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Disasters Can Happen

Stars and Stripes

Americas-Freedomby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America,” remarked President Bill Clinton in his inaugural address, shortly after reciting the oath of office in late January 1993.

What he meant by this is unclear. But perhaps it is the sort of thing a fledgling President says to sound smart, and adept. We really don’t know.

Tomorrow is Independence Day. By now many Americans have clocked off early for the weekend to celebrate the occasion. Like Clinton’s hollow words, there’s hardly a living soul who has any inkling what the holiday means.

Can we blame them? Why pause to consider it when there’s cold Budweiser to guzzle down and bundles of cheap bottle rockets to (Read More....)

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Here Comes the Flood

Economic Collapse Picture Credit Pixabayby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The United States’ economy is flying high. In fact, when compared to Japan and Europe, the state of the union is strong and prosperous. What’s more, it’s only getting better.

The unemployment rate continues its slow soft slide downward. It was at just 5.8 percent the last we checked. Meanwhile, consumer prices are rising at a benign 1.7 percent. At the same time, annual GDP is increasing at a healthy 3.5 percent clip. On top of that, the stock market continues to make everyone rich.

There are occasional moments of idyllic perfection where one must pinch themselves to know if they are really happening. These are the green flash instances…like when Teddy Kennedy up and died. Out of nowhere the stars align and the good spirits reign.

Sometimes these moments are (Read More....)

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Trust Government?

United States Collapseby Phil Mancini

Government. It’s that necessary, benevolent, important entity that Americans need to see us through dire financial times, provide for us, decide for us, teach us the difference between right and wrong. In other words, to be our mommy and daddy.

According to our president we are wrong to believe otherwise.

But is dependence one of the ideals that the United States is based on? Americans are creators, inventors, innovators, do-it-yourselfers, and, above all, individuals. Americans did not spend over two centuries leading the world in ideas to become a people dependent on government. It’s inherent that Americans don’t trust government enough to become dependent on it.

The United States is a country that was founded on an intense (Read More....)

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How to Achieve Honest Banking

Honest Banking Practicesby MN Gordon Economic Prism

Today we take pause from the markets to bring you a brief review of new research by economists at the New York Federal Reserve. On Tuesday, they published a special Economic Policy Review series. It includes 11 research papers, providing analysis of the big banks.

One of their key findings: The five largest banks, which include Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, enjoy a “too-big-to-fail” advantage in financial markets. The study also found that large U.S. banks can borrow at about 0.31 percent less than smaller banks. Why is that?

The Fed’s research didn’t identify the exact reason. But, perhaps, the big banks can borrow more cheaply because investors know the U.S. government would bail them out in a financial crisis. While the Fed economists didn’t give this reason, they did note that the big banks can take bigger risks.

“The new research (Read More....)

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Privacy Doesn’t Exist Any More

CellphoneGuest Post- Phil Mancini

Be careful what you say, and be careful what you do because the U.S. Government is watching. Is it insecurity or paranoia? Probably both. Now that we are being watched, and listened to – supposedly for our protection – does anyone feel safer? Most Americans never felt threatened until we found out about the National Security Administration surveillance efforts, which is funny because many of us now feel less safe. And it’s our government, not terrorists, that are responsible for this threat.

Invasion of privacy goes back a long way in American history. In colonial times, the British government began imposing on privacy rights in the mid 1700s with the Writs of (Read More....)

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Howl at the Moon

by MN Gordon, Economic Prism

“Fate is nothing but the deeds committed in a prior state of existence.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Safety and Care

Uncompromising independence, rugged individualism, and limitless personal freedom were once essential to the American character.  According to popular American folklore, they still are.  We have some reservations.

Somehow, for the greater good of us all, Washington has become a sort of money sucking vortex over the last 100 years.  At the Capitol Building sits a cadre of legislatures and an army of staffers operating with a devout singleness of purpose…to work up new laws to take your (Read More....)

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What Is Going On In America’s Most Historical Cities?

By: T. Shelton

WARNING: A section of this article contains graphic content about abortion that may disturb some readers. Reader discretion is advised !!!


The United States is in decline financially, morally and politically. Sadly, the three historical cities that built this nation is at the forefront of this decline.

First, Boston gets bombed during a marathon on the same day the Boston Police had a bomb squad drill. Then the city went through martial law to find the suspects.

Second, (Read More....)

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