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The Top Reasons to Consider Buying a motor bike

Motorbikes are great fun, and owning one provides access to some great experiences and places , but also gives you freedom and independence .

However , many people hesitate to buy one, thinking it’s too expensive or dangerous .

These myths are partly true , but they’re not the whole story. In this article, we dispel some of the biggest motor bike myths to dispel any doubts you’re thinking of buying one .

1 . It’s Fun

It may seem obvious , but the motor bike is a fun and accessible form of transport that appeals to a wide range of people – from children through to adults .

Many people enjoy riding motorbikes because it gives them a sense of freedom and responsibility , and it’s a fun way to get around, whether you’re commuting to work or enjoying a day’s rides with friends .

Motorbikes also allow you to be independent , allowing you to get around without relying on public transport .

Motorbikes can also give you a real sense of achievement as you progress through different skill levels and become more confident .

While many people do buy motorbikes for a practical purpose , this shouldn’t be the only way you think about it – it should be a fun experience as well .

At the end of the day, you are the one who will be riding the bike you’ve bought , so it should be something you are passionate about and want to enjoy .

2 . It’s Easy to Drive

Many people think they need years of training and experience before they can drive a motor bike . The truth is , it doesn’t necessarily have to be so tricky !

Most bikes are fairly easy to drive and don’t really pose any new challenges once you get familiar with them , especially compared to a car .

With practice and plenty of practice , you can become a safe and confident rider in no time .

Apart from gaining some experience , you can also take a test to get your motorbike licence . This may also mean that you are able to ride in countries where it is not legal to ride without a licence.

There are also plenty of training courses available to help you become a better driver – both on and off road .

3 . It’s Cheap to Run

Motor bikes are often cheaper than cars to run . Your main expense will generally be fuel – which is much cheaper than petrol in cars.

The cost of servicing a motorcycle is also less than for a car and can often be done yourself .

The cost of insuring your bike will also be lower , as you will be seen as a less risky driver .

4 . It’s Easy to Build

Many motor bikes are cheap to buy, but they can be more expensive to buy new. This can sometimes deter people from buying them , as it can seem too much hassle to build your own bike .

It’s true , building your own bike does take some effort, but it’s actually pretty simple, and there are plenty of guides out there that can help . For example, you can build a motorbike yourself by following our step-by-step build guide.

If you’re planning to buy a prebuilt bike, make sure you check the build date , as newer bikes are much easier to repair and maintain .

5 . You Can Use It Anywhere

Motorbikes don’t require a lot of space , so it’s easy to take them with you on day trips or on holiday .

You can easily transport your bike in the back of a car or on public transport – you simply need to ensure your bike is securely attached .

It’s also possible to take your bike on public transport , although you may need to check if there are any restrictions in place that mean it may not be possible .

6 . It’s a Great Way to Get Around

Motorbikes can be great for getting from A to B easily – whether that’s on a single journey or as part of a longer journey .

Many people use them for short journeys in and out of town, commuting to work or college , or using them to get around on long family trips .

Motor bikes are also great for longer journeys, whether you’re planning an adventure like a trip to the coast or you’re planning to ride across the country , the motor bike can get you there easily .

7 . You Can Customize Your Bike

Many motor bikes are relatively cheap to buy , so it’s easy to find a bike you like and then customize it to suit your needs .

You can choose from a wide range of different accessories that you bolt onto the bike to improve its performance and make it more comfortable .

For example , you can add a horn or saddlebags to store your supplies or tools .

8 . You Can Ride With Friends and Family

Motorbikes can be perfect for everyone – whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner .

Children love taking their bikes out for a ride , and it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise .

A motor bike is also great as a first bike for young children , as it gives them a sense of independence and responsibility, and can help them learn how to safely drive .

9 . You Can Own a Motorbike for Life

When you buy motor bike , you can own it for life. You don’t need to worry about buying a new car every few years as you can simply buy your next bike instead .

