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Disasters Can Happen

Smile! Why Hidden Camera Technology Is Everywhere

Smile! Why Hidden Camera Technology Is Everywhere - Image FlickerAlmost every store that you visit uses hidden camera technology in order to protect their merchandise, and it is also common to run into surveillance equipment at ATMs and banks. Additionally, there are some areas that have cameras in place to help local law enforcement officials monitor traffic violations such as running a red light, and it is now common for police cars to have cameras installed on the dashboard. It is understandable how someone can become uneasy when you consider how many different times a day you are probably being recorded. However, many people believe that the protection that these cameras provide is worth having their privacy invaded.

How Does Hidden Camera Technology Impact our Rights?

Although most people have gotten used to the idea that they will encounter hidden cameras throughout the day, this does not mean that each of them has been installed in accordance with the law. In fact, each state has its own guidelines about (Read More....)

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Why Do We Need Drones?

Authored By Dave Webb

We, as a people, are in future shock. I refer to the technological advances that have made Drones possible. The need for a little place of privacy is an urge all of us have. We all like the idea that there is a small place of privacy in our homes.

I don’t want my daughter or anyone else looking at her from a drone while she is sunbathing in the local back yard with a six foot fence around the yard for privacy. I think we all have a right to a certain small amount of privacy.

I don’t want anyone listening in on private conversations either. I am sure some of them are about subjects that only a daughter and her mother should be privy to. Yet any phone anywhere can be used to over hear conversations in your home. A huge network of power companies are actually putting together mandatory meters that audit your usage of gas and electric. The meter man drives by once a month and reads the meter by radio. The same device can be made to (Read More....)

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Do We Have Psychiatrists Acting as Hit Men using Puppets?

Authored By Dave Webb

The problem with weapons control is the entire mentality of the United States. We, as a people, are trained by our media to be murderers. We are capable of more violence than any other people on the planet. Even the most violent people on the Earth know this and act accordingly.

We started out as people that had to have weapons to survive the harsh environment of our country.

If we were not at war with the original inhabitants, we were at war with our neighbors both in the North and the South of this country. In the meantime we were inhabiting the West with all of its violence.

I know people that have grown up with a 45 in their hands in places like New (Read More....)

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Government Control, It’s An Addiction

Authored By Dave Webb

The problem with government is controlling what people can and can not do.

It goes a lot further than our forefathers ever intended it to go. You see their feelings in the Constitution of the United States. It is all through the Bill of Rights. Our forefathers wanted no government. They wanted the absolute minimum regulation we could get away with. They wanted taxes on foreign goods to entirely support what government we had. Sadly, it did not work.

It is in the nature of all people governing to control what people do. In our everyday lives, the local government attempts this with zoning laws. Like you are not supposed to plant vegetables in your front yard. Your grass has to be at a prescribed height and no higher. They will actually come out and mow your lawn if it is too high and then charge you enormous amounts of money for the service.

Every once in a while, they do something so outrageous, that people naturally rebel against following the laws as they are written. Law (Read More....)

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What Happens Next?

Authored By Dave Webb

We have lost a war. This war started in 1970 at the end of the Vietnam Conflict. It started with the bankruptcy of the United States from war debts caused by the Vietnam debacle.

President Nixon inherited this situation from Lyndon Johnson’s war. Lyndon Johnson also started the great society of welfare. The country could not afford it. But that has never stopped a politician in the past. So why is it any different now?

To end this bankruptcy President Nixon took our currency off the gold standard. This caused massive inflation. But it was necessary at the time. Then he made a deal. This deal enabled China to produce the current situation. We went off the European imports and on to the cheaper imports from the Orient. All over that side of the world people were starving to (Read More....)

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