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Business Primers All You Need To Know About Corporate Culture


The fact is that in order for a business to be successful, the corporate culture is a necessity. By definition, corporate culture is a collection of principles, values, and rules of a corporation. Together, all of these factors create the company’s identity, that is, determine the work methods and business etiquette.

How efficient a team is, is not determined only by the individual qualities of its members, but also the team chemistry. Organizing a team is perhaps the most important factor in running a successful business. This is where the corporate culture plays a major role. It shapes the way each employee thinks and acts, making all of them function great as a team.

Different Corporate Culture Types

The so-called macho corporate culture is focused more on individual qualities of the employees. It values bravery and openness to risk-taking. This type of corporate culture is often seen in businesses like stock market and advertising. Results produced by this business philosophy are seen relatively quickly.

Another type is the investment culture, which is focused on long-term profits, rather than instant results. In fact, as its name suggests the investment corporate culture is focused on big investments, so it is almost exclusively used by large corporations, such as oil companies for example.

Both aforementioned corporate culture styles are celebrating risk. The core principle of these philosophies is that “who dares, wins”. However, there is a sort of risk-free corporate culture as well. This type is called the method culture and it values continuity. This corporate culture usually doesn’t produce a large profit, but guarantees stability.

How to Acquire Corporate Culture Values?

Corporate culture is not something that can be acquired instantly. In fact, it takes time for a company to implement it and for the team to get used to it. Hiring the right people is among the key factors for a good corporate culture. On top of that, it is necessary for the employee to have good role models when it comes to corporate culture. If the managers are doing good work in this field, a good chance is the employees will follow.

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