Motorbikes remain a popular form of transport , meaning there are plenty of second-hand models available to choose from as well .

You can also find plenty of motor bike parts and accessories that can be easy to repair and replace .

Top 3 Factors You Should Look Out for When You Want to Buy a Condominium

If you’re in the market for a condominium, there are a few key factors you should consider to ensure you find a property that meets your needs and fits your budget. Here are the top three factors you should look out for when you want to buy a condominium:

  • Location:

Location is always an important factor to consider when buying real estate, and this is especially true for condominiums. Look for a location that is convenient to your work, school, and other amenities, and consider factors such as public transportation, safety, and access to recreational opportunities.

  • Price and budget:

Determine your budget and be realistic about what you can afford. Remember to consider not just the purchase price, but also ongoing expenses such as maintenance fees, property taxes, and insurance.

  • Size and layout:

Consider the size of the unit and the layout of the floor plan, and think about whether it’s a good fit for your needs and lifestyle. Consider factors such as storage space, natural light, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Condition:

Be sure to carefully inspect the condition of the unit and the building before buying. Look for any signs of wear and tear or deferred maintenance, and consider the age of the building and the cost of any necessary repairs or upgrades. It’s also a good idea to get a professional inspection to identify any potential issues.

  • Amenities:

Check out the amenities offered by the building or complex, such as a gym, pool, or common areas. These can be great features, but also consider the cost of these amenities and whether they align with your needs and interests.

  • Association fees:

Understand the association fees associated with the condo and what they cover. These fees can vary significantly, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re paying for and whether it’s a good value.

  • Rules and regulations:

Be sure to review the rules and regulations of the condo association, including any restrictions on things like pets, rentals, or modifications to the unit. These rules can impact your ability to enjoy the property and may affect its resale value.

  • Resale value:

Consider the potential resale value of the condo. Will it be easy to sell in the future, or will you face challenges due to the location, condition, or association rules?

  • Financing:

If you’re planning to finance your purchase, carefully research your mortgage options and be aware of the stricter lending standards that many lenders are now requiring for condo purchases.

If you’re considering a condo at “The Continuum,” be sure to carefully research the development and understand its features, amenities, and rules and regulations. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure that the property is a good fit for your needs and budget.

By considering these factors and doing your due diligence, you can find a condominium that meets your needs and fits your budget. It’s also a good idea to work with a real estate agent or mortgage broker who can help you navigate the complex process of buying a condo and connect you with properties

Hire Debt Collection Agency That Really Works For You

Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

When it comes to collecting overdue payments from business customers, businesses often find themselves in need of help. Hiring a debt collection agency can provide an effective solution for recovering unpaid debt and restoring cash flow. B2B debt collection firms specialize in providing businesses with the tools and strategies needed to effectively collect payment from their clients.

A reputable debt collection agency can be invaluable when it comes to recovering long-overdue payments and ensuring that your business is able to stay afloat. They employ experienced professionals who understand the nuances of how best to recover delinquent accounts, while also respecting the rights of both parties involved. When choosing a b2b debt collection firm, look for one that offers services tailored specifically for your type of business and has experience working with clients in similar industries or situations as yours.

Benefits of a Collection Agency

Collection agencies are a great asset to businesses and individuals alike, providing an effective way of reclaiming owed debts. By investing in the services of a reputable collection agency, individuals and businesses can benefit from improved debt recovery performance, reduced administrative costs and reduced stress levels.

The main advantage of using a collection agency is that it can save customers precious time and money when trying to reclaim outstanding debts. When dealing with consumers or business clients who are refusing to pay or have fallen behind on payments, it is often necessary for them to take legal action – something that requires both time and money. A professional collection agency will be experienced in pursuing such cases, meaning their advice should always be sought before taking any further action. They are also likely to have experience in negotiating payment plans or repayment schedules with delinquent customers, something which may be beneficial if suitable terms can be agreed upon.

