to-one.

In 2060, the ratio will be the same but the colors will be reversed. People of African ancestry will be 25 percent of the world’s population and those of European descent will have fallen to 9.8 percent. NPI research shows that the white population is shrinking not only in relative but in real terms. Two hundred million white people, one in every six on earth – a number equal to the entire population of France, Britain, Holland and Germany – will vanish by 2060.

The NPI picture is supported by a U.N. population survey of 2007 which suggests that White European peoples will almost disappear from the planet sometime during the 21st century. If the White race were an endangered species of insect, bird, fish or animal you can be certain that the UN and countless other organizations would be campaigning for its protection. Sadly the history of Europe and its current path to suicide demonstrates that the greatest threat to European civilization has always come from the European race itself. Or as the historian Arnold Toynbee wrote: “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.”

To occupy Rome, the barbarians came from the east and north. To occupy the West, they are coming from the south, and like the Romans of the fourth century we are paralyzed by our own political system and seem powerless to stop them.

In 2010 in reaction to the book Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany Is In The Process Of Abolishing Itself) the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with other European leaders, declared multi-culturalism to be “a total failure”. However, four years later in 2014, she was describing the opponents of an Islamized Europe (the PEGIDA movement), who were protesting the 300,000 -500,000 refugees from the perpetually warring Middle-East who arrive in Germany every year, as led by “cold-blooded people with hatred in their hearts”. “Don’t join these demonstrations” said Merkel, “immigration is a gift to us all.”

In 1973 the Moscow based World Marxist Review carried an article encouraging Western European Communist parties and organizations to aggressively promote pornography in their countries as a way of, “de-moralizing (corrupting and undermining the morals) the populace and weakening social and family cohesion.”

Today the journalists on RT (Russia Today), a Russian government sponsored and controlled television channel based in London, continually accuse white America and Europe of having “racist attitudes and policies” towards accepting refugees and illegal immigrants from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean, even though Russia itself hasn’t accepted a single refugee or immigrant from any of these places. Obviously, in the last forty years, the strategy, tactics, and objectives haven’t changed.

Thousands of empty churches litter the European landscape as the population moves evermore towards secularism. Minarets tower over church steeples from northern Scotland to southern Spain as Islam rapidly replaces Christianity. There are officially 4.5 million Muslims in Germany which is a ridiculously low number as a visit to any city would make obvious, the true number is more than likely twice as high.

There are more than 200 mosques including more than 40 mega-mosques, 2,600 Muslim prayer halls and a countless number of unofficial mosques. Another 128 mosques are currently under construction, according to the Zentralinstitut Islam-Archiv, a Muslim organization based in Germany. As a whole the European populace is of the opinion that most Europeans consider Jesus to be unimportant and Christianity a crutch for the weak-minded. In former West Germany 36% of over-60-year-olds and 18 % of people under 30 said they believe in God while in the former East Germany, the figure was 12% for those over 60, and not a single under-30-year-old surveyed said they believe in God. To quote the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche, speaking about Christianity in Europe: “God is dead.”

This time however it will almost certainly end differently.

David Stockman, the man President Reagan called upon in 1981, along with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, to help save the United States from the economic disaster which his predecessor, Democratic President Jimmy Carter, had inflicted upon the country with his money printing program and an inflation rate of 14%, told King World News:

“We are now entering the terminal phase of a global financial system that will end with a massive stock market crash and total economic collapse.” kingworldnews.com

And the world renowned and respected financial author and advisor Dr. Marc Faber said:

“I feel like I’m on the Titanic. The whole financial system is about to implode and people are arguing about which are the best assets to buy, which is akin to arguing about how to best rearrange the deck chairs as the ship is going under.”

If this is true, and with each passing day it looks more and more like it is, it would explain why left-wing economists are calling for the introduction of a digital currency and the banning of cash – after all there can’t be a bank run when the government has control of all bank accounts.

Such a collapse would unleash social upheaval, civil disturbance and bloodshed on a scale not seen since the Second World War. It would be followed by draconian martial law, the end of democracy and the beginning of dictatorship. The technologized, globalized world which we have come to believe would always be there would no longer exist.

A global financial collapse would put civilization back into the pre-industrial era. As I pointed out in a previous article, countries would only be as rich as the amount of physical gold they possess, which currently in the Western democratic countries isn’t very much.

