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The Top Reasons to Consider Buying a motor bike


Motorbikes are great fun, and owning one provides access to some great experiences and places , but also gives you freedom and independence .

However , many people hesitate to buy one, thinking it’s too expensive or dangerous .

These myths are partly true , but they’re not the whole story. In this article, we dispel some of the biggest motor bike myths to dispel any doubts you’re thinking of buying one .

1 . It’s Fun

It may seem obvious , but the motor bike is a fun and accessible form of transport that appeals to a wide range of people – from children through to adults .

Many people enjoy riding motorbikes because it gives them a sense of freedom and responsibility , and it’s a fun way to get around, whether you’re commuting to work or enjoying a day’s rides with friends .

Motorbikes also allow you to be independent , allowing you to get around without relying on public transport .

Motorbikes can also give you a real sense of achievement as you progress through different skill levels and become more confident .

While many people do buy motorbikes for a practical purpose , this shouldn’t be the only way you think about it – it should be a fun experience as well .

At the end of the day, you are the one who will be riding the bike you’ve bought , so it should be something you are passionate about and want to enjoy .

2 . It’s Easy to Drive

Many people think they need years of training and experience before they can drive a motor bike . The truth is , it doesn’t necessarily have to be so tricky !

Most bikes are fairly easy to drive and don’t really pose any new challenges once you get familiar with them , especially compared to a car .

With practice and plenty of practice , you can become a safe and confident rider in no time .

Apart from gaining some experience , you can also take a test to get your motorbike licence . This may also mean that you are able to ride in countries where it is not legal to ride without a licence.

There are also plenty of training courses available to help you become a better driver – both on and off road .

3 . It’s Cheap to Run

Motor bikes are often cheaper than cars to run . Your main expense will generally be fuel – which is much cheaper than petrol in cars.

The cost of servicing a motorcycle is also less than for a car and can often be done yourself .

The cost of insuring your bike will also be lower , as you will be seen as a less risky driver .

4 . It’s Easy to Build

Many motor bikes are cheap to buy, but they can be more expensive to buy new. This can sometimes deter people from buying them , as it can seem too much hassle to build your own bike .

It’s true , building your own bike does take some effort, but it’s actually pretty simple, and there are plenty of guides out there that can help . For example, you can build a motorbike yourself by following our step-by-step build guide.

If you’re planning to buy a prebuilt bike, make sure you check the build date , as newer bikes are much easier to repair and maintain .

5 . You Can Use It Anywhere

Motorbikes don’t require a lot of space , so it’s easy to take them with you on day trips or on holiday .

You can easily transport your bike in the back of a car or on public transport – you simply need to ensure your bike is securely attached .

It’s also possible to take your bike on public transport , although you may need to check if there are any restrictions in place that mean it may not be possible .

6 . It’s a Great Way to Get Around

Motorbikes can be great for getting from A to B easily – whether that’s on a single journey or as part of a longer journey .

Many people use them for short journeys in and out of town, commuting to work or college , or using them to get around on long family trips .

Motor bikes are also great for longer journeys, whether you’re planning an adventure like a trip to the coast or you’re planning to ride across the country , the motor bike can get you there easily .

7 . You Can Customize Your Bike

Many motor bikes are relatively cheap to buy , so it’s easy to find a bike you like and then customize it to suit your needs .

You can choose from a wide range of different accessories that you bolt onto the bike to improve its performance and make it more comfortable .

For example , you can add a horn or saddlebags to store your supplies or tools .

8 . You Can Ride With Friends and Family

Motorbikes can be perfect for everyone – whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner .

Children love taking their bikes out for a ride , and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise .

A motor bike is also great as a first bike for young children , as it gives them a sense of independence and responsibility, and can help them learn how to safely drive .

9 . You Can Own a Motorbike for Life

When you buy motor bike , you can own it for life. You don’t need to worry about buying a new car every few years as you can simply buy your next bike instead .

Motorbikes remain a popular form of transport , meaning there are plenty of second-hand models available to choose from as well .

You can also find plenty of motor bike parts and accessories that can be easy to repair and replace .

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