Cost Considerations

When looking for a debt collection agency, cost considerations are an important factor to consider. When you hire a professional to help retrieve your outstanding debts, you want to make sure it is within your budget. It’s important that you do your research so that you can find an agency that meets both your needs and your budget. Make sure the rates charged by the agency are reasonable and in line with industry standards. Ask if they offer a flat fee or charge on a commission basis—this will determine how much money they get when they successfully recover unpaid debts on behalf of their clients.

In addition to the fees charged, look into any services included in those fees. Some agencies may include additional services such as payment plan setup or reminder letters sent out to clients who still owe money; these extras can be very helpful in collecting outstanding payments from customers quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Agency

When it comes to handling delinquent accounts, businesses often struggle to choose a debt collection agency that works for them. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong agency can be costly and may even lead to more frustration in trying to collect on these accounts. However, there are certain criteria business owners should look for when selecting an agency that will work best for their individual needs.

The first important factor is experience in debt collection. Look for agencies with documented success rates and established client relationships who understand the nuances of the industry. Also consider those that have a good reputation in terms of customer service and ethical practices. Additionally, be sure to research any potential agencies before signing any contracts – ensure they are registered with the local Better Business Bureau and look into any complaints or unresolved issues against them.

Working With an Agency

For those who are having difficulty collecting money due to them, working with a debt collection agency can be the best solution. There’s a lot of benefit to enlisting the help of an agency that specializes in collecting debts, such as improved chances for repayment, additional resources and technology at their disposal and less stress involved for those who owe it. Debt collection agencies take on the difficult job of trying to collect from those who are not willing or able to pay back what they owe.

When looking for a debt collection agency to work with, it’s important that you choose one that understands your needs and has experience in your industry. It’s important to find out about their processes, fees and success rate when dealing with similar cases so you know what type of results you can expect.

Tips For Launching Your Real Estate Investing Career

What is real estate investing and how can you start?

If you’re thinking of becoming a real estate investor, you have come to the right place! There are many different ways to become successful in this field, so whatever your goals may be, we can help get you there.

Real estate investing is a great way to make money and see some long-term returns. It can also be an enjoyable way to invest your time and energy. Here are 5 tips to help launch your real estate investing career:

  1. Do your research. Before starting any investment in newport residences, it’s important to do your research and have an understanding of the market conditions in your area. This will help you make informed decisions about which properties to buy and lease out.
  2. Get organized. Like anything else in life, real estate requires some organization if you want to be successful.

Finding a real estate investment strategy

If you want to become a successful real estate investor, you need to develop a sound investment strategy. There are many different ways to go about this, but some basic concepts include understanding the market, focusing on specific areas of the country or city, and using proper techniques for valuation and property analysis. Here are some tips for launching your career in real estate investing:

Start by familiarizing yourself with the local market. This includes researching recent sales data, trends in housing prices, and demographics of the area. Know what properties are being sold for and what price ranges make sense for your target investment area.

Next, be selective about where you invest your capital. Do your research to understand which parts of the country or city have seen the most growth over the past few years. This will help you determine which areas offer potential high returns on investment (ROI).

Choosing the right investment and researching your market

Beginning your real estate investing career can seem daunting, but with a little bit of research and preparation you can make the process easier. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose the right investment. Before you invest any money in real estate, it’s important to understand what type of property is right for you. Are you looking for a short-term investment or something that will provide long-term stability?
  2. Know your market. Before making any purchases, it’s important to do your research and understand the current market conditions in your area. This includes understanding average prices, types of properties available and recent trends.
  3. Plan ahead. Just like any other financial decision, investing in real estate requires planning and consideration of potential risks and rewards.

Building your real estate portfolio:

Building your real estate portfolio can provide a steady stream of income over time. Here are tips to help you get started:

  1. Do your research. Before investing in any property, be sure to do your research and understand the market conditions and demographics of the area.
  2. Get organized. Keep track of all your investments and regularly file taxes on your profits.
  3. Stay disciplined. Don’t overextend yourself, and don’t let emotions get in the way of sound decision-making.
  4. Have a backup plan. Have a Plan B if something goes wrong with one of your properties – you never know when the market will take a turn for the worse.
  5. Stay flexible.