With hyper unemployment the argument for a free movement of peoples would quickly disappear. In order to eke-out scarce resources governments would require all non-indigenous inhabitants to leave the country under threat of imprisonment or worse, and in their fight for survival an enraged citizenry would be out looking for all those they considered responsible for their predicament. The prophet Isaiah writing 10,000 years ago about the end of this world, a time of mass immigration, which until our times has never happened on such a scale, said the following:

“Each will return to his own people, each will flee to his native land. Whoever is captured on the way will be thrust through, all who are caught will fall by the sword. Those who remain will have their infants dashed to pieces before their eyes, their houses will be looted and their wives raped.” Isaiah 13:14

After that, the next and last world war wouldn’t be long in coming. I can’t say who the aggressor(s) will be but one thing is certain, this time it won’t be Germany. Those who dream of a Fourth Reich should keep on dreaming. It is impossible for a country without nuclear weapons to attack and conquer countries which possess them, and none of the present nuclear powers are going to allow Germany to acquire them. Even at the height of the Cold War a democratic Germany under Konrad Adenauer was refused permission to possess its own nuclear weapons by the US, Britain and France.

This time Germany will be numbered among the victims and not the aggressors. However, as the global financial collapse will occur during Obama’s term in office, that is before the end of 2016, it is absolutely feasible that he would start a war in Eastern Europe to detract from his problems at home. Among the Republican candidates for the next presidency Jeb Bush is saying that he will “get tough with Putin” (and start the next world war), and this just because Obama and the Republicans want to take revenge on Putin for giving political asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Given that the US hasn’t won a war since 1945 (Grenada and Panama were invasions without war), the outcome of such a war doesn’t look good for Europe. If the European NATO nations have a problem now in putting together a 3000 man rapid response unit to combat “Russian aggression” how are they possibly going to be able to field the million man plus army needed to fight a real war?  youtube.com

That’s the world in which we find ourselves. Those of us who knew better didn’t want to make life difficult for ourselves by standing-up and being counted when it was still possible to prevent the
current state of affairs, which makes us accomplices by default.

Peter Wood,

June 2015, Nuremberg, Germany

Post Scriptum

“As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to proportionately increase.” – Aldous Huxley Brave New World ³

“At any given time there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas of which it is assumed that all right thinking people will accept without question. Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds themselves silenced with surprising effectiveness.” – George Orwell

Photo Credit- Pixabay


¹ In the Greek mythology, Procrustes had an iron bed on which he invited travelers to spend the night. If the person was too tall for the bed he would saw off part of their legs and if they were too short he would rack them until they fitted it.

² Country Joe & the Fish A radical left pop-rock band of the 1960s. “Country Joe” McDonald (Guitar Vocals) took his nickname from Josef Stalin who was popularly known as “Country Joe”. Barry “Fish” Melton (Guitar Vocals) took his nickname from a saying of Mao Zedong: “The true revolutionary moves through the peasantry like a fish through water.”

³ Brave New World is a 1932 novel by Aldous Huxley which portrays a future dystopian society in which stability, peace and freedom are superficially guaranteed.

* The conservative parties of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Konrad Adenauer and Winston Churchill have long since disappeared. Even though the names still exist – Republican Party, Christian Democratic Union Party and Conservative Party, no-one living 50 years ago would recognize them today. Today there are only left and right-wing socialist parties. They have all moved to the left in order to a) satisfy societies addicted to ever more welfare benefits and b) attract the increasingly important immigrant vote.

** Some readers of my article believe that the statements contained in this paragraph are contradictory. How could these academics believe the Soviet Union to be a paragon of multiculturalism while at the same time believing they could destroy the social cohesion of Western European democracies by the immigration of non-Europeans? These statements aren’t however contradictory. The academics were (and are) believers in Soviet style Communism which was a dictatorship ergo, they believed (and still believe) in a Communist dictatorship and actively sought to undermine and destroy the western democracies as a pre-condition for such a dictatorship. They realized early on that left-wing ideas and Communist ideology are most readily accepted in non-European cultures and that the white, Christian mono-culture societies of North-Western Europe could be most readily destroyed through immigration from non-European cultures particularly those from Muslim ones – Christianity’s arch-enemy. After all Islam was mostly tolerated in the Soviet Union whereas Christianity was mercilessly persecuted. I would add that a dictatorship can form society to its will and such societies can be made to appear more unified than they actually are. That the Soviet Union was a paragon of multicultural unity was a myth became obvious after 1990 as the Communist regimes of Eastern Europe collapsed and the different ethnic groups moved to separate themselves from each other. In the former Yugoslavia,  Czechoslovakia, in the Caucasus, (South Ossetia, Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Inguschetia, Chechenya, Abkhazia) the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and more recently the Ukraine

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