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What Really Destroyed The Rust Belt Cities Of The U.S.?

What really destroyed the rust belt cities of the U.S.? Let’s have a look at the Career Politician!

Authored by: T.Shelton
Originally posted at the TS Report!

Introduction: The definition of a career politician.

People never want to hear the truth these days. What caused the rust belt exodus of the last couple of decades? Many people will blame the loss of industry (or being dependent on one industry), not having a mass transit system and segregation. These issues only have 2 percent of the blame. What really caused the mass exodus of the rust belt? It is really simple, the career politician destroyed the rust belt cities. A career politician is a control freak who gains power through promoting more government control of our lives through taxes, regulations or taking away our god-given rights. Even though more government make things worse and does nothing to create any wealth for society. A career politician is usually a Progressive Democrat or a Progressive Republican in the disguise of being a real conservative or a real  liberal. The career politician believes that a big corrupt government along with their union/big business cronies should be at the forefront of all activity in a city. The career politician will often create a problem or add-on to an existing problem to gain more power and control. The career politician only cares about the people he or she serves on election day. The career politician do not care about you after election day. Don’t believe me? Just ask Joann Watson about the president bailing out the City of Detroit. After election day, it is usually back to their lavish lifestyles and screwing the people who elected them.
The career politician lives a life of the 1 percent and often works in the best interests of the top thousandth of the 1 percent. The career politician does this while advocating they love and support the 99 percent. The career politician often use the media to demonize people who disagree with them or oppose their policies. The career politician
hates whistleblowers and will often try to arrest or kill them. The career politician will use government to hijack real grassroot movements to make them become apart of their agenda. The career politician often uses class-warfare and race-baiting to blame for the problems they either caused or contributed to. The career politician will often say that any cut to government’s power and control is the end of the world. I mean there will be riots in the streets, blood everywhere and the place will become a third world nation if government gets cut just a little bit. The career politician is against everything that America is founded on. The career politician is obsessed with making our cities like European cities with high density, mass transit, high-speed rail, high taxes and a big control freak government. The career politician does not know that Europe has twice as many people as America, has a higher population density, is constantly in and out of wars, is mostly socialist-feudalistic and is in a depression. The career politician contributes nothing to society once they are out of office.

The Motto of the Career Politician: Never let a serious crisis go to waste (Be an Opportunist)!

Who would want a career politician after reading all of that? Shockingly, most midwestern cities vote for these type of politicians. It don’t matter that the quality of life gets worse under the career politicians. The career politicians always promise that if we give them more money to fund development schemes things will get better. Even though the career politician is very ignorant to how the economy and world works. I guess that is why most career politicians think that gun control is the solution to America’s moral crisis. The career politicians say cutting off some of the lights in famous skyscrapers at night is for “the birds“ while they engage in a war on coal. They also say that it is good to have a lot of environmental regulations while China has very few. No wonder why the Chinese economy is booming while ours here in America is dying. The career politicians uses problems like in the last couple of sentences to get power.

Why they use problems to get into power? Well it’s because the career politician believes in “not letting a serious crisis go to waste“. They mean that literally. For example, the American people had to bail out General Motors (GM) a couple of years ago because it would fall under and everybody would lose their jobs. It does not matter to the average bailout supporters that 70 percent of GM’s cars have been built outside of the United States since the bailout. The average bailout supporter do not understand that the career politician bailed out General Motors because they only care about the union votes during election season. Even though the unions get sold out the most by the career politician but the unions still support them. Ever since the Sandy Hook shooting, the career politicians have been using every shooting to try to implement more gun control on American people. The new gun control laws exempts government workers , hollywood and criminals (they do not follow the laws anyway). I have written about how much of a failure the strict gun control is in Chicago, IL right here. They take advantages of the crisis because career politicians only want more power and control over our lives. Just look at the Detroit Region for an example.

My Case Study: The Detroit Region

Detroit has been dying since the mid 1960′s. It has gotten so bad here that the governor declared Detroit a fiscal emergency. This is what happens when people let career politicians run cities. If they screw up, they usually blame something or someone else except for themselves. Instead of looking at the politicians, the media say that Detroit should be more like Pittsburgh, PA to become financially stable. People are leaving Pittsburgh in droves too. They have career politicians running things in Pittsburgh too. By the way, it’s really not a good idea to be protest anything in Pittsburgh, PA. The Pittsburgh Police Department were very brutal to journalists, protesters and residents during the 2009 G 20 Summit. Here is a better idea, how about Detroit elect an accountable, transparent and limited government that actually want to be friendlier to people who come to the city like Houston, TX is doing. Opportunities are what attracts people to cities. A city get opportunities through limited government, low taxes and low regulations. But, some Americans will not catch on to it because 23 percent of America is now illiterate. I mean the illiteracy rate in Detroit is twice the national average. The illiterate voter usually supports the career politician who always promises to bring change. How did Detroit become this way?