Financing your real estate dreams:

Looking to get into the real estate market? Here are some tips for financing your dreams:

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage. This will help you get started quickly and save on interest rates.
  2. Start saving up money for a down payment. A 20 percent down payment is standard, but it can vary depending on your credit score and the value of the property you’re purchasing.
  3. Get creative with your financing solutions. There are many options available, including home equity loans, private money loans and line of credit products from banks or lending institutions.
  4. Join a real estate investing association or club to meet other investors and learn more about the market trends affecting your region or city.
  5. Use online resources to research properties and make smarter decisions when buying or selling property.

Securing loans, finding angel investors, and working with mortgage brokers

If you’re thinking of starting a career in real estate, there are a few important things to keep in mind. One of the most important is securing loans. There are a number of ways to do this, but the most important is to work with a mortgage broker. They can help you find the best loan options and make the process as smooth as possible.

Another key part of starting a career in real estate is finding angel investors. These are people who invest money in new businesses, and they can be a big help when it comes to real estate. They understand the market and may be able to give you advice that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Finally, it’s important to remember that real estate isn’t just about buying and selling property; it’s also about marketing and branding your business correctly.

Marketing your real estate business:

If you’re thinking about starting a real estate business, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Get organized. Start by creating a business plan and budget, then make sure you have all the necessary paperwork ready-from licenses to insurance policies. You’ll also need to create marketing materials, such as a website and brochures.
  2. Network with other real estate professionals. Join local real estate clubs or trade organizations, and network with other investors. This will help you learn what works and what doesn’t in the industry, as well as find potential clients.
  3. Stay up-to-date on trends. Keep up with the latest real estate news so you can stay ahead of the competition and attract new clients.

Types Of Professional Locksmith Services

A locksmith specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining locks and keys. A qualified locksmith can handle a variety of tasks in domestic and well as commercial settings. In this article, we will learn about different locksmith services and what each of these services has to offer.

Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining locks and security systems. These types of locksmiths are usually hired by businesses to help them with their security issues. Besides these, here’s what you can expect from a commercial locksmith:

Key duplication and replacement: If you lose your key or need a spare, a commercial locksmith can create a new one for you. They can also re-key existing locks to match a new key.

Lock installation and repair: Whether you need to install new locks or repair existing ones, a commercial locksmith can help. They have the tools and skills to properly install or repair all types of locks.

Security system installation and monitoring: Many businesses rely on security systems to protect their property and employees. A Phoenix locksmith can help you choose and install the right system for your needs and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths provide services such as lock picking, repair and replacement, re-keying existing locks, and installing new deadbolts. Besides all these, you get safecracking services as well. They can also help with the installation and repairing security systems, including alarms and CCTV cameras.

When choosing a residential locksmith, be sure to ask about their experience and credentials. Make sure they’re licensed and insured, and find out what type of warranty they offer on their work. Ask for a written invoice as well as a written statement about the time it will take for them to finish the work. All this ensures that the locksmith finishes his/her work on time and does not overcharge you in any way. You can look online or ask for recommendations in order to find credible locksmiths in your area.

More than opening the door

Locksmiths are trained professionals who provide various services to keep you and your property safe. If you’re ever locked out of your home, car, or office, a locksmith can help. Additionally, emergency locksmiths can also help if you’ve been the victim of a break-in and need to change your locks immediately. Considering all this, you should do your research at the right time and find yourself a trustworthy and reliable locksmith that is readily available in case you need one.

Future Of Locksmithing

As technology advances, so do the types of locksmith services to protect your home or business. You may think that a key and lock are all you need to keep your property safe, but there are actually a variety of gadgets that locksmiths can install to give you an extra layer of protection. These security measures will also help you lower your insurance costs as well which is why it is worth investing in these.

