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Disasters Can Happen

Monkey Economics

Moneyby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Despite the advent of the tablet phone and microwave kettle corn, there are still rudimentary evolutionary responses hardwired into the core of the human psyche. During moments of failing they take over and suppress clear thinking. How else can one explain modern man’s continued imbecilities?

Perhaps at another time and another place this animal instinct served a valuable purpose. The luxury of thoughtful contemplation wasn’t always an option. When backed into a corner just a moment of hesitation could mean the difference between life and death.

These days this archaic trait can become a great liability when put to the test. For instance, rather than slamming on the brakes to prevent a bus from driving off (Read More....)

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One Destructive Bad Idea

One Destructive Bad Ideaby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

Over the years, we’ve come across many bad ideas. Rap music, for instance. Or legal tender laws. But the real measurement of a bad idea is how much popular destruction it can bring.

It’s a real shame there’s no warning system, like an air raid siren, to tell people to take cover from the bad idea de jour. For a bad idea coupled with a good story will compel vast populations to ruin themselves. Once established, there’s no turning back. Bad ideas must run their natural course leaving destruction in their wake. Then they must run their course again, and again.

Communism, for example, made an utter mess of the 20th century. Armed with all the smartest guys in the room, the Soviet Union’s state planning committee drafted up five year plans for what it called the centralized development of the national economy.

The first five year plan brought to realization the grand idea of collective farming. What could be more efficient than commanding what crops to plant and acreages by (Read More....)

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The Beatings Will Continue

United-States-Helpby MN Gordon

Economic Prism

The annual company holiday party was held over the weekend at Clearman’s North Woods Inn. As President and Founder, we were obligated to offer some anecdotes. What follows is an excerpt of our impractical perambulations…

The year is fading fast. The last fragments of 2014 are rapidly slipping by like the last grains of sand through an hourglass. The fewer days there are left the quicker they seem to disappear.

Take a look around. The days are short. The nights are long…and it is especially dark before dawn. Alas, once again, 2014 was not the year our humble publishing business moved from darkness into the light.

Every sale we made took an (Read More....)

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