Industry was declining in Detroit during the late 1950′s and early 1960′s. A career politician named Jerome Cavanagh did not “let a serious crisis go to waste” and ran for mayor of Detroit in 1961. He won the election the because he received the minority vote. In his second term, Jerome Cavanagh began to let the feds run the city with the “Model Cities Program“. The government was soon telling people where to live and operate their businesses within the city. People fled the city in droves because they did not want the government telling them what to do on top of paying high taxes. What do you expect to happen when the feds launch a communist central planning system on American cities? This program only destroyed the crime havens of Oakland, CA, Camden, NJ and Newark, NJ. But, Jerome insisted that the “rich folks” will pay for
everything while they were fleeing to the suburbs. When the poor folks discovered they got conned by the career politician, the end result was the Detroit Riots of 1967. The city has been dependent on the feds for funding ever since. The government is now Detroit’s top employer. No wonder why Detroit has seen very little or no economic growth since the 1960′s.

In the 1974, the government decided to put a black face on their failed policies with a career politician named Coleman A. Young. He came from an auto industry and military background. Coleman A. Young was a member of the Progressive Party. He ran Detroit into the ground for 20 years. He just continued the same bad policies as Jerome Cavanagh and Roman Gribbs. Detroit lost over 400,000 residents while he was in office. He even went to Washington D.C. to go “bring home the bacon” as Joann Watson once said. Besides harassing all of the “white folks “and the businesses out of the city, he was often cursed reporters out. He even destroyed neighborhoods to build more plants for the declining auto industry. Detroit continued to decline under the next four mayors even though the city continued to see more federal funding. But, many Detroiters I know consider Coleman A. Young to be the best mayor ever. They even named the city airport and the city hall after him. Even Charlie LeDuff cannot talk about Coleman A. Young without getting criticized. You seriously do not talk bad about the dictator. But, guess who is Detroit’s second favorite

Most Detroiters I know like Kwame Kilpatrick is their second favorite mayor. They think that the “system” was going after Kwame Kilpatrick because he was a good mayor who looked out for his people. They said the same thing with Coleman A. Young and the other mayor that followed. But, the “system” could not be going after Kwame for corruption right? That might be a conspiracy theory to them same folks. But things are getting better under that big-business career politician named Bing right? Uh, Hell No! He only care about the folks in the redevelopment zones where he big business friends get HUD Loans they don’t have to pay back. Mayor Bing only wants to create a denser Detroit under those taxpayer-funded international redevelopment schemes. That could be the only reason we are getting light rail while the city falls apart. Detroit was recently named America’s most miserable city by Forbes. I honestly can see why now. Career politicians are destroying the rest of Michigan, Illinois, California and the rest of America with their progressive policies. They are also destroying the city of Windsor, Ontario right across the river from Detroit. Meanwhile, the local community planners are learning how to attract seniors to our broke cities in Michigan. So how does the state expect to fund Obamacare by raising taxes and attracting retired seniors citizens to our cities? The seniors and everyone else in the state is going broke . The young people (people around my age) are leaving the Detroit Region and the state in droves while you read this. The residents of the Detroit Region had enough with the bull crap/lies from theses career politicians and their bad
policies/schemes. The residents are starting to become realists.

Conclusion: Become a realist like the rest of the Detroit Region and realize these politicians are full of crap!

A realist is a person who tells it like it is despite the consequences. Three former Detroiters that have my respect right now for being realists is Dr. Ben Carson , Ted Nugent and Charlie LeDuff (even though I did not like the way he demonized Matty Moroun a couple of months ago). These three Detroiters are exposing the hell out of the career politicians bad policies. Click here to see a video of Dr. Ben Carson exposing the career politicians bad policies. Click here to see a video of Ted Nugent doing the same thing. Click here to see a video of Charlie LeDuff exposing the problems within the Detroit Fire Department. Charlie did a great job showing the scams of the career politicians here. The realists are stopping these career politicians bad policies and Anti-American rhetoric dead in their tracks.

Realists all across the region are creating blogs and telling it like it is from their perspective. The alternative media is the new media of the country. The people crave real and unbiased news from people. We all know that the career politicians use the mainstream media to promote their bad policies as good ideas. Each day, the support grows higher to throw these career politicians out of office and expose them. That is why the career politicians are so desperate to take our rights and liberties. Politicians only use their titles to make people think they are powerful when they are really not. These politicians are nothing but ordinary people like us. The average citizen really hold the power. That means you and me. We are powerful when we come together as one. Now is the time to unite to take back our cities and go back to the principles of the Constitution. The buck stops here with the citizens of the Detroit Region.


T. Shelton is a college student who writes about today’s problems from a young minority and common sense perspective at his website here. He believes that common sense and knowledge will bring prosperity and freedom back to America. If you like his article and would like to contact him, just follow him on twitter. If you mention him or private message him, he does reply back in most cases. Please comment below.
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