Here are 3 professional locksmith services that go beyond the basics:

1. Access Control Systems: An access control system restricts access to certain building areas. This system can be especially helpful in protecting valuables or sensitive information. Such advanced security systems are highly recommended for business owners for the safety of their valuables as well as their employees.

2. CCTV Systems: A CCTV system can be used for surveillance and security purposes. This type of system can be used to monitor activity inside and outside of a property. A professional locksmith will install a CCTV system for your horse or business that will cover all the blind spots for impenetrable security.

3. Alarm Systems: Alarm systems can be used as a deterrent to burglars or intruders. With the installation of an alarm system, not only can you keep your valuables safe, but it also provides you with remote access to your home.


Locksmiths offer various services that are useful for homeowners as well as business owners. It is important to understand the services they offer to get the best results. Apart from basic services such as key duplication and lock repairs, you also get consultation on advanced security measures. If you are considering a new security system, it is worth talking to a locksmith to see what they recommend.

What Are The Common Things That A Person Must Know Regarding The Payday Loans?

Payday loans are short-term cash loans that are offered by private lenders, but you’ll find payday loan companies in every state. These loans can be expensive and may not be the best choice for those with poor credit or bad luck.

The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a common term used when calculating your monthly payments on these loans. Pay day loans usually have an APR of 362%, and some people have had their APR go as high as 1,000%.

If you don’t think you will ever need a payday loan again, you might want to reconsider. It’s easy to get one with no credit check, but it is a great way to ruin your finances if you can’t pay back the money owed.

Here are the things about payday loans that can hurt you.

1. Short Term Loans Are Only Available for a Limited Time

Most payday lenders require you to sign a contract that says you agree to repay the loan in full within 21 days. If you don’t, they can revoke your right to borrow from them next time.

Some banks allow you to roll over your existing debt into another loan, but you have to make sure you are eligible for this option before proceeding. Most payday lenders don’t offer this service, so you could end up paying much more than you anticipated.

In case if with the use if the Money-Wise a person will get to know that they have some funds available. In case if it seems that the funds are not sufficient then they can plan to take the pay day loans to satisfy their needs. The decision taken at the right time will surely give good amount of the returns to people.

2. The Interest Rates Can Be Extremely High

Although interest rates vary widely among different states, many payday lenders advertise interest rates as low as 5%–15%. This means that even though you borrowed $100 today, you would actually have to pay back $145 in two weeks. That’s a lot of interest!

The actual rate you will end up paying depends on your ability to pay back the money. A lender who offers a lower interest rate is trying to lure you in, while a higher rate is better for everyone involved. Your best bet is to shop around and see what other lenders offer you.

3. There Is No Way to Avoid Repaying the Loan

Lenders use a number called a “fee cap” to calculate how much they charge you per month. The fee cap is the maximum amount they can charge you each month. They also add a small percentage to cover administrative expenses.

This means that even if you borrowed $100 each month, you still wouldn’t be able to borrow enough money to avoid repaying the whole $100.

4. You Must Have Bad Credit

Payday lenders won’t extend credit to those with good credit histories, but if you have bad credit, you can still qualify. However, you will likely end up paying a high interest rate.

You should do everything you can to improve your credit score. Lenders consider credit scores as part of their risk assessment process, so it’s important you do all the work necessary to get your score as close to perfect as possible.

Credit repair services can help you fix mistakes on your credit report. For example, if there is an error on your report that prevents you from getting approved for credit, you can request that the lender correct it. In most cases, lenders will honor your request.

5. You May Not Qualify for New Credit After Using a Payday Loan

After using a payday loan, it can take months to build up enough credit history to qualify for new credit. Even then, you may only qualify for limited amounts. This makes it difficult to rebuild your credit history after having a bad credit period, which often lasts for years.

If you need to borrow money later, you might have trouble finding anyone willing to give you a loan.

