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Disasters Can Happen

The Psychology of Events and How It Works With News

The MediaAuthored By Dave Webb

The newspaper business put out a number of headlines every day. The average effect of these articles is normally 3 days. After which no one really remembers anything about what that article was all about. Over a year’s time, no one will even remember that the article was written. This is a standard rule in the Newspaper Industry.
There are basically only a few classifications that mean anything when writing about the news.

The number one rule is 3 days. Anything that is going to happen usually happens within that 3 day period. Only there is one exception to this rule. And that rule exception is very important to everything around us.

In the 20s, we had prohibition. The circumstances of prohibition law made it come up constantly. On the one side you had the churches. The churches were all for prohibition citing many harmful effects of the drug alcohol. And I am not saying that they were wrong. I am saying that government stepped over a line, and the public response was a huge rejection of the law. It put a lot of people on the wrong side of the actual law. It promoted a lot of damage that might not have occurred if it were not forbidden in this country to have a drink. It was a blunder of staggering proportions over the next years after the law was put in place.

On the other side, you have people annoyed that someone is telling them they cannot do something that they have done all their lives. That is drink alcoholic beverages both with meals and at events. Telling these people that it is illegal makes no difference. The attitude is that no one will intrude on my private life in my own home and they are right. It is up to the individual to obey the law or not.

Prohibition was also the start of the letter agencies. I refer to the IRS, the FBI, and I am sure a number of other agencies. What is disturbing about all these agencies is their total disregard for the constitution.

I know of one mafia figure that refused to use a telephone! He used messengers and delivered all messages with people. No written records. He did this because he rightfully believed that the government was not taking the constitution as part of their rule book. The letter agencies were a disturbing addition to government because they disregarded the Bill of Rights in the Constitution on the basis that they were in the right in prohibition.

This same disregard for constitutional law exists even to this day in any drug related crime. As the seizure of property with out due process. We excuse this disregard at our peril. But they are fighting with “right” on their sides. A lot is disregarded. And in that the devil has a field day.

Three days . . . and everything is forgotten . . . Or is it?

The exception to this rule is anything that effects the general public in an on going level. And this is where I think ObamaCare is one of those exceptions. Everytime someone receives a paycheck this reminder brings ObamaCare back to public awareness. The same thing occurs with the Income Tax.

ObamaCare is going to effect the wallet of every person in this country. And that is where the whole thing will fail. The very law that went through Congress was based on lies. A lot of democrats spoke those lies, not just the President of this Country.
The other problem is the image of the U.S. Court System in something that effects everyone’s paycheck in this country. The image is one of being sold out. The Supreme Court ruled it a tax. What they did not rule on was that the law was put in as “NOT a tax.” So basically the law was put into effect as something that was not voted on. That the Supreme Court went along with the government is no surprise. What is a surprise is the ignoring of the second part. Namely it was never voted on as a tax.
Now normally, the three day law would apply as a natural thing. We all forget news after about 3 days. In this case, the Democrats that voted this law in, will not be forgiven or forgotten. That is because every time a person receives a paycheck that is nearly $40 under what they had before this law took place, they are reminded who voted this law into place and the Supreme Court that sold them down the river. I believe we are going to have a revolution at the election booth. It will happen directly because people are reminded every day of what happened with this law in their reduced pay.

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