6. You Could Become Responsible for Back Taxes

If you fail to pay off your payday loan, the lender may file a claim against you for any tax penalties related to the unpaid debt. If you owe taxes and you can’t afford to pay them, you may end up having to settle the tax bill.

If you have a federal income tax refund coming due, you should contact your local IRS office and ask if the agency has filed a lien against your property. If the IRS files a lien against your home, you can use the money from your tax return to pay off the loan instead.

How Long Does a Payday Loan Stay Permanently On Your Report?

Payday loans stay permanently on your credit report for seven years. While some lenders have been known to keep a certain amount of your payment history around longer, this practice is becoming less common. Lenders are required to notify you at least once every 12 months regarding the status of your application.

If you believe you were denied credit without cause, you can dispute the information on your credit report through a third party such as Experian or TransUnion. You must follow specific steps to do this.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Payday Loan?

If you fail to repay your payday loan, most lenders will issue a warrant to place a hold on your bank account. Once the hold is placed, you will not be allowed to withdraw any funds until the loan is paid in full.

Once your account is frozen, you are responsible for the entire outstanding balance. Lenders also try to collect the total amount owed, including fees and interest, whenever possible. If you continue to ignore your payday loan, the lender may send you a collection notice that includes a court order to appear in court if you refuse to pay.

Where Can I Find More Information About Payday Loans?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), along with state regulators, has created several resources to help consumers understand and navigate the world of payday lending.

In addition to the CFPB’s website devoted to payday loans, you can visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website to learn more about how to protect yourself from predatory lending practices. Here, you will find the FTC’s online complaint form where you can submit complaints against businesses that you feel have violated fair lending laws.

What A Person Can Follow To Have A Good Gifting Option For The Loved Ones?

Christmas is a time when families and friends come together. It’s also the season of giving, which means that there’s plenty of money going around to buy presents for family members.

One thing you may not have considered is how to budget for your Christmas gift list this year. Here are some tips on how to do it in an affordable way.

1. Plan ahead

If you want to make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford, you need to decide how much you can spend and then stick with it. You should plan to set aside at least half of your income for holiday gifts (if not all of it). If you’re working remotely during the holidays, you might be able to save even more.

When you’re making your budget, you should keep in mind that things like rent, insurance, utilities, and food will continue to cost money throughout the year. So if you’re spending $500 per month on those items, you shouldn’t expect to cut them out entirely.

In other words, don’t try to skimp on any part of your expenses just because you want to give a lot of people nice gifts.

You also need to figure out what your priorities are. Do you really want to get everyone something expensive? Or would you rather help your loved ones feel less stressed by buying them something simple and thoughtful?

Once you know your priorities, you can then decide whether you want to buy gifts for everyone or focus on a smaller group of people who you care about more. For example, you could choose to give fewer gifts but put more effort into getting them something they really enjoy—or you could give everyone something expensive, regardless of its quality.

2. Don’t spend too much on one person

It’s tempting to splurge on someone you love, especially with the holidays approaching. But that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. Instead, you should consider what type of gift you want to buy and the price range it falls under. Then, determine how much you think he or she would appreciate it. And finally, figure out how much you can afford to spend.

For example, if you’d prefer to give your significant other a small gift, such as flowers or a card, you can easily spend less than $50. But if you want to give your best friend a sweater, you might want to spend more.

Also, before you start shopping for gifts online, remember that most people will probably already have what they need. So before you go looking for something specific, take a look at their wish list. If you see something you think they’ll like, make note of it so you can check it off your list later.

3. Look for sales

The last thing you need to do is shop for gifts. If you’re worried about spending too much money, you should start early and look for sales instead. This allows you to find good deals without breaking the bank, and you won’t be stuck trying to find the right gift among hundreds of options.

To learn more about finding sales, you can read our article on how to find online deals. The key is to look for sales where products are discounted or priced lower than usual. This is often done by retailers in order to boost sales and generate more revenue.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on sales alone. To ensure you get the best deal possible, you need to know what you want to purchase and when you’re likely to find it. In addition, it helps to research the item you’re interested in to find out where it comes from and what problems it has.

After doing all this work, you should be able to pick up a great deal. And if you find a better deal somewhere else, you can always use coupons to bring down the price further.

4. Get creative

Another thing to keep in mind as you prepare for the holidays is that you don’t necessarily need to buy the same gifts every year. That’s why it’s important to think outside the box and consider unique ideas instead.

Don’t worry about having to buy multiple items either; many stores offer the option to buy multiple items as a bundle. This is a great idea if you’re planning to have lots of guests over for the holidays. If you’re buying for only one individual, it’s fine to split up purchases into separate orders.

And if you can’t find anything you like, you can always ask a store associate or customer service representative for suggestions. They can usually point you towards a product that they think would make a good fit for the person you’re buying for.

5. Make a wish list

Even though you’ve determined how much you can spend on each individual gift, you still need to make a wish list of everything you’re considering. If you put all of your gifts on paper, you can refer back to it when you’re picking out the perfect present for each person.

Before you start making your wish list, think about what you’d like to receive. Are you thinking about practical items, such as books or games? Or are you looking for something more exciting, such as a night out with friends?

Keep in mind that different types of gifts require different types of budgets. If you’re planning on buying a bunch of electronics, you’ll need to have a tight budget, whereas if you’re looking for a big-ticket item, you can afford to spend a little more.

You should also think about what you want to do with your gifts. Will you be giving them straight to the recipient or putting them in a basket and passing them around? Once you’ve thought about these questions, you can create your wish list accordingly.

Future Insurance Industry Kenya

The Insurance Industry in Kenya accounts for 2-3% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

The insurance industry in terms of Gross Written Premium (GWP) has grown by 15% on average over the period 2013-2016 to KES 195 billion.

The industry has witnessed a heightened regulatory risk over the last three years with the introduction of market consistent/realistic valuation basis for liabilities and risk based capital.

Fintech is the new buzz word in the financial industry. This is simply leveraging on technology to offer financial services and products.

The numbers

The insurance industry accounts for 2-3% of the Gross Domestic Product for the country. This is higher than all the other Eastern and Central African countries that are below 2%. South Africa is in a league of its own at 14%, higher than most European countries.

The insurance industry in terms of Gross Written Premium (GWP) has grown by 15% on average over the period 2013-2016 to KES 195 billion. The life insurance sector has grown by 19% over the same period while the General insurance sector has grown by 14%. 2017 has been a tough year for the industry and we expect a lower growth. The main challenges include; the prolonged electioneering period which is still uncertain, high inflation rates driven by food inflation which has squeezed families to concentrate on the basic needs, drought which was experienced over the period 2016-2017, poor business prospects characterized by lay-offs and increasingly bad business practice driven by under-cutting.

Regulatory changes

The industry has witnessed a heightened regulatory risk over the last three years with the introduction of market consistent/realistic valuation basis for liabilities and risk based capital. The market consistent basis for valuing insurance liabilities is known as Gross Premium Valuation (GPV). This is an actuarial lingo which means the premium used in the discounted cash flow (DCF) model is the full premium charged to a client. The gross premium takes account of the benefit promised, business acquisition costs including commissions, expenses for managing the business and a profit margin. This is in contrast with the previous method; the Net Premium Valuation (NPV), where the premium used in the cash flow model only accounted for that portion that cover the benefit promised and ignored the acquisition costs and expenses for managing the business. The GPV uses the risk-free rate to discount the cash flows while the NPV the discount rate was prescribed at 4% for long term conventional endowments and 6.5% for retirement income products such as annuities. The GPV basis allows for the internal company experience when projecting cash flows in the DCF model. These internal experiences include expenses, persistency/lapse rates, mortality (death rates) and longevity (survival rates) as opposed to the NPV basis where these were prescribed in regulation.

Risk based capital (RBC) is a scientific method of determining capital requirement in relation to the risks being carried by a financial institution. The main risks covered are insurance risk, market risk, credit risks and operational risk. The capital held (capital charge) for each of these components is measured as a percentage of the exposure in each. The charge is determined statistically to ensure that the company’s balance sheet can withstand risk shock with some level of confidence. This is a step forward for the industry to best practice. The current model as structured for the industry has some challenges which are being addresses. The implementation will take a while before it stabilizes. The regulator has been at the forefront of improving actuarial skills in the industry which is still below par, by offering scholarship to bright students. There is a strong actuarial professional society which the regulator can work with to improve the regulations and instill some market discipline.

Market dynamic

The market is characterized by a product range that has not changed over the years. This points to a lack of innovation and shallow product development functions. Insurance firms need to be more innovative and build expertise in product development in order to meet the market needs.

The selling structure through tied agents, independent agents and brokers has served the industry for a long while. Some companies have been able to harness the power of a strong distribution networks in life insurance essentially locking out new entrants. However, the selling agents and brokers have become too powerful both to the insurers and regulator.

They have squeezed insurers to offer high discounts on premium on top of asking for additional commissions (“overrides/management expense”) above the legally acceptable. The only thing on competition is price and hence product design has suffered. This has meant that policyholders receive less benefit and insurers are making losses in some of the products on offer such as medical and motor. To make the matter worse, agents are now holding on to premium leaving insurers which a huge debtors. Besides loosing investment income on the unremitted premiums, insurers are now forced to hold capital thereby increasing the cost of doing business.

Technology & Youth

Fintech is the new buzz word in the financial industry. This is simply leveraging on technology to offer financial services and products. Fintech is going to be a game changer in the coming years. Products will be sold digitally and all customer interactions will also be digital. This may affect some jobs such selling/agency, policy administration, claims, etc, will become obsolete and a nightmare on employment in future. The youth who make up over 85% of the population in Africa are digitally savvy and hence present a big opportunity. Insurers who will be able to tap into this market need to embrace technology as a child embraces her mother. Insurers who will reap huge benefits will be the ones who will through away conventional know-how for new untested out-of-the box way of doing things. This could mean hiring misfits with contrarian mindsets to run innovation and product development.

Management styles

Most insurance firms are led by titans of industry who have helped shape what the industry is now. They have done a commendable job at putting the industry at a level of envy by our

Business Primers All You Need To Know About Corporate Culture

The fact is that in order for a business to be successful, the corporate culture is a necessity. By definition, corporate culture is a collection of principles, values, and rules of a corporation. Together, all of these factors create the company’s identity, that is, determine the work methods and business etiquette.

How efficient a team is, is not determined only by the individual qualities of its members, but also the team chemistry. Organizing a team is perhaps the most important factor in running a successful business. This is where the corporate culture plays a major role. It shapes the way each employee thinks and acts, making all of them function great as a team.

Different Corporate Culture Types

The so-called macho corporate culture is focused more on individual qualities of the employees. It values bravery and openness to risk-taking. This type of corporate culture is often seen in businesses like stock market and advertising. Results produced by this business philosophy are seen relatively quickly.

Another type is the investment culture, which is focused on long-term profits, rather than instant results. In fact, as its name suggests the investment corporate culture is focused on big investments, so it is almost exclusively used by large corporations, such as oil companies for example.

Both aforementioned corporate culture styles are celebrating risk. The core principle of these philosophies is that “who dares, wins”. However, there is a sort of risk-free corporate culture as well. This type is called the method culture and it values continuity. This corporate culture usually doesn’t produce a large profit, but guarantees stability.

How to Acquire Corporate Culture Values?

Corporate culture is not something that can be acquired instantly. In fact, it takes time for a company to implement it and for the team to get used to it. Hiring the right people is among the key factors for a good corporate culture. On top of that, it is necessary for the employee to have good role models when it comes to corporate culture. If the managers are doing good work in this field, a good chance is the employees will follow.

Start Your Own Online Business